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If you are considering a career as a bankruptcy lawyer, this article will give you an overview of what to expect. The industry is expected to grow by 18% in the next decade. This career is perfect for those who are interested in the law and want to help people through difficult financial times.

As the economy continues to tank, more and more people are finding themselves in dire financial straits. This has led to a boom in the bankruptcy attorney industry. So, if this topic of study interests you, let’s talk about what bankruptcy attorneys do, how much they make, and how to get ready for that career.

What is a Bankruptcy Attorney

A bankruptcy attorney is a type of lawyer who helps individuals and businesses file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal process that allows people to get out of debt and start fresh. When someone files for bankruptcy, they are asking the court to discharge their debts. This means that the person will no longer be liable for repaying their debts. The court will appoint a trustee to oversee the case and make sure that the person’s assets are distributed fairly.

Job Descriptions of Bankruptcy Attorney

The job of a bankruptcy attorney can be very challenging and demanding. However, it can also be very rewarding. The ability to help people get a fresh start is a great feeling.

If you are considering a career in bankruptcy law, you must be prepared to work long, irregular hours. You must be comfortable with both the legal and financial aspects of their cases. You also need to be able to effectively communicate with clients, judges, and other lawyers.

Because bankruptcy cases can be complex, it is important for you to be able to think creatively and come up with solutions to difficult problems. If you are considering becoming a bankruptcy attorney, here is what you can expect.

  • Bankruptcy Attorney Job Descriptions-Sample Example #1

Position: Bankruptcy and Restructuring Associate

Responsibilities Include

  • Provide legal and financial support to clients during the bankruptcy process.
  • Research and prepare legal documents, represent clients in court and negotiate with creditors.
  • Must have excellent communication skills and a thorough understanding of the bankruptcy process.
  • Develop strategies for restructuring companies and assets.
  • Responsible for investigating potential fraud or mismanagement by company management.


  • The applicant must have 3-5 years of relevant experience working in a bankruptcy or restructuring practice at a law firm or other organization.
  • Preferably, large firm experience.
  • Mustbe a current, active member of the Bar. and possess a J.D. from a law school that has received ABA approval.
  •  Job Descriptions of Bankruptcy Attorney-Sample Example #2

Position: Business Law – Debt Finance Associate

Responsibilities Include

  • Providing legal and financial support to businesses in the form of loans
  • Research and draft legal documents, review loan documents, and assist with closings.
  • Help businesses secure funding through loans and other means of credit.
  • Must have a strong understanding of both the legal and financial aspects of the business.


  • JD from an ABA-approved legal school.
  • An active member of the Bar.
  • Should be a debt finance specialist with 4-6 years of corporate associate experience. Experience in real estate finance in the past is desired.
  • Must be well-versed in both federal and state law, as well as the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Must be able to work independently and be able to think creatively to solve complex legal problems.
  • The applicant will represent lenders in all facets of various secured and unsecured lending transactions. They will also represent arrangers and private equity firms in syndicated loan financings for leveraged buyouts and mezzanine financing..
  • Should be an active member in good standing of the Bar and possess a JD from a law school that has received ABA approval.
  • Job Descriptions of Bankruptcy Attorney -Sample Example #3

Position: Bankruptcy Associate

Responsibilities Include

  • Represent debtors who are going through the bankruptcy process
  • Responsible to work with the debtor to develop a plan to repay creditors and work with the court to ensure that the plan is fair and reasonable
  • Responsible to work with clients who are facing financial difficulties, and must be able to provide them with the necessary guidance and support
  • Must also be able to work with the courts, and must have a thorough understanding of the bankruptcy process.
  • Represent clients in court, meet with creditors, and handle all the paperwork associated with bankruptcy


  • The applicant should have three to five years of expertise in significant transactions in different bankruptcy stages.
  • knowledge of accounting and financial concerns that influence restructuring agreements.
  • Excellent research and writing skills, as well as the ability to think creatively to find solutions to complex legal problems.
  • Must be able to work well under pressure, as well as meet deadlines set by the court.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Should have a strong interest in the law, and be able to handle complex legal matters.

Bankruptcy Attorney Salary

An average bankruptcy attorney’s salary is $60,000, but this figure can vary greatly depending on experience, location, and the type of employer. Bankruptcy attorneys with many years of experience working in large law firms in major metropolitan areas can earn salaries well into six figures. On the other hand, entry-level positions in smaller firms or in less populated areas typically pay much less. The salary of a bankruptcy attorney can also be affected by the type of bankruptcy cases they handle.

According to a recent survey, the median salary for bankruptcy attorneys was $75,000. However, salaries can range from $40,000 to $145,000. Bankruptcy attorneys with more than five years of experience tend to earn the highest salaries. Those working in large law firms in major metropolitan areas usually earn the most.

Bankruptcy Attorney Interview

The interview process for becoming a bankruptcy attorney is long and detailed, with many questions about your legal experience, your personal philosophy on bankruptcy, and your ability to be an effective lawyer.

Applying to become a bankruptcy attorney is a long and arduous process. You must pass rigorous examinations, have a minimum of three years of experience as an attorney, and demonstrate superior writing and communication skills. In order to be considered for the position, bankruptcy attorneys must also complete an interview process with the American Bar Association (ABA).

The skills a Bankruptcy Attorney Needs

The skills a bankruptcy attorney needs vary depending on the type of bankruptcy. However, most attorneys have experience with probate, estate planning, and real estate law. They also typically have strong legal writing and communication skills. In addition, attorneys typically have knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code and related case law.

A good bankruptcy attorney needs excellent communication, research, and writing skills. They must be able to explain complex legal concepts to clients and opposing counsel clearly. They must also be able to find and evaluate relevant legal precedents. Good writing skills are essential for drafting motions and briefs


The work environment of a bankruptcy attorney can be challenging. They must be able to handle high levels of stress and focus all their attention on their work. Additionally, they must be able to communicate effectively with clients and other professionals in the field.

So, if you are considering a career as a bankruptcy attorney, this article has provided an overview of the job description, salary, and interview process. Bankruptcy attorneys play an important role in our economy by helping individuals and businesses reorganize their finances. If you have the dedication and skillset required for this challenging field, then a career as a bankruptcy attorney may be right for you.


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