Muslim Prayer Mat

A prayer rug or prayer mats are an important piece of cloth, not necessarily a rectangular pile cloth, use exclusively by Muslims. They come in different colors and sizes and can be interchanged easily as well. These are known as salah mat in the language of Arabic and Hebrew. In Arabic, it is called Qalimath, while in Hebrew it is referr to as Ha Kamis or Halakhum.

Muslim Prayer Mat

Prayer mats are prayer rugs, which have been modify for use as prayer rugs. They differ from prayer rugs in their dimensions, shapes and even their use as prayer mats. The primary difference is in their use as prayer mats. Ha Kamis is square or rectangular prayer mats which are use as prostration cushion for worship and mediation by Muslim women. They differ from Ha Kamis by having additional pockets on either side to hold prayer books, photos or flowers.

The other common prayer mats are called Qalimat Rugs or prayer mats, which are square to rectangular. These are made of wool, cotton or synthetic fabrics, and they can also be found in bright, dazzling colors. They are known to absorb extra moisture, which is one reason why they are usually place under heavy furniture and kept in open spaces such as a kitchen. They are also frequently folded in a way that they resemble large square trunks of wood or bamboo.

Other prayer rugs are called Bedaru Rugs which is woven carpets, perfect for outdoor prayer sessions or when the weather is not too cold or too hot to cover the body with a prayer rug. Woven from durable, waterproof, thick cotton or polyester fibers, Bedaru prayer rugs are great choices for practicing and praying. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit any size of prayer space and to accommodate different types of prayer; you can purchase them flat, rolled, or folded for convenience.

Another type of prayer mats is the Mihrab. Like the Bedaru, the Mihrab is also made of strong, waterproof materials and has strong, evenly sized stitches. Unlike Bedaru, the Mihrab is available in a wide range of colors, although it is more common to find them in traditional, white, gray or brown colors. In addition, the patterns available in a mihrab are often floral or geometric patterns.

The third type of prayer mats that you will discover are called Turkish carpets. Similar to Mihrab and Bedaru, these prayer mats have beautiful, colorful patterns and many of them are also waterproof. Many Turkey carpets are hand woven and take between eight and twelve weeks to complete. They are available in solid colors and patterns, although sometimes patterns are added to make them look more like traditional carpeting. Some Turkish rugs may also have borders add.

The fourth type of rug is known as antique rugs and are replicas or old world carpets from Turkey, the Czech Republic and other countries. These prayer mats are made of wool and come in a number of different styles. You can get a plain style or a pattern or personalize one. They can also have borders add on these prayer mats. They are commonly use in Turkey, where they are say to keep evil spirits from entering. However, they are also believe to bring wealth and good fortune to those who lay them on their property.

There are many other types of prayer mats that are design for various purposes and themes. All of them though are beautiful pieces of art and an essential accessory for Muslim homes. When purchasing a rug, be sure to choose one that suits your personality and that will match the overall interior design and decor of your home.


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