Artificial Grass Accessories

If you want to create a beautiful lawn in your backyard or front yard, there are many different Artificial grass Accessories you can use to finish off the look. These accessories will help you protect your grass from heavy wind and weather conditions. Artificial grass accessories will also help you secure your turf to the ground. You can get staples to help secure your turf to the ground.

Bella Turf’s Golf Cups

Golfers looking for an indoor putting green that simulates the course conditions can buy one from Bella Turf and Greens. These artificial putting greens are ideal for home use and allow you to practice without spending money on gas and fees. They also make a great entertainment area. They provide a realistic playing surface and are custom-built to match desired breaks and conditions.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Once your new putting green is ready, you can install the golf cups by using a post hole digger. The cups are secured into the ground with the aid of a high-quality adhesive. Once the cups are set in place, you can trim the turf around them with a sharp knife to avoid wrinkles.

Bella Turf’s Turf Spikes

Bella Turf’s Turf Spkes help secure artificial grass to the ground and prevent it from peeling away from the landscape. Used in over 1000 projects, these spikes are a great way to extend the life of synthetic grass and save money in the long run.

Turf Spikes are a great way to secure artificial grass to the ground and help it last a long time. The spikes will also keep the edges from peeling away from the surrounding landscape. Bella Turf’s Turf Spikes have been used on over 1000 projects, and they are the most durable and effective way to install artificial grass. In addition, the spikes can withstand the harsh Canadian climate, extending the life of the artificial grass. These spikes come in convenient 50-pound boxes, which make them great for large projects.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Bella Turf’s Turf Classic artificial grass is highly realistic and offers lime green or natural field green. Its flat design and high-end aesthetic make it a perfect choice for low-traffic areas and customers looking to cut down on lawn care. These grasses are highly durable and are great for putting greens that are not frequently used.

Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to install the Lawnflex Golf Cups. Make sure you’ve completed all the required prep work, such as compaction and grading. If you don’t have the skills or equipment, you can hire a professional to perform this work for you.

Wonder Edge edging

Wonder Edge is a high quality, professional landscape product that secures the edges of synthetic turf. It is an eight foot long, one foot wide, and two and a half inch thick edging that eliminates extra labor and leaves a finished grade. It is made of recycled polyethylene and is made in the USA.

Wonder Edge is an excellent alternative to timber and plastic bender boards. It is more durable and has a hollow center cavity for wiring. It can be easily installed and comes with the advantage of being waterproof. This edging is the perfect height for an artificial lawn. It also does not require any screws or bender spikes.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Timber edging is the cheapest and most common artificial grass edging option. It is simple to install and is a very cost-effective alternative. Timber edging is often used because it is lightweight and can be fixed to the ground with decking screws. Another option is composite plastic edging, which is easy to install and should last for many years. Whether you choose timber or plastic, make sure you choose the right edging material for your artificial grass.

Wonder Edge edging for artificial grass is available in a variety of materials. These include plastic, stone, timber, concrete, and metal. You can even custom order edging. But remember that edging is an important part of your installation and must be properly installed to avoid sabotaging the quality of your artificial lawn. If the edging is not properly installed, it could cause the subgrade soils to erode and the exterior nails to become loose.

Bella Turf’s Turf Renu

If you have an artificial grass yard, you can use Turf Renu to keep it clean and sanitary. This premium cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and it contains no harmful ingredients. Additionally, it is safe to use around children and pets. It can be used unlimited times on your artificial turf.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Whether you want to install a golf course, a putting green, or a residential lawn, Turf Renu accessories are the best choice. These products are made to be durable and long-lasting. Turf Renu accessories include golf cups that are built to last and turf spikes that will help prolong the lifespan of your turf.

These accessories make your putting greens more inviting. The company offers four different designs of golf flags. These flags are made of durable materials and will fit into pins on a putting green. They come in brilliant white and are the perfect addition to your fake grass putting green.

Global Syn-Turf’s Turfflex grass

Global Syn-Turf is a leading manufacturer of artificial grass in the United States. They produce over 150 million square feet of artificial grass each year and keep another 10 million square feet in storage. The company has many different products for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The company’s Turfflex artificial grass accessories are designed to keep your yard looking great throughout the year. The turf’s impact-absorbing qualities are consistent, and it will retain its shape no matter what the weather. It is lead-free, non-toxic, and has a 20-year lifespan. It also drains well, providing a dry floor surface. Global Syn-Turf’s artificial grass products are also ideal for in-home applications, including indoor runners and mats. Additionally, their outdoor pet systems provide superior drainage, absorption, and softness.

Global Syn-Turf’s Turflex artificial grass accessories are available in a variety of sizes. From a backyard dog turf to a roof, patio, and deck turf, the company has the perfect turf for any project.

Lawnflex grass shock pads

A good shock pad for grass is essential for a safe playground. It prevents traumas and injuries. It is important for children and athletes to play on a safe turf surface. Shock pads also prevent infill from splashing on the turf surface, especially in heavy traffic areas. Shock pads help reduce infill splash by reducing the height of the fiber pile and increasing its density. However, since the shock-attenuation levels of infill have dropped, shock pads installed inside the infill are no longer necessary. They require extensive maintenance.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Lawnflex Shock Pads are interlocking tiles designed to provide additional drainage and a softer feel. They can be laid on roofs and concrete areas and are 35mm thick. Lawnflex Shock Pads are also available as a weed membrane or jointing tape. Lawnflex offers a wide range of other products, including jointing tape, lawn surface sand, and rubber crumb surface fillers.

A shock pad for grass sounds dangerous, but it’s actually an underlay for artificial grass. These pads are designed for playgrounds and other areas with heavy use. A standard residential garden doesn’t need them, however. A more practical choice would be a compacted stone-dust base, which drains freely and has just enough give to absorb shock. It also gives you the flexibility to shape it in the way you want.


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