Best Pharma Colleges in Meerut

Some of the best Pharma colleges in Meerut are:

Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy Meerut

Venkateshwara Institute of Pharmacy Meerut

LLRM Medical College Meerut

Pharmacy is an everlasting discipline because new viruses will confront mankind regularly.

Companies need innovators who can formulate to neutralize viruses because overexploitation of nature is rendering us vulnerable to viruses.

The recent spate of floods in Europe exposed countries to the dangers of natural calamities that no one is immune from nature wrath.

Such dangers are exposing humanity to disasters like Corona because uncontrolled nature exploitation is detrimental for humanity.

Corona even killed people who were indoors because, without a potent vaccine, our immune system struggles to protect us.

The world was in distress as news channels flashed horrifying images of Corona patients gasping for breath because Corona compromised the respiratory system leading to death.

Authorities shut movie theatres, pubs, educational institutions & offices because that’s the lone way to contain the virus spread.

For how long can governments impose lockdown because economic activity is crucial for livelihood?

Only healthcare workers, Doctors & Pharmacists were serving patients because they are skilled for the job.

Even with all the precautions, many Doctors & healthcare workers perished because Corona defeated their immune system.

The mass loss of life prompted scientists to devise Corona vaccine because continuous lockdown was a temporary solution.

Only a few counties had the expertise for vaccine development because their R & D was strong enough.

They exploited this ability & sold vaccines at a premium because it is a seller’s market with massive demand.

Best Pharma Colleges in Meerut promote innovation

Russia, the USA, Germany & Britain were the first counties that developed Corona vaccine because of better R & D facilities. In fact, USA stockpiled doses several times their population because they had surplus raw material for manufacturing the vaccines.

Countries like India were vulnerable because of a vast population & the indemnity clause forced upon by drug companies.

The GOI took upon the challenge & tasked National Institute of Virology (NIV) Pune & ICMR to crack the virus code & formulate a vaccine. pharmacy colleges in meerut

After months of trials spearheaded by Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech, we developed Cowaxin, our indigenous Corona vaccine because of enormous demand in the country.

India is home to the Serum Institute of India (SII) the largest vaccine manufacturer of the world, because of their superior assembling facilities at Pune.

This confidence came from the huge pharmacy workforce who research & devised formulations because R & D is paramount.

The world hails India’s inoculation drive because they smartly designed it for maximum coverage & benefit.

Now India is supplying Cowaxin to other countries because we have revamped production facilities for exports.

Students desirous of doing a Diploma in Pharmacy (D Pharma) should shortlist colleges having excellent labs & workshops because innovation is vital for Pharma firms.

Companies want problem solvers & critical thinkers who can devise solutions because haphazard development is throwing many challenges.

India has the advantage of producing generic drugs because of low production costs & talented workforce.

Faculty plays a crucial role

The best Pharma Colleges in Meerut should have industry trained faculty because they transmit functional skills vital for the students.

The faculty should inspire students to endure in labs because experiential learning fosters innovation crucial for the country.

The best Pharma Colleges in Meerut should emphasize practical over theory because experiential learning fosters innovation vital for humanity.

The faculty should involve students in the learning process because learning by doing is learning for life.

Just gaining a degree is useless because companies judge the skills of doing a task, not a degree.

I suggest aspirants to spend quality time in Pharmacy labs as computer engineers spend in IT labs because one devises solutions by practice & not rote.

India needs problem solvers & critical thinkers because new challenges are confronting us daily.

The best Pharma Colleges in Meerut acknowledge the importance of practical skills because they are crucial for placement.

An internship allows applying theory to practice because hands-on skills are crucial for a job.

Choose those Pharmacy Colleges in Meerut that offer internship because internship fosters practical skills & foster the best placement.

Your employability increases by doing projects because firms hire candidates who can perform from day one with little training.

The best Pharma Colleges in Meerut should send students on industrial visits because industrial mentors train on vital skills crucial for a job.

Students should do lab assignments because they polish application skills vital for gaining production jobs in Pharma companies.


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