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Baby strollers – some essential items for any family with babies or preschoolers. They are used from the return of the mother from the maternity ward until the age of 2-3 years. As new parents, I remember the hassle of choosing a stroller and the fact that we went through about three models until we realized what we really wanted. It was easier for the second child, all the experience, tests, and information accumulated from the time when we were parents with one baby and stressed by all, bore fruit. All the things and consumables bought for the second child were better, more durable, more comfortable and I saved a lot of money making good decisions from the beginning.

Leaving aside all other aspects of “parenting”, we will discuss baby strollers. No matter how much advice you receive from parents or friends, no matter how many books you read and how much you “research” on the net, you will still be confused. The most important thing to know is that no one is the same and if something is good for someone, you may not like it.

Full-Size Strollers With All Accessories

Standard full-size strollers are the basic “vehicles” of children, offering both comfort and a lot of features that help parents. These strollers can be used from the first months of the baby’s life until the children grow up and are too big for them.

How do we choose the stroller?

You choose your baby stroller according to your needs and lifestyle and to a large extent depending on the child’s temperament or personality. Don’t buy prams just because it looks good, it’s a fashionable brand, it’s on sale or it’s “fancy” and so does the neighbor :). Think that it is a pretty serious financial investment and it is a vehicle that you will use almost daily for 2-3 years.

There are many models of strollers on the market and it is not easy to choose. From baby carriages with prams to sports strollers for older children. Don’t forget the double strollers for twins or even children of different ages. We have been through this and we know that for parents whose first child is now born, it is very difficult to choose from the multitude of baby strollers.

That’s why we created this guide for buying a stroller or rather a site of “tips and tricks” in buying them. We gathered from our experience as parents and from our friends, we read specialized sites and we compiled what we hope will be the most complete guide to buying baby strollers.

There are so many things to consider when looking for the perfect baby strollers:We must first think about the comfort and safety of the child. The ease with which the stroller is handled, how easy it is to lift, fold and pack (I mean climbing the stairs and packing in the trunk of the car) and then the budget. There are other considerations such as reversible handle, size, and appearance of the wheels, detachable covers (it is good to be able to be washed from time to time).

There are many strollers that come with an impressive number of accessories. Many of them are not indispensable and can be bought separately when needed, such as mosquito nets, umbrellas, toy bars, or diaper bags.

Types of strollers. The trolleys on the market can be classified both in major categories and according to characteristics. Sports stroller (including umbrella stroller models), 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 stroller, which contains pram, shell and sports stroller (ie single, classic stroller), double or even triple stroller for twins or triplets.

Standard strollers, although very varied, most have a folding backrest, sunshades, and a storage basket. They can be used from birth, with the shot folded 180 degrees. If the backrest cannot be lowered so low, it is not recommended for newborns to use it. They fold, but this function also differs a lot from model to model. A very practical aspect of these baby strollers is the reversible handle: it allows you to push the stroller both front and back.

The 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 stroller contains a standard stroller (with or without the possibility of folding the backrest) and a car shell or pram. They can either have a frame over which the car shell can be fixed or it can be placed directly on the sports stroller. Also for those with prams, it can be replaced after a certain age of the child with a stroller with a high back.

Lightweight, umbrella strollers are the lightest strollers, being quick to fold and transport. They are perfect for travel, the recommended age is after 9 months, one year.

Double strollers are useful for parents of twins or triplets or why not an effective option for those who have children still young, with different ages.

The second-hand stroller is a solution, especially in the case of pram strollers which by their function prove that they have not been used for more than a few months. It is very important to make sure the quality of these products.

Also, many of us have to think about the allocated budget. Usually, the stroller is an investment that everyone makes but that does not mean that a fortune should be spent on them. Many times online stores have offers for these products and after you do the live test in the store, you can order the product at a better price on the internet.

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