Shopify App Builder
Shopify App Builder

Those days are far behind us where only big companies can have their own online applications. Nowadays everyone is creating their own websites and applications. Now with the help of recent software people don’t need any technical background to create an app. 

With all of this going on traditional businesses are slowly converting to online business. With the recent global pandemic, online businesses are at their peak right now. 

Here are some of the benefits of having a Shopify mobile application for your business that can be beneficial for your startup or existing business. 

Builds Brand Awareness

The main benefit of having a mobile application is that it broadens your company to various types of customers. It is a great way of marketing your business and letting people who you are and what services you are providing. In fact, a mobile app can be even more efficient.

While traditional marketing campaigns often struggle to keep your brand top-of-mind with customers. A mobile app especially in Shopify puts your business’s brand front and center on the screens of their mobile devices. And a mobile app builder for Shopify can be really beneficial.

Once your application is installed by your audience you can rest assured that they’ll be interacting with your business on a daily business looking at the offers you provide. With the proper push notifications, you are more likely to attract your audience and convert them to your buying customers. 

Adding Value To Your Customers

Return on investment is the key to business. You can open their wallets if you offer them a product or service that meets their needs, right?

As an example, let’s say you sit down with your employees and discuss ways to increase your store’s conversion rate. As you strive to increase sales, you want to increase their interaction with your business, while also providing them with the value they can’t get anywhere else. Think outside the box for your customers to create value. 

You can do this by creating a loyalty program in your app or something related to it that will capture your audience’s attention. It would look like this:

The more customers connect with your business, the more points they collect. Customers can use these coupons for great deals on the products they already know they need or want.

Starbucks uses its mobile app to its advantage by offering rewards exclusively to app users. Which then motivates the customers to buy coffee from them from their app. Starbucks also allows users to pay directly from the app, speeding up the whole transaction process so that users won’t have to wait too long. 

If you already have a program like this in place you are already ahead of your competition. It can be integrated into your mobile app, digitizing the entire process, and giving you instant access to data on their purchases.

Your customers will be more inclined to follow up on their purchases in the future if they see their points added up in real-time.

Build a Stronger Brand

One of the most important things a mobile app offers is the ability for consumers to become aware of and communicate with your brand. By regularly interacting with your target market, you are developing trust.

You’re more likely to convince your audience to listen to later sales pitches and even become a customer when they trust you. By developing an app, you will show your users (rather than telling them) what your brand stands for, which will increase their trust.

Creating calendars and other random objects with your company logo served as both an advertisement and an educational tool in the past.

Other Benefits of a Mobile App

You may still need to adopt a mobile app strategy to encourage more customer engagement if these points haven’t convinced you.

  • Provide users with information about new products and offers
  • Make yourself stand out from the competition
  • Reach out to younger demographics
  • Sync users’ email and social media accounts

If you structure it correctly, you can also get a wide range of information about how people interact with your application. Your app’s metrics range from how long users spend looking at it, to how much you make from every purchase.

Location data is another consideration. Apps now provide their creators with more location data than ever before. Your business could benefit from this by learning when and where people are most likely to buy your products, or which countries are most interested in your product.

Your app may begin as a portal for the same features you have already made available on your company’s website after you decide to develop it. But it has so much potential to grow into much more. Your app may even provide you with information on the new directions your business can take to continue confidently into the future.

Having this capability might allow your competition to skyrocket their sales and expand their business while you remain in the dark about these data.


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