Best and Fun Things to do in Santo Domingo

There are many reasons why people visit Santo Domingo. Some come to see the city’s beautiful colonial buildings, others want to enjoy the natural beauty of the country, while some just want to relax on the beach. Whatever your reason, here are our top picks for the best things to do in Santo Domingo. The capital of the Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, which is divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is the second most populous city in the country after San Pedro de Macorís. Its population is estimated to be around 1 million people. You can easily book your cheap flights to Santo Domingo with Lowest Flight fare and enjoy a trip.

Discover best things to do in Santo Domingo

1. The Three Eyes National Park : A lush park with underground caverns, lagoons, and wildlife

The Three Eyes National Park (National Parque Los Tres Ojos, the “Park Where the Three Eyes Are”) is a unique location that features a number of luminous caves and underground lagoons. A 10-minute drive though the Ozama River from the capital of the Republic of the Dominican Republic, it is a relaxing getaway from the nearby sightseeing and landmarks in the Zona Colonial district. The somewhat turquoise in color and vivacious lakes that are part of this colorful underground limestone cave system appear like a pair of blue, sparkling eyes. The T-shaped 3 reservoirs are called Las Nevera, Aguas Azufradas, and Las Damas. You can see the fourth, Los Zaramagullones, accessible only by boat.

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2. Guibia Public Beach : Santo Domingo’s main beach

Haiti’s southern bowl of Guibia Beach (Playa de G ibia Playa) is the best place to enjoy the fun and sunny weather toward the capital. The small public promenade and gazebo-like platform in the village harbor provides nice-looking Caribbean sea views. The water temperature is not best suited, but you will find lounge chairs, a public gym, and a volleyball court on the waterfront.

  • Location: Av. George Washington, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

3. Columbus Park : The heart of Zona Colonial

Christopher Columbus Square (Columbus Park) is one of the most important squares in Colonial Colonial Zone (Zona Colonial) in Santo Domingo, known for its historic monuments and buildings, including the statue of Christopher Columbus at its center and the statue of Bartholomew, Columbus’s brother, not far away. The square in the center of Calle del Conde is the start of the greatest street in Zona Colonial, and is therefore a good spot for comprehensive exploration. The Cathedral of the Americas is a formidable sight positioned on the southern end of the Plaza de Armas.

The restaurant to the west of Santo Domingo’s Municipal Palace (Plaça Municipal de Santo Domingo) boasts beautiful colonial architecture. The hotel is the 16th-century Palacio Borgella, known for its elaborate, Italian-style architecture.

  • Location: C. Isabel La Católica, Santo Domingo 10210, Dominican Republic

4. Plaza España : A monumental square surrounded by cafés

Plaza Espa a o de la Hispanidad (Plaza de Espa a o de la Hispanidad o de Santo Domingo Norte) is one of the popular squares in Santo Domingo. To reach the Al azar de Col n palace, you can walk all along Plaza Espana, and there are many sidewalk stands along the ideal park. The postman encloses himself at the end of Calle Las Damas, the Old New World’s oldest paved road. For excellent views of the plaza, dine alfresco. Pat’e’ Palo is well-suited for romantic suppers in Santo Domingo due in part to its European menu and one of the prime views of this square.

  • Location: C. La Atarazana 2, Santo Domingo 10212, Dominican Republic

5. National Zoological Park : Family-friendly zoo in Santo Domingo

The National Zoological Park (Parque Zool gico Nacional) in Santo Domingo is a good place to take the family. It offers the promise of exotic birds, felines, and other wild animals to share your social media pics with your friends.

The Zoological Park has a collection of endangered species such as Hispaniolan solenodon. The zoo is small in comparison to oversized zoos, but it is still home to many play structures and a cafeteria. The zoo is intended for children, but they may ride the zoo train to see animals up close.

  • Location: Avenida de la Vega Real, Arroyo Hondo Distrito Nacional, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

6. Dominican Republic National Aquarium : A compact aquarium with impressive sea-view gardens

Santo Domingo’s Dominican Republic National Aquarium is a great destination where you can take the kids for an outing to swim and examine local marine life. The aquarium is fairly small, but still offers tourists a good look into local aquatic life in the Dominican Republic. You can have a long shark tunnel at the center that’s adorned with various colorful marine creatures. The property’s gardens are constructed along the rocky shore of Santo Domingo Este, providing a peaceful view.

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7. Cathedral of the Americas : Santo Domingo’s landmark cathedral

The Cathedral of the Americas (Catedral Primada de America) in Santo Domingo’s historic district is a noteworthy and imposing architectural landmark. Known as the oldest cathedral in the Americas and one of the best examples of Gothic architecture abroad, it is referred to by locals as Catedral Santa Maria la Menor for its dedication to St. Mary of the Incarnation. The gorgeous building is unmissable for its golden-tinted veneer that’s even more dazzling at dawn and dusk. The cover of its solid limestone walls consists of exquisitely decorated rooms and corridors adorned with first-rate artworks and colonial era objects.

  • Location: C. Isabel La Católica, Santo Domingo 10210, Dominican Republic

8. Museum of the Royal Houses : Old Spanish government offices dating back to the 16th century

It was one of the most popular residences of the viceroys and is still a major tourist attraction. Visitors come to learn about its storied past on a self-directed walk-through of the large building. The floors and walls inside have rich compositions and images; the ceiling contains impressive defensive mechanisms from the past. 

  • Location: C. Las Damas, Santo Domingo 10210, Dominican Republic

9. Malecón de Santo Domingo : Santo Domingo’s seaside boulevard

Malec de Santo Domingo is a seafront road that stretches along N Washington Avenue on the island of Santo Domingo. It hosts many notable landmarks, awarded restaurants and luxurious hotels. It boasts bike paths and jogging lanes, as well as landscaped gardens with swings and beautiful sea views. Visitors to Punta Cana in July cause a ruckus with their music and dance at the Merengue Fiesta.

  • Location: Av. George Washington, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

10. Mercado Modelo : The quintessential Caribbean craft market

In Santo Domingo, the Mercado Modelo is the largest marketplace. This term translates as “model market” in Spanish, and the Mercado Modelo has been the model for other craft markets in the Caribbean. This large marketplace features a wide range of vendors and a great deal of Cuban cigar vendors, who sell their wares alongside tables and rotating tables. Special handmade treasures consist of both Dominican and Haitian finds at Mercado Modelo. The market is also a hotspot for food stalls that sell not only fresh produce but also prepared dishes, making it a venue for traveling shopkeepers and other local market merchants to haggle.

  • Location: Av. Mella, Santo Domingo 10211, Dominican Republic

11. Chu Chu Colonial : A fun sightseeing ride around Zona Colonial

The Chu Chu Colonial is an easy and convenient train trip through Santo Domingo’s Ciudad Colonial historic district (Zona Colonial) that transports a minimum of two guests per carriage. The train takes visitors to a maximum of 12 destinations. The Chu Chu Colonial Riding Trolley offers you the opportunity to view fifty years worth of historic sites at a breezy pace and admire numerous historic monuments and buildings as you travel around. An English sound system enriches your time at each stop with details on the architecture and some trivia on the area’s history.

  • Location: C. Isabel La Católica, Santo Domingo 10210, Dominican Republic

12. Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito : Santo Domingo’s national performing arts theater

Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito is rare for the history and culture of Santo Domingo. The site offers 3 floors, each with a main hall that hosts a variety of performances, including opera, theater, dance, classic rock, and Broadway. Some of the best-known plays offer valuable information regarding the history and culture of a society, such as Tito Puente, a former president of the Dominican Republic. Visiting the Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito concert hall is an excellent idea in order to observe its stunning neoclassical architecture.

  • Location: Av. Máximo Gómez 35, Santo Domingo 10204, Dominican Republic


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