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How to Choose a Video Editing Processor: I decided to set up the Perfect Tech News youtube channel in 2021 and started with a first unboxing clip and a recommendation for a video editing processor from intel, namely i9-10900F. By the way! Like and subscribe if you follow me or if you are going to do it !!!

Why did I choose intel?


AMDs have gained ground in front of Intel, but I don’t think you can rely on AMD processors, they still have system stability issues, which are rare.

But I don’t want to buy a processor and rely on such a lottery.

So I opted for intel for quality-price-performance-reliability ratio.


2021 Video Editing Processor Acquisition Tip

Presentation and package content

The packaging of intel processors has remained pretty much the same for the last 20 years, nothing special.

The only notable changes are to the processor cooler, which has undergone some changes over the years.

In the box you will find an installation and presentation manual, a processor cooler and of course the processor. Check details all about how to choose the right processor .

Intel i9-10900f video editing processor2021 video editing processor cooler


Those traces on the heatshield of the processor came bundled, probably related to the metal production of the protective heat shield for the processor.

The only thing that has changed physically over the years is the processor’s included stock cooler. This time the cable and the plastic shape of the cooler have changed over the years.

Now the intel logo aligns better with the orientation of the fan power line and the writing on the motherboards.

And the wire is a little shorter and easier to guide to the fan power connector on the system board.

1200 socket pin connectors

Hardly focused the camera on the processor pins!

As stated in the technical description of the processor, the 1200 socket refers directly to the number of connectors (pins) that connect to the motherboard sockets, namely 1200 pins.


Can I give a recommendation for the video editing processor?

I can say with certainty that it is worth every penny given to it. Given the current conditions of the semiconductor crisis, I can say that it is a very good price / performance / stability ratio.

I do not deny that there are other more powerful processors, but I only say that this model is one of the best video editing processors in terms of its features.


Intel i9-10900F processor technical details

I do not have to insist too much here, but it is certain that I opted for the 10th generation version of intel processors.

Although I could go with the budget to the 11th generation, I didn’t find any noticeable differences that would make me give the price difference between them.

Here is the 11th generation processor alternative: intel i9-11900f

This model, intel i9-10900 F has 10 cores and 10 threads and a 20 MB L2 cache.

What should be mentioned and I pointed out that F , which means that it does not have a built-in graphics core, so it is mandatory to put a dedicated graphics card to start the system.

The processor frequency is clocked at a minimum speed of 2.8 Ghz and supports an intel turbo boost up to 5.2 Ghz, and the TDP is 65 w.

I personally consider that the TDP acronym is thermal dissipation power better than thermal design power.


Why intel i9-10900f and not i3 or i5?

For video editing, you may need all the encoders available in the video editing industry. So i3 and i5 will be out of the question, unless you want to have limitations on the speeds and codecs used.


You can also edit a video with an intel i3, but the limitations will be quite considerable.

We’ve talked about video editing process differences in the past: HERE


Recommendation and processor performance for video editing

The performance is fantastic, and over time I will edit this article when I have the opportunity to test this processor in more detail.

Personally, I only edit in full hd due to the small limitations of the filming equipment and these reports may change depending on the projects of each one.

Video exports at 1920x1080p resolution in h.264 format, export for youtube full hd mp4 have a time ratio of 1/3.

That is, every 3 minutes of editing filming will export that project in one minute.

Of course those details can change from case to case, depending on what ram memories, video card each has.

In my case, I have 32gb ram memory with latencies of 15 and the frequency of 2666 Mhz, and the video card is a gtx 1060 3gb.


Here are some synthetic tests with Cinebench:

Benchmark intel i9 10900f video editing 2021

I don’t think that synthetic tests have much relevance, but in real video editing projects this processor does great.

One recommendation I can make is related to the processor cooler… I can say that it is worth putting an aftermarket cooler on it. Although for me it had a maximum temperature reached during the benchmark of 73 degrees at one of the cores. This recommendation is not absolutely necessary, but the noise produced by the stock cooler is a bit high. And temperatures can be greatly improved with a high- performance processor cooler .

Closing remarks (Final Verdict)

I had not the slightest problem with this processor, no reset, no video editing error.

In the benchmarks it was at 100% load and the temperatures did not exceed 73 degrees (with the stock cooler). This is a good CPU in 2021 and 2022 and working good with gaming and office and all type of computer. If you need more details all about this processor you can visit the amazon web store. Check price from the official store of this product.


Our Processor recommendation for video editing

I personally bought it from Perfect Tech News affiliated to Amazon web store and it arrived the next day, I leave you 3 alternative affiliate links for other stores where you can buy it:

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