Bernafon hearing aids

Bernafon: Swiss innovation

Every person has a basic requirement for hearing and comprehension. Bernafon is ideally situated to assist people with hearing loss regain their quality of life and increase communication with family and friends thanks to Swiss ingenuity and high-quality products. Modern hearing technology is used by Bernafon hearing aids to correct hearing loss while also offering further personal advantages like wireless connectivity for hands-free mobile phone use.

General details about Bernafon and the hearing aids they sell are provided in the section below. We sell hearing aids from all the top manufacturers at This page, however, is mainly for informational purposes and does not imply that we stock anything from this specific brand. Nevertheless, we hope that this succinct description of Bernafon hearing aids will provide you with a general idea of the different kinds of hearing aids that are now on the market.

Bernafon’s cutting-edge technology

Often, only extremely high frequency ranges can make out music and specific speech components. The capacity to intuitively distinguish such frequencies can be lost as a result of hearing loss. High-frequency hearing can be restored with the aid of contemporary, digital hearing devices. Although the primary benefit of this feature is speech recognition, it can also enhance your musical enjoyment.


But precisely how can hearing aids impact perception and musical sound? The Swiss company Bernafon has created a stir in this area of hearing acoustics with their innovative technology ChannelFreeTM. In reality, music is a particularly good fit for the cutting-edge signal processing technology. By doing this, the incoming audio stream can be used in its whole rather than being divided into numerous channels. High-pitched tones, which are necessary for a listener to perceive music harmoniously, can be produced naturally and without degrading the audio quality. The end result is a sound that is remarkably rich and genuine.


Hearing aid by Bernafon

Depending on the level of performance, Bernafon hearing aids are outfitted with Audio EfficiencyTM technology and include a variety of features that work together to let the user hear clearly in any setting. This includes features that enhance speech understanding, guarantee the best hearing comfort in noisy settings, and get rid of audio feedback before it becomes an issue.


A new function created to simplify the client fitting procedure is called “BeFlex” technology. The tester device can be programmed by the audiologist or hearing aid professional to work with basic, mid-range, or premium features. This enables the client to swap between the various classes, which helps you determine which setting is most effective for you. This helps you get closer to a life without hearing loss while also saving time and effort.


TV and phone connectivity

Bernafon hearing aids from the Chronos and Acriva series can communicate wirelessly with other gadgets via the SoundGate Bluetooth interface. The television sound can also be wirelessly received by the hearing aids with the installation of a TV adapter, providing better sound quality without any obtrusive background noise. Additionally, a specific phone adaptor can be used to connect a landline phone to the hearing aids.


Bernafon provides many of the same wireless advantages as some of the other hearing aid producers because of SoundGate. Some of our other hearing aids also come with these fantastic features. Give us a call to learn more about how to locate the best hearing loss solution for you. We’ll be pleased to assist you with all of your hearing issues.


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