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Globally, quality parenting is an emerging trend. Spending the time to care for the child is difficult and this increases the demand for “nannies” or “babysitters”. Modern and new-age parents looking for babysitters to take care of the children in a reliable model. 

The growth of babysitting services is increasing continuously. After the rush of uber platforms, hiring trusted babysitters is the simplest action. In general, the gaps between the babysitters and the new-age parents are more. 

Uber For Babysitters fills the gap with suitable features and interfaces. This platform is a simple one with enough compatibility that nature elevates the babysitting services to a new scale.  

This blog illustrates enough details regarding the launch of the babysitter marketplace. A unique babysitting marketplace is a major need in the online market. This blog lists the details that make babysitting unique, MVP features to include, and the advanced features to generate good revenue. 

Things that Make Babysitting Services Unique

The launch of babysitting services in zero time and in a unique way attracts a huge range of new-age parents. Several things contribute to the uniqueness of the babysitting services in a large size.  The top-scale things that need to be lookout to launch the unique babysitting services are as follows:

  • The largest set of babysitters in a single platform
  • Medium to connect working parents with trusted babysitters
  • Childcare and transportation effectively 
  • Integrating the social-media accounts within the app brings more babysitters via the app. 
  • Collecting reviews regarding the babysitter’s performance in a smart form ensures the trusted babysitters book smartly. 

The advantages of the babysitter’s marketplace are more. After looking into the success stories of the many babysitter services. Including the above things inside the app, the platform makes your babysitting services unique and smart. 

Futuristic Babysitter Services With Opt Feature Set

Starting the babysitter services with the feature-rich platform always brings you front in the market. Fewer features and great revenue are the major demands. Focusing on this aspect, the features for your basic babysitter services are listed as follows

Social-Media Sign:-

Signing into the babysitting services platform via social media accounts is a familiar one. This feature enables the marketplace owner to ask for social-media account details for recommendations. Allowing the babysitters and the users to sign in via social media accounts reduces the time complexity. 


Marketplaces are based on trust establishment. Having high ratings builds trust value is high. Enabling the ratings and recommendations via the app platform builds high trust and thus the rating is also very high. 

In-App Chat:-

The chat option integrated inside the babysitter services platform makes the babysitters and parents connected to each other. 


The notification alerts regarding the service request and the acceptance allow capturing the attention of babysitters and parents quickly.

Location-based Hiring:- 

By integrating the GPS location into the app, location-based hiring is successful. This feature allows the parents to find the babysitters in a nearby location quickly. 

Search & Filter Babysitters:-

Easy search and filter is an attentive option where babysitters with high ratings are sorted as top players. Filtering the babysitters based on this option makes the parents feel comfortable giving children personal care. 

In-App Payments:-

Online payments are the next-gen easy payment method. Integrating the gateways inside the babysitter platform allows the parents to pay the booking charge smartly. With these seamless payment modes, the babysitters gained instant revenue from the new-age parents. This instant revenue-driven method brings many more babysitters to your platform. 

Master Dashboard:-

Since the babysitters need convenient tools to act and provide undisturbed services. With this master dashboard, hiring of babysitters as per the needs, income monitoring, revenue management, list of payments received ad analytics to track the results in a smart way. 

Scheduled Booking:-

One of the most specializations while going for babysitting services is the time slots for booking. Allowing the new-age parents to assign the time and book the babysitters who are available at that time. Scheduled bookings are not only beneficial to the parents’ side. This is also a beneficial thing for babysitters to avoid collapses. 

Towards MVP Marketplace

When there is a new launch, going for the MVP model is a familiar activity observed in the online mode. In order to attract more users and make them feel comfortable in booking, the MVP marketplace is a viable option. Providing a unique user experience is the major aim for babysitter service owners. 

A single MVP platform to fit all these requirements is the demanding one. So building the MVP marketplace is a popular one. The essential elements to build the MVP marketplace are listed as follows:

Trusted Platform:-

Babysitting services are the trusted platform for many activities. Going through several actions like background checks, ID verification, and review monitoring elevates the babysitting services into a high-trust one. 

Easy to Form Babysitter Services Community:-

Formation of the babysitter’s community is now easy. By integrating the social-media account inside the On-Demand App For Babysitter, community formation is now easy. The appointment management with babysitter services is now simple and easy. 

Proper Monetization Channels:-

Monetizing ways is an efficient thing in online babysitter services. Fee from parents, the fee to add upgraded features, subscription, and ad promotion are the common ways of monetization, Collecting charge via multiple streams turn the babysitter services into a revenue-generating marketplace. 

Wrapping Up,

A good start is halfway done. If you start your babysitter services via the right skilled partner with you, then your babysitter services to the next level. Building MVP-based babysitting services with all the essential streams listed in this blog sets the new direction of your babysitter services to new heights. Let’s begin your growth now!


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