The Bajaj three-wheeler models are one of the most popular vehicles for city use. Many fleet operators want to add these models to their fleet because of their exceptional performance on narrow roads and low mileage. In addition, the Bajaj three wheeler models have fully advanced engines that provide excellent power output in transportation applications. The price range of these models is affordable based on the customer’s needs, allowing a wide range of customers to purchase them.

In the three-wheeler segment, Bajaj offers a diverse selection. The company produces a variety of high-quality three-wheeler models. Follow this blog if you’re interested in 3 wheeler models.

Bajaj Maxima C 3 Wheeler

This model comes with a 1 cylinder and 236.2 engine that generates 16.2 of torque. It is manufactured with 3230 lengths, 1493 width, 1818 MM height and  2125 MM wheelbase. In addition, the GVW of this model is 986 Kg and 40(5.6kg) litres of fuel tank capacity. The Bajaj Maxima C 3 wheeler price range is Rs. 2.64 Lakhs* – Rs. 2.85 Lakhs*.

Bajaj Maxima Z Auto Rickshaw

This 3 wheeler is designed  with 2000 MM of wheelbase and 194 MM of ground clearance. It has a BS-VI engine norm and 470.5 type engine that provides 8 HP engine power. The kerb weight of this model is 460 Kg, and it generates 24 Nm of torque. This model has 790 Kg of GVW and 8 Litres of fuel tank. The Bajaj Maxima Z auto rickshaw price range is between Rs. 1.90 Lakhs* – Rs. 1.99 Lakhs*.

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