The City is home to Laid-Back Beaches

exciting parties, and an exhaustive list of tourist attractions. Once considered America’s best spring break destination, Fort Lauderdale now boasts many more reasons for you to be in this city. So book your cheap flights to Summer Family Activity Near Karachi and embark on a lifetime trip. And here are some of the best Fort Lauderdale attractions and activities that must be a part of your itinerary.

The Beaches

Fort Lauderdale is sunny for about 230 days a year and thus it’s an adobe for sun-seekers. About 23 miles of public beaches in the city cater to everyone from beach bums to water sports enthusiasts.

The extensive coral reef right off the coastline caused many vessels to crash and thus the Hillsboro Lighthouse was built. It’s best known for flashing the world’s strongest beam at twenty-eight nautical miles, however, the views you will savor after climbing its 175 steps are also worth your time. You will have to take the tour that departs from Sands Harbor once a month.

Snorkeling at the Fort Lauderdale Beach

With coral reef just about 100 yards off the coastline, you wouldn’t even need a boat to snorkel in Fort Lauderdale. Just put on a snorkel or a dive mask, strap on some fins and jump into the water to spot tropical fish, sea turtle, and even dolphins. You can take daily snorkeling tours from Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Dining and shopping at Los Olas Blvd

Have your fill of sun-kissed beaches? Head to the palm tree-lined street of Las Olas Boulevard where arrays of fashionable boutiques, art galleries, and fine outdoor, open-air restaurants await you. Be it an afternoon or evening, you will find the shops and eateries at the boulevard always welcoming.

Kayak through Mangroves at Westlake Park

Westlake Park features narrow stretches of mangroves that you will love to explore on a kayak. Furthermore, the park is also rich in history and ecology. You can spot Little Blue Herons, Great Blue Herons, Falcons, Osprey and many other bird species while peddling through the mangroves. If you are in Fort Lauderdale during full moons, take the moonlight tours.

The Butterfly World

A must-do family attraction in the city, Butterfly World is home to about 20,000 butterflies. Take your kids to this one of a kind place where thousands of butterflies in tropical gardens and aviaries flutter all day. They will whirl around your head and may also land you. You can also visit a Bug Zoo in the premises that houses some giant crawlers.

The Canals

We called “Venice of America” for its waterways. You can hop aboard a Water Taxi that would have twelve stops in Fort Lauderdale and five in Hollywood. As you will go past swanky mansions and yachts, you will feel like you are in Venice.

World-class casinos

You can find plenty of casinos in Greater Fort Lauderdale. Besides, weekend things to do in Pakistan is also located just around the corner. See if the lady luck favors you. Furthermore, the surrounding areas are filled with spectacular shopping, dining and nightlife.

Air Flyboarding

Flyboarding is an emerging water sport that has gained popularity in Florida. You will stand on a board that will be connected to a jet ski through a long hose. As high-pressure water will rush through the hose, you will be shot up in the air for about 50 feet. Learn the basics and then move on to perform some tricks.

Arts and Local Wildlife Exhibitions at the Bonnet House

Sprawled in 35-acre, Bonnet House, a historic house and museum features a vast collection of artwork. The museum has a total of 629 painting of artist Fredric Bartlett, who also designed the house, and his wife Evelyn Bartlett. You can take a guided tour to admire the exotic arts and wildlife collections.

This city doesn’t just stop to overwhelm you here. There is an exhaustive list of attractions and activities beyond what is mentioned here that can keep you hooked to this pleasant city. Since Fort Lauderdale is such summer family activity near Karachi, you should start preparing your trip by finding budget-friendly Fort Lauderdale flights deals and then move on to decide on your itinerary. The rule of thumb to grab cheap airline tickets to Fort Lauderdale is booking early

I must say this country is an underrated but there is a whole variety of scenes, culture, and wildlife that people have to discover here. There are national parks which are home to the remaining wilderness of the world. It’s a trip for the whole family, honeymoon goers, and adventure seekers. It is absolutely one of the unique choices for yours. For those who want to go on a budget trip, you can check out Moremi Gorge and Tsabong Camel Park and for those who are willing to splurge some bills, you can try their suburban car parking based party clubs!

2. Uruguay

Uruguay may not be the most popular but it is surely still one of the. Sandwiched between two equally great countries, Argentina, and Brazil, Uruguay stands out mostly because of its people hospitable and peace-loving. The safe and quiet Uruguay boasts of pristine beaches blended with fun nightlife like Punta del Este. The Switzerland of America also is the home of Colonia del Sacramento – a UNESCO heritage site you would love to check out and learn more about!

3. Palau

This country is the best especially if you love to dive and interact with the underwater creatures. You can also stay on the surface and kayak at Rock Islands and get the chance to see the most talked about Jellyfish Lake.

4. Poland

There’s a lot more to know about this politically stable destination in the world. You can also take part on an underground adventure at Wieliczka Salt Mine or enjoy the lumber scenes at Bialoweiza Forest. All these experiences you can treasure in one of the best places to visit in the world.

5. Fiji

Holiday destinations are more fun if you meet amicable locals in your chosen destination in the world to visit. Poised with natural charm and beauty, Fiji will surely give you a hearty and versatile vacation. One of their most visited sites is Mamanuca Islands where the floating pizzeria stands but if you can’t get enough of ordering pizza on water, you should definitely go to Bounty Islands and try flyboarding – the latest craze in Fiji.

The daily grind of life takes a toll on everyone. And each and every one of us despises this commonplace drudgery and constantly thinks of ways to overcome this overwhelming humdrum.

We all have our ideas of fun; some prefer the quietude of the mountains and for some, there’s nothing better than a solitude week at forsaken beaches and towns. And then there those dictated by the spirit of adventure.

Our beautiful country is endowed with numerous bounties and opportunities, completely friendly to tourists of all sorts; from vagabonds and families and hippies to adventure enthusiasts. From the sky-kissing Himalayas to rainforests to deserts to boundless coastlines, India offers everything to those who seek. Why not make the best of this opportunity?

Today, let’s check out some of the most popular Indian adventure destinations:
1. Bird Billing, Himachal Pradesh(Paragliding): Billing is a paradise for paragliding lovers. Encompassed by the ever-so-beautiful Dhauladhar range, Billing is the best Asian destination for paragliding. Also, it has the distinction of holding the first paragliding competition each year.

Apart from Paragliding, one can also to go for parasailing, hang gliding, trekking and camping.

2. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: Although Rishikesh is a revered holy destination, it is also regarded as one of the best adventure destinations in India, simply for the sheer variety of adventure sports it offers. It has India’s highest bungee jumping podium with a height of 83 meters.

3. Manali, Himachal Pradesh: Another prominent destination in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is a wonderful hill station which is ideal for both nature lovers and those seeking adventure. Apart from the usual adventure activities like trekking and camping, Manali has one of the best trails for mountain biking.

4. Meghalaya: While not so common as compared to the rest of the sports, caving is as much thrilling as other sports mentioned in this list, if not any less. The state of Meghalaya is home to numerous caves, all of which are nestled among waterfalls for verdant forest trails.

5. Auli, Uttarakhand: High elevation and untouched beauty make Auli one of the best skiing destinations in India.

6. Goa: The party capital of India, Goa is among the most revered beach destinations in the world. Don’t tell me you’ve been to Goa and didn’t participate in any of the water sports. Offering water sports like jet-skiing, parasailing, and the newly launched flyboarding.


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