How to Choose the Best Wallpaper Installation Service Provider?

Wallpaper is a great alternative for homeowners who don’t want to repaint the walls, and wallpapers tend to be more durable than paints.

Wall paints can peel due to excessive moisture or accidental collisions. Whereas, high-quality wallpapers protect the house walls from being damaged in such situations. However, wallpaper installation might be a nerve-wracking job.

It’s impossible to set up wallpaper by watching online video tutorials, and you need to hire a professional wallpaper installation Dubai expert. Moreover, certain factors need to be considered before installing wallpaper.

If you don’t have enough skill, don’t try to intervene in this process. There are a handful of wallpaper installation companies available in Dubai. But, choosing the right one might be difficult and time-consuming. You might have checked the service cost, but that is not enough.

The homeowners need to determine a few more factors to avail the best service.

Thinking about what those are? Here are the determinants for choosing a leading wallpaper installation company in Dubai.

What Should You Do Before Hiring a Wallpaper Installation Service Expert?

Before installing the wallpaper, you need to check the average service cost. Different wallpaper installation projects might cost you different charges, and it all depends on the type of wallpaper you choose for the home or office. For instance, coated-fabric wallpaper tends to be more expensive than vinyl wallpapers.

Do you want to renovate the house with classic wallpaper? Go with paper-backed or solid-sheet options. And, if you are unable to decide which wallpaper will look good on the house wall? Search “wallpaper installation near me” and connect with a top-ranked service provider.

Homeowners can install traditional wallpaper in the living room. Design the space with antiques and wall hangings to create more space.

Do you have a large dining room? Choose the parquet texture wallpaper, and it will make a style statement. Once you get the right wallpaper for the rooms, consider the following factors:

  • How many square feet do the wallpaper installation Dubai experts need to cover? The area’s square footage will greatly impact the service cost.
  • What is the condition of the house or office walls? If the wallpaper removal Dubai experts need to repair them, that could increase the cost.
  • Which type of wallpaper are you looking for? Certain types of wallpapers are difficult to install over peeled paint coats. And, the professional will charge more wallpaper fixing price in Dubai for that.
  • Do you want to install wallpaper over the outlet covers or switch plates? If yes, discuss with the wallpaper installation Dubai experts beforehand, and they will check the items that need to be covered and adjust the estimate.

Talk to Three or More Wallpaper Installation Experts!

Don’t stick to one option. Look for at least three to four wallpaper removal Dubai service companies. It will give you an idea about the services and overall charges. Moreover, you will find out which installation expert can handle the project in the best way.

Ask these questions to know the wallpaper fixing price in Dubai and experts:

  • How long have they been installing wallpapers?
  • Did they complete their training sessions?
  • Is the expert familiar with the wallpaper material you want to use?
  • What did they do before installing the wallpaper?
  • How long do they take to complete the home renovation projects?
  • Are they going to provide a written estimate and contract?
  • Will they clean up the space after the wallpaper installation?

Factors to Consider to Get the Best Wallpaper Installation Service Company in Dubai

It’s important to choose an expert who installs wallpapers without causing further damage. Does the house wall have a texture? The professionals might not install wallpapers there. Because these items don’t stick in such substances.

Ensure the wall is appropriate before hiring a wallpaper removal Dubai expert. Search “wallpaper installation near me” and check these factors to get the best one:

1.   Experience

Experience matters the most when it comes to installing wallpapers, and the more experience the expert has, the better he will execute the plan. Moreover, a veteran professional can install every type of wallpaper. Be it bamboo, grass cloth or silk wallpaper, and you can install everything with their help.

Ensure the wallpaper removal Dubai expert has 4-5 years of experience. It will help you to yield desirable results on the home remodeling project. And, a poor adhesive application can damage and stain the wall surfaces. Hire experienced professionals to avoid these issues during the wallpaper installation.

Moreover, a professional always remove old wallpaper before installing the new one. The wallpaper removal Dubai experts use spackle to fill up the holes. And, they also sand walls to make the wall texture smooth. After that, the professionals apply the right primer to the wall.

If you hire an expert who has 1 year of experience, they might not know these. Besides, the experienced experts will complete the installation job in hours. They also take an affordable wallpaper fixing price in Dubai.

Search “wallpaper installation near me” and open the service company’s website. Check their installation experience and book an appointment with them.

2.   Licensed

Always choose a licensed wallpaper installation Dubai company. It will help you get an effective outcome in the home renovation project. Moreover, you can also hold them accountable if damages occur for their negligence. Check whether the professionals you want to hire have updated licenses.

Most wallpaper installation companies mention the business licenses on their sites. Search ‘wallpaper installation near me” and access the service provider’s online suite.

Didn’t find any information about the licenses or certifications? Don’t avail any wallpaper installation Dubai services from them. Choose another company that can tailor your needs.

3.   Service Cost

The best companies offer a reasonable wallpaper fixing price in Dubai. Because they want their customers to avail the services within their budget. Usually, it takes less than AED 50 to AED 60 to install wallpapers in Dubai. If the company is charging more than that, look for another option.

Ensure to ask about the service cost while hiring the installation experts. Many companies decide the service price based on the square feet they have to cover. Let them know about the house’s total square footage to get a clear estimation.

Moreover, there are wallpaper installation service providers who offer affordable deals. Search “wallpaper installation near me” and check which companies provide this facility. Save yourself the high installation costs by joining hands with an authorised company.

4.   Professional’s Expertise and Knowledge

You need to hire professionals who have the extensive skills to get accurate results. Talk to them about their previous wallpaper installation projects. This step can help you to check the quality of their work beforehand. And, you might get some design inspiration along the way.

Check if the wallpapers are lined up perfectly when assessing their past works. The qualified wallpaper installation Dubai experts leaves no bumps or bubbles. If there are bubbles or gaps in the wallpapers, this indicates they didn’t apply the adhesive. Or, they might have used low-quality adhesive to paste the wallpapers.

Additionally, you need to check if there are streaks and blisters on wallpapers. If yes, try to look for another wallpaper removal Dubai company. Ask them how they train their experts and who will do the installation jobs. Go with a service agency that has certified and reliable installers.

5.   Customer Experience

The top-ranked wallpaper installation companies ensure client satisfaction. For instance, you won’t see air bubbles or excess glue after the installation. The paper will be installed in the right alignment. There won’t be any stains or fingerprints on the wallpapers. And, the wallpaper fixing price in Dubai will be budget-friendly.

Go with a wallpaper installation removal Dubai agency which provides services on time. And, check whether they fix the installation problems free of cost. If they charge additional prices, look for another service provider. A leading company always thinks about how to elevate their customer’s experience. Choose an agency that has these criteria to get the ultimate support.

6.   Online Presence

More than 60% of customers check the service company’s site before hiring their experts. It gives them a clear idea about their quality of work. And, the type of services they offer to their potential clients. It also allows the customers to book the installation services more conveniently.

Didn’t find the website of the installation company you are looking for? Search “wallpaper installation near me” and select another agency. Moreover, you can also search for the company’s online presence on social media platforms.

Many entrepreneurs link their business accounts to Facebook or Instagram. Open these online sites to know more about the wallpaper installation company. Further, you can join their live sessions to get information about their professionals.

What Else Should You Check Before Choosing a Wallpaper Installation Service Company?

Apart from checking the wallpaper fixing price in Dubai, you need to check a few more things. Open the wallpaper installation Dubai company website and check the ratings. Read the reviews of the wallpaper removal Dubai experts. Contact their customer service team and check if they respond quickly.

Don’t choose a company where the customer executives take hours to respond. Additionally, you should ask them about the technology they use. The more advanced the installation tools are, the less it will take to complete the project. Search ‘ ‘wallpaper installation near me” and choose a reliable company. Get a competitive wallpaper fixing price in Dubai and easily renovate the house.


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