The bedroom is the most private space in your house and it will definitely reflect your style. Hence there is no argument about the fact that the bedroom design will need a lot of attention, especially when it comes to storage. You no longer need to worry and compromise on designing the house according to your taste even if you have a small space.  Using these bedrooms cupboard designs Ideas, you will be able to have practical cupboards in your bedroom, no matter what size. Select from these small bedroom cupboard designs to make a smart choice.

Here are a few tips that can come in handy:

  • Smart and chic-looking wall-to-wall cupboards for small bedroom spaces are a good idea. Use the entire wall without making it look awkward or huge. You can combine open shelves with drawers and cabinets for an interesting look.
  • Design a cupboard around your bedroom window. It will look beautiful without taking up much space. You can even incorporate a small window seat for reading books.
  • Metallic coloured cupboard models for bedrooms can give your space an ultra-modern vibe and a chic look.
  • Consider inbuilt bedroom cupboards in neutral designs that look sleek, stylish, and minimal. They are the perfect way to give your space the effect of depth.
  • Consider cupboards with abstract designs and glossy finish. They will reflect light and give the illusion of light and space in your bedroom.
  • Alternatively, you can top up the cupboards with lofts that you can use to keep things that are needed occasionally. That’s a great way to put the vertical wall to efficient use and give the room an illusion of height and space as well.

To wrap up, research and compare the latest bedroom cupboard designs before choosing one that fits your needs, taste and budget. The idea is to get as creative as possible and come up with designs that are not just aesthetic, but also practical. And keep this guide handy.f you are looking for the latest bedroom cupboard designs, consider this. The wall around your bed’s headboard can be used to design an inverted U-shaped storage unit. Or you can just incorporate a pair of sleek and tall cupboards on either side of the headboard. They can be wall-mounted too if you wish to save up on floor area. The cupboard(s) can come with sliding doors or mirrored doors for better efficiency and pizzazz. You can snuck in a few open shelves too, as shown below, to arrange knickknacks.

  1. If you have a small space, the wall behind the bed can be a good option to install the cupboard. Put some bedside tables alongside the bed and put the cupboard all the way up to the ceiling to get the maximum storage space in your bedroom. Make sure you choose a light design because a heavy cupboard design will make the room look restricted.


  1. Go for a cupboard with the same colour as the wall next to it or the floor to create a seamless effect. This is a smart trick to add space to the room as there are no demarcations and everything looks flawless


  1. One of the best bedroom cupboard designs ideas is to go in for an almirah with a sliding room. Most of the space in a room is taken when we open the doors of a cupboard. When there is a space constraint, it is a good idea to go in for sliding doors in cupboards to save some space.


  1. A good best and good small bedroom cupboard design is to get a wardrobe with a mirror. It is great for space-saving and will make the room look bigger. A cupboard with a mirror gives a very classy vibe and you can save both space and money as you will need a dressing table.
  2. Select lighter colours as they help in making the room look bigger. Dark colours will make a space look constricted. Go for a cupboard in lighter colours which will not only brighten the room but also make it look larger.
  3. Another cool bedroom cupboard designs idea is to get a cupboard built right into the cavity of the wall. This is a good way to blend the wardrobe with the adjacent wall.
  4. Every inch of space is valuable in a small bedroom. For best usage of the available space, go in for a cupboard that goes all the way to the ceiling.


  1. For the bedroom that is short on space, the space that is allotted for the cupboard can be used for multiple things. The latest small bedroom cupboard designs are able to fit everything from TV units to dressers.


In this article, we saw a list of all the ways in which you can make a style statement even in a small bedroom space decision with these modern small bedroom cupboard designs. These bedroom cupboard designs ideas will make your wardrobe, as well as your bedroom, look classy and elegant even if there is a space constraint.

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