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serviced apartments

So you’ve decided to book a serviced apartment instead of a traditional hotel in Dublin? Make your lodging in the bustling Irish capital your most unforgettable one with our tips and tricks! Why Serviced Apartments are better than Hotels? “You’ll get the best of both worlds” — we believe that’s the shortest answer as to why booking serviced apartments, a.k.a “aparthotels”, are a better choice than booking a standard hotel room.  Like home-like suites you can get from an Airbnb property, serviced apartments are equipped with everything you might need for a comfortable stay. They’re more spacious than standard hotel…

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suit in summer

What’s the best way to look your best in a multi-layer suit in the middle of the blistering summer heat?  Good question. Hmm, let’s see. A business suit is a set of garments consisting of jackets, trousers, and dress shirts, and ties underneath. We’d suggest getting rid of the jacket, rolling up your sleeves, and unbuttoning the top part of your shirt but that’s not possible if your dress code is strict, is it?  Pulling it off in sweltering temperatures plus uncomfortable commute conditions AND still looking fresh, cool, and sweatproof is not an easy feat. However, it’s not impossible.…

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Gone are the days when having a tattoo is linked to a long list of prejudices and brutal remarks. Today, people are more welcoming to people with tattoos. Inked skin is now viewed as a form of art and expression, not a subjective idea of a person’s dark past.  Even some careers with a more laidback culture don’t care whether you’re covered in tattoos or not, as long as you’re doing well in the workplace.  However, we cannot deny that there are professional careers that still won’t allow you to show off your ink. These include jobs in the healthcare…

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