Custom Pre Rolls Boxes

Most smokers find that inhaling and exhaling the material contained in Custom Pre Roll Boxes has a calming effect on their minds and bodies. People who smoke enjoy purchasing rerolls that appear unique and have a consistent, delicious flavor from the first to the last puff. These Custom Pre Rolls Boxes are made by SirePrinting with premium, long-lasting materials.

Custom Pre Rolls Boxes Featuring a Variety of Personalized Printing Options

SirePrinting creates a wide variety of Custom Pre Rolls Boxes for the cannabis industry. We can create a sleek logo for your company, ensuring that your Custom Pre Rolls Boxes will be purchased without any further effort on your part. To get the attention of the client, our specialists use a wide variety of innovative and long-lasting methods. We also provide a wide variety of finishing options that will help your pre-roll packaging stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your clients. In this section, you’ll see the available options for the finishing touches:

The Custom Printed Pre Roll Boxes can be personalized in a variety of ways thanks to our wide range of available finishing options. The items in question are as follows:

  • As it is known in the Industry:
  • As for the Matte,
  • The Spot Ultraviolet
  • Aqueous Film Deposition
  • It’s All About the Foil Stamping (Gold & Silver)
  • Impression of Embossing
  • The Dismantling
  • Printing in Holography

We’re able to improve the standard of our products while also introducing new ideas and aesthetics thanks to these methods. The quality of these containers is superb. They have a one-of-a-kind appearance that is sure to attract buyers.

Boxes for Custom Pre Rolls Boxes cigarettes of the highest quality

Custom Pre Roll Packaging Boxes reduce waste and protect sensitive products. We utilize premium packaging to protect the delicate Custom Pre Rolls Boxes from the elements and handling damage. To preserve the packaging’s potency and effectiveness, we sourced the strongest material possible for your Custom Pre Rolls Boxes. If you’re interested in learning more about our other offerings, we invite you to check out our Custom Cigarette Boxes, Custom Vape Boxes, and Custom CBD Boxes.

Herbs can be packed in either rigid or corrugated pre-roll packaging boxes, or pre-roll packaging made from either material. Most Custom Pre Rolls Boxes are constructed of cardboard. These containers are available in any size or form you would need. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it fit your specifications.

Quickest Delivery Time for Pre-Rolled Cigarettes

Our turnaround time is the fastest in the industry at just 6-8 working days. Our specialists work at breakneck speed to fulfill orders within this time limit. The order cannot be delayed any longer than necessary.

Custom Pre Roll Boxes are made from 100% recyclable, eco-friendly material.

These containers have a low environmental impact because they may be reused. They are entirely recyclable and harmless to the natural world. Custom Pre Rolls Boxes that are kind to the planet are a fantastic asset for any of our clients.

Tobacco Pre Roll Boxes: Save 50% When You Buy in Bulk

At our shop, you may get 50% off all pre-roll packaging. These containers are available in bulk orders. So benefit from this wholesale supply of Custom Pre Rolls Boxes cigarettes. Wholesale pre-roll boxes are on sale for a limited time only. Don’t hesitate to stock up on these containers. To pass up this opportunity would be a terrible mistake. There’s no order too big or too small for us to bring right to your door.

Specifications of the Product

Packing material for cigarettes

All of the following options for box making are available from our company.

Cardstock \sCardboard \sKraft

Every one of these supplies is available in a selection of different wall thicknesses. On the other hand, the final thickness decision rests solely with the consumers. It is available in 12, 14, 16, 18, and 24-point sizes.

Boxes can be coated with a variety of materials.

We offer a variety of coatings for the Custom Pre Rolls Boxes to give our customers a finished product. In any case, they get to pick from the entire pool of possibilities. Our business offers the subsequent coatings:

  • Gloss.
  • Matte.
  • Satin.

Accents that increase the visual appeal of packaging

  • Our customers can choose from many different optional extras.
  • Cutout in the form of a window.
  • The window is made of polyvinyl chloride.
  • Foil stamping in either gold or silver.
  • Embossing.
  • Debossing.
  • Gluing.
  • Perforation.
  • Localized ultraviolet light.


To make your boxes stand out, however, we provide a variety of printing options to choose from. The ability to print on your cases is a crucial part of making them increasingly appealing. You can draw or write on your container whatever you like, be it a picture, logo, depiction, or sequence of actions. The following are the various printing methods that can be used.

Printing with a digital offset flexographic press

Inkjet printing vs.

The process of digital printing allows for the clear printing of technologically advanced images on a variety of media substrates. A printing plate is not required. Digital print machines allow users to immediately send advanced archives like PDFs or records for allocating work territory to be printed on a variety of media types including paper, photo paper, canvas, synthetics, cardstock, and more. Compared to conventional printing methods, digital printing is distinct.

Ink-jet printing:

In offset printing, an image is transferred from a plate (often made of aluminum) to a flexible “spread,” and then the sprea is rolled onto a sheet of paper. The ink not transfer directly to the paper, hence the name “offset.” Offset printing is preferable when increasingly large quantities need since, once set up, offset presses operate efficiently and provide precise concealment propagation.


In today’s modern printing world, flexography type is the method of choice. It also includes several printing plates and cylinders. Also, this is useful if applied to a large number of products. The printing is good, and the finishing is superb.


We consider the various color options available to you for use in printing. The CMYK and PMS color systems use for these various tonal options. Additionally, these colors can use for printing purposes to personalize the boxes or advertise your brand. However, CMYK is quite appropriate despite its limit color palette compare to RGB. As opposed to it, PMS includes an infinite range of color options at a price that may be out of reach for others.


Take your ideas from concept to packaging reality with our custom-printed cardboard cigarette Custom Pre Rolls Boxes. The right packaging, together with boxes in bespoke sizes and forms, will finally be available to the dispensaries. You may purchase containers containing ten or twenty Cardboard Pre Roll Packaging. The administration has order that health warning labels place on the boxes. We specialize in handling rush orders and providing prompt service. Place an order and receive free shipping anywhere in the United States.

Printing from SirePrinting is free, as is their online design tool and shipping.

At SirePrinting, we provide free services including shipping and design. You can seize this fantastic opportunity to accept the order at no further cost to yourself. We offer free design work that is tailor to each client. We take precautions to ensure that your order arrives on time, as well.

Overall, SirePrinting is a dependable packaging partner with many happy clients. As a result, when we make our Custom Pre Roll Boxes, we never skimp on quality. Getting the attention of the consumer in this way is quite simple.

You can reach us at (410) 834-9965 or via email at [email protected] to place your order. You can count on complete help from our customer service team. Visit our “Contact Us” page, where you may fill out a form and send it to us if you have any questions.


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