Best Travel Guide to Italy

Italy, a country with a rich culture and artistic heritage, is the travel destination of millions of people every year. Florence, Rome, Venice – the most famous Italian cities and the open-air museums with their unique charm, are nowhere to be found and will make anyone fall in love with the city at first sight. Now explore the incredible parts of the country with this Best travel guide to Italy.

Guide to Italian Cities 

From the small towns and villages of the country to Venice and Rome’s bustling streets, Italy is the country that has the essence of being Italian in its every nook and corner, flourishing with culture and authenticity. 

Lake Resia

The Italian peninsula has many beautiful lakes and coastal landscapes. For our list, we have chosen the magnificent Resia Lake, little known among tourists. Located in one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of Alto Adige, this artificial alpine lake contrasts with the presence of a 16th-century Romanesque bell tower emerging from the depths of the lake. This is the only visible remnant of the submerged town of Curon, demolished and rebuilt higher up the mountain. Follow this best travel guide to Italy and visit the unexplored places.

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San Fruttuoso and the Christ of the Abyss

You might have heard of a small village called Portofino that has become the vacation spot for celebrities. However, most visitors do not know that there are specific paths through the Monte di Portofino Regional Park that lead to a beautiful bay surrounded by vegetation where the Abbey of San Fruttuoso is located. The Sentiero Delle Batterie trail is considered one of the most beautiful in the Liguria region. 

Under the waters of this mystical place is submerged the statue of the Christ of the abyss. In honor of the memory of those who have dedicated their lives to the sea. Get ready to take a good dip if you want to see this work. Hop on to your Spirit airlines reservations and have the vacation of your lifetime. 


If you are one of those who get excited about incredible landscapes and a touch of drama, then add Cingoli to your list of destinations. This beautiful village is located on top of a hill in the province of Macerata. It is also known as “the balcony of the Marches” (due to the panoramic views). Stroll through the historic center of the town until you reach the terrace located in the old walls. From here you can enjoy spectacular views of the landscape: the Adriatic and the Conero mountain. The views are especially magical at sunset when the rest of the villages are in darkness, and Cingoli remains illuminated by the sun.

Bomarzo, the Park of Monsters

This park is also known as “the sacred forest” due to the numerous basalt sculptures and statues of mythological beasts and monsters that adorn it. The construction of this place dates back to the 16th century and is located in a 3-hectare forest. In addition to statues and sculptures, it also houses buildings of classical architecture with a different tone, such as, for example, a leaning house that disorients any visitor. Bomarzo is the ideal destination if you want to combine nature with a most fanciful atmosphere. Are you planning to take a break and fly to the pristine beaches of the US? If yes, you can book your flight with Airlines.If you want to get a cheap flight ticket online, you can choose one option and follow the details to find affordable flights presently. If you are still unable to get a cheap and affordable flight for the Delta Airlines Book a Flight or Delta Airlines Booking Official  website


Sardinia is a destination that everyone should visit once in their life. The island offers incredible beaches, clear waters, stunning views, and delicious cuisines. To get away from the bustling crowd of tourists visiting the island, head to Ogliastra and see the red rock formations rising out of the sea. They have located a short distance from the port of Arbatax. It is guaranteed that you will fall in love with Sardinia the minute you see it in its full glory!


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