benefits of magento ecommerce development

Over the past few years, eCommerce development has been rapidly gaining momentum. People all around the world are keener to take their businesses online and instead of being confined to the traditional concept of selling products offline. As the market has brought great opportunities for people to invest in an eCommerce store. Several aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for a robust solution to develop their own online store.

This boom of eCommerce business development has given rise to several web development platforms. Among the various eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Big-Commerce, 3Dcart, Volusion, Magento has turned out to be the most efficient with more than 250,000 users worldwide. The growing popularity of the Magento also pushes a curiosity among the business owners about the possible advantages the platform can offer.

Before Hiring Magento Developer, Let’s discuss some of the extensive features. Magento offers that makes it one of the best platform for your eCommerce store:

1- Opensource eCommerce platform :

Magento is available in two different editions including Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Edition. Among which the former one is completely free to use with no license. As it is an open-source platform, the platform allows the developers to change or tailor the code to meet the business needs and prerequisites. It can be obtained at no cost which is the best thing. You just simply have to download and install Magento on your servers without paying any licensing fees.

2- Flexible & Versatile solution :

Using Magento website development, you can be assured to keep the code-base clean, high performing, and get more flexibility against older versions. The latest version of Magento offers a component-based structure of modules. It allows the developers to enable or disable the components based on their requirements & needs.

3- Responsive Configuration :

Using the Magento platform, you do not have to worry about the responsive design. Shopping carts can be viewed on different devices such as tablets, computer screens, laptops, smartphones, and various other mobile devices. This will enable your consumers to go along with the shopping trends and turn to usage.

4- Advanced SEO Capabilities :

Relying on Magento eCommerce Development, you can keep track of your website’s SEO part. With Magento development, organic traffic can be managed in an efficient manner. As a result, your website’s products have a better chance to appear on the top pages of different search engines. The developers or experts can also make use of custom SEO for better results.

5- Easy third-party Integration :

Through Magento eCommerce development, third party integration is simple and unchallenging. You can easily add Google analytics to the platform for data analysis. It help you get insights on all the important data of your website. Similarly, Many other third-party data analytics can be integrated to the platform. It keep track of most viewed products, bounce rate, most purchased products, etc. It can also be integrated with payment gateways including Paypal, Google Shopping, eBay, etc.

6- Advanced Search Filtration :

With dynamic features, you can improve the user search that filters the products as per the parameters mentioned by the user. Magento development comes with great and unique features of search. It is including product tag filters, viewed products, product reviews, and recently compared to boost your website’s search filtration process.

7- Allows Multi-website Generation :

If you plan to scale your business or you have multiple websites to expand in other regions. Then Magento gives you a great capability to host multiple websites on a single admin panel. This implies that with Magento, you can set up your store separately. With its unique product catalog, design, and features in the mutual business structure while having the same admin panel.

8- Multi-Currency & Language Support :

Unlike other e-commerce platforms that have no options in regards to varied currencies and languages, Magento eCommerce web development supports different languages and currencies across the globe. This feature is crucial for your store while you target a wide geographical audience.

9- Simple Content Management :

Magento platform is equipped with What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). It is an intuitive and highly visual page editor. Through this tool, you can easily make changes in your web pages without technical knowledge or prior experience in development. So you will not have to ask your developer to make small changes every time as you can easily do it by yourself.

10- Convenient for Developers & Administrators  :

Magento e-commerce development facilitates the developers to update content easily. Also add new pages to the website, link pages to the sub or main navigation with absolutely no hassle. This is also helpful in cases if you have no prior experience in programming and expertise. However, in case you face difficulties while managing your Magento store, you can seek help from a reliable development company. You may hire a Magento developer to manage your store.

Now that you know the benefits of Magento development. Look for a reliable development company, and launch your eCommerce store with a bang!


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