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This is the season for endless wedding celebrations and the beginning of the new year is calling for additional celebrations! One of the best things about these events of celebration is that they last all nightlong, however the main issue for women is that their makeup doesn’t last throughout the night. You don’t have time to think about makeup tips while you’re dancing and swaying to dance music. Right?

Are you guilty of committing serious sins when it comes to your makeup? Here’s a step-by step guide to getting rid of them and creating stunning makeup looks like a professional.

We all can be one in the art of makeup can be nothing more than an art, which requires perseverance and dedication to master it as professional. A person who is new to the makeup world could be a bit unsure with the procedures tools, makeup products and the methodology.

Have you had anyone say that your makeup looked like ash? Perhaps your eyebrows aren’t correctly done or your face is covered with excessive amounts of powder? It’s a shame, because we’ve been there certain. It’s not a pleasant experience, in all honesty! You want to go back time and do your makeup in order in the event of this happening do you not? The mistakes you make with your makeup, especially on celebrations, can be a source of pain for a long long time.

We’ve come up with a solution. While trying to achieve the perfect style we’ve learned from the mistakes we’d made. We’ve also found ways to fix them! Here’s a list with some mistakes people make when applying makeup and the tricks we use to prevent these mistakes:

Based on our conversations with a variety of women ranging from professional to common women, even those who have a habit of applying make-up, we were able to figure out the most often committed 4 errors that women should avoid when prepping for an night out.


First Mistake – Foundation Colour


Many people believe the purpose of Makeup (or Foundation is to help you become more fair or to lighten the skin. Everybody utilizes Foundation to look more attractive. However, Foundation should be our precise colour. It should match the color of the face. This error could be avoided. If your Foundation color isn’t correct it’ll turn dull and not be an appealing and attractive appearance.

It’s a totally wrong colour. Correct colour will disintegrate on our faces and that is the color we use to describe as the exactly the colour of our the face and foundation. This is the right color. This is something that you need to watch out for since, when applying Foundation It should provide the brightness and evenness. It shouldn’t appear like ash. Be cautious about this and it can be prevented. Therefore, from now on when you purchase Foundation it is recommended to try it on and check if the shade is right to you. Then only you’ll pay per bottle.


Another mistake – overdoing eyebrows


A lot of people here are habitual of making their eyebrows look more pliable. Therefore, everyone should have neat, tidy, clean and well-groomed eyebrows. Even if they haven’t put on make-up, they should draw their eyebrows. However, those that draw an Eyebrow tend to be too heavy with their Eyebrows.

A lot of people use black and start with their Eyebrows right from the beginning. From the moment they begin, Eyebrows begin to darken it and then stop at the opposite side. This is the way they draw the Eyebrows. This isn’t the best way of drawing Eyebrows. Eyebrows should be filled in when there aren’t any hairs and areas of sparseness.

The eyebrows should be done with care and precisely without going excessively . It should appear natural and blend with our hair and face color. Be sure that you only use dark brunette and dark grey shades. If you notice your eyebrowsare sagging, they will not be dark from the beginning. It gets dark after about 3-4 hairs. If we go for dark at the beginning, it can creates a dark, heavy and stark appearance. This isn’t a great style. If you’re going for an intense look this would look appealing.

For instance, if you are sporting Arabic eye, you can use dark eyebrows. If you’re doing a khaleeji-style, you can apply this. But if you’re doing something more casual for your daily wear, and for an event planning a celebration or going to work, it will be a long and arduous routine. Therefore, choose a dark grey or dark brown shade. The easiest option is powders are available for purchase. Fill it up with ease and quickly. Do not make it too heavy or overdo it. It should appear natural and beautiful. This is a flaw that you can easily avoid.


Third error – drawing Eyeliner


When people leave to eat fast then they simply draw their bottom eyes using the help of a Kajal pencil. This error is made by many people. A lot of my students make this error. It is not recommended to draw the lower part of the eye using a Kajal pencils alone. The reason for this is that the eyes will appear smaller. If you do not want your eyes to appear smaller, you should avoid drawing the just the bottom of your eyes. You can draw only the upper part of your eye or draw both bottom and top.

If you don’t draw both top and bottom simply apply mascara. If you draw a line on the lower part of your eye it’s not an appealing appearance. Because when you trace a dark line we draw the appearance of a border. Therefore, there is no transition or radiating. It creates a lack of depth for the eyes. Additionally, eyes appear small due to the border. If you don’t do something similar to a practice known as reverse smokey eyes. If you are using eye makeup, such as Reverse Smokey eye, you can draw the lower part of our eyes, or do not draw it. You can draw a thin line across the upper eye, or draw on both the upper and lower or just make them curl by applying Mascara. That’s enough.



Fourth Fault Fourth Mistake


Everyday we continue to receive messages about contouring. “What is contouring?’ “I would like to study contouring mam.’ ‘I want my contouring dark.’ I want to shrink my nose by contouring.’ When we shoot and they request a very sharp contour. Contouring can be a difficult word. The most basic definition of Contouring is is the process of creating dimensions on your face by using shadows. It’s creating the size of the faceand bone structure by putting shadows on it to create 3D.

If you listen to this, it sounds like science fiction. It’s not. This is a crucial subject in Makeup Artistry. Due to the popularity in social media platforms, lots of college students, students and students, and college students are watching a lot of YouTube videos and Instagram. They see Contouring frequently. A lot of professionals would say Cut in a simple way, especially in Kerala.

When we contour in the real world you must ensure that it does not be darker than two shades of our skin. This is crucial. Also, if you plan to perform contouring, you must first study it, before you attempt it. If you attempt to contour your face without knowing about it, it’s an adventure. It will appear as if you’ve applied mud to your face. While we were working on our sessions, we’ve observed many contouring when watching videos on Instagram or youtube. These appear to have dark spots or lines, because the contour did not blended properly.

Avoid it as it will blend with the color of your skin. Blending is crucial in contouring. If the lines are smudging and blending, it’s not the most attractive look. We’re not going to apply that much contouring to editorial makeup. It is best to avoid extreme contouring and if you’re not able to contour, do it. Apply a blush or highlighter. To contour you require a high level of mixing skills, the color tones must be right otherwise, it’ll appear like you’ve put dirt on your face. It will appear dirty, so avoid it , or if you’re sure to apply it, make sure it’s not too dark for your face. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be more than two tones darker than the tone of your complexion.


We hope you’ll be able to avoid these mistakes as you are getting ready to your next gathering.



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