guest posting sites
guest posting sites

Best guest posting sites

guest posting sites is the act of writing articles on someone else’s website or blog. The passion for writing continues to grow as the world becomes more digital day by day. Being a part of the world of digital marketing, you know about guest posting.

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” – Thomas Mann

We agree with the above quote because writing is not just throwing together words but it also makes sense.

What is a Guest posting?

Guest Posting refers to writing or contributing my tools town articles that is posted on another’s website or blog. Therefore, someone employed as a content writer or a freelancer is posting for the employer for whom they work.

Benefits of the guest post

Guest posting is not just for someone else to write and pack their bags and leave the job once. It adds value to the authors’ roster of work and helps them make their online impact.

Some good examples are the authors of BuzzFeed, ScoopWhoop and ThoughtCatalog, which have carved out a niche for themselves on an employer’s platform, though working brilliantly.

1) Building Relationships

You have a tendency to form relationships with them, which in the long run is fruitful by working with a community of other bloggers and writers. You build a solid network
, broaden your scope in social media and get credit for your work.

2) Being picked up by search engines

Host blogger adds a link of your blog somewhere in their blog, which is very beneficial for you as a writer. Because, backlinks will help to increase the value of your blog. Your content will be picked up by Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one that will rank and distribute your content better.

3) Helps us to be famous

Guest posting helps us venture into the already established community of writers. It gives us opportunity to connect with new people.

If we generate value for the said community through your words and written words, we will see that the value changes over time and attracts more followers.

Things to keep in mind before starting guest posting

Content marketing is on boom in the market, and guest posting is a staple. Guest posting is not as simple as before. Now it not only limits itself to improving someone’s ranking in SERPs, but also helps you to connect with the targeted audience and promote your services to customers. So, before posting a guest, there are a many things to keep in mind:

1) Picking the right host blog

Choosing the right guest poster and a good blog is important because both the author and the content can make the guest posting cycle.

Therefore, before becoming a guest poster, ask questions about the type of potential blog cover and content outside of it and the niche.

2) Making headlines

As a writer, it is good to spunk something that helps you stands out from other market writers. As a writer, you should draw captivating headlines because the title is what the user clicks to see inside the blog post.

Statistics say that people who read headlines are five times more likely to read copies. Always try to write a compelling title that the reader wants to read more about that.

3) Keep it simple

The traditional way of writing will always be one where the content is crisp, attractive and simple.

The average user may be tempted to see too many technical terms, making it difficult to make content difficult.

Since the target audience always works on a level playing field, it is best to exclude content with soul, and intelligence and not be limited to no jargon.

4) Proofreading saves the day

Proofreading is a writer’s superpower and it should be used in an appropriate way in the content. Grammatical and spelling errors are highly controversial, making the entire content look inferior, no matter how interesting the subject.

So, once you write your guest post, make sure that you or the editor/writer authenticates you.

5) Using videos and images

As a writer, we should not be limited to a certain format or genre. We have to look always for ways to give wings to our content. Guest posts are mainly about writing. However, adding more pictures, videos, and infographics should explore more content options and easily understandable.

They can help break down the ingredients and add spice to it, but it should relatable to the topic.

Guest Posting Sites for Visibility & Traffic


It is a blog from pakainfo that invites guest authors to contribute to entrepreneurship, digital marketing, freelancing, and co-working spaces across India.


The yttags YouTube Keyword Tool is a free keyword suggestion tool used to find the most searched keywords on YouTube.


Guest Posting Sites is an automation tool widely used by online businesses to convert their online visitors into customers.

Guest posting Sites is one of the most popular link-building methods. It implies posting materials on sites with a relevant audience.

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