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Opening a business is a difficult decision because it will require a lot of work to make it successful. But if it makes it, you will find yourself in a life with no financial problems. Where you open your business can make it or break it, and you are considering the West Coast. This is a great choice, considering these locations make up some of the best areas in the US to set up shop, so to say, and make a name out of yourself.But before you ask your commercial real estate appraiser for help, read about the best West Coast cities for business owners. Let’s begin! 

Best West Coast cities for business owners – Los Angeles 

The first city you should consider as a business owner is Los Angeles. No matter what you are selling, it will not struggle to sell in LA. Let’s see the reasons why. 

  • The first reason is that the market is huge in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the most populated city in California, with almost four million inhabitants. You will not struggle to find customers, and your business will be able to take off. Of course, as it is in any business, the first two years are crucial for your success, so make sure to work hard. A large market will not protect you from laziness. 
  • The second reason Los Angeles is one of the best West Coast cities for business owners is the workforce. If you open a start-up in LA, you will not struggle to find a competent worker to help grow your business. Almost 35 percent of the adult population has a bachelor’s degree or more. There are plenty of good potential employees. 
  • The third reason to consider Los Angeles is the diverse business market. Most people think that LA’s economy rides on two things – movies (Hollywood) and tourism. While they are a significant part of the economy, LA has much more to give. The multifacetedness of the economy becomes clear when we look at Los Angeles County. In LA County, you can find diverse industries, agriculture, technology, heal care, and many more. 
  • Finally, we can not talk about opening a business in Los Angeles without mentioning the wonderful sunny weather. So get here with the help of Simple Moving Los Angeles local Los Angeles movers. They can handle a residential relocation and a commercial one. 
An image of the Hollywood sign. 
LA is one of the best West Coast cities for business owners because it is a city of dreams.

Seattle – the Emerald City 

The second city you should consider on the West Coast for your company is Seattle. The most populated city in Washington state with a population of almost 740000 people. The jewel of the Pacific Northwest does not lack when it comes to LA. Let’s see what the Emerald City has to offer. 

  • The significant benefit of starting a business in Seattle is the workforce. About 64 percent of adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher in Emerald City. The number of helpful workers that can assist your business is endless. 
  • The second reason to come to Seattle is if you are in tech. 
  • Be in good company. Five of the richest companies in the world have headquarters. And many more in towns near Seattle. 
  • The fourth reason to come to Seattle is that there is no state incomes tax. No state income tax is very significant for business owners because they usually get the biggest chunks of the profit. Now, you get to keep a huge part of your profits. In addition, if you are bringing employees out of state, they will welcome this change with open arms. No state income tax is the reason why a ton of companies have their headquarters in Washington state. 

As you can see, there are many benefits of opening a business in Seattle. When you do that, make sure to get commercial window cleaners for your new office.

Skyline image of Seattle, learn about the best West Coast cities for business owners.
Come to Seattle and mingle with the best people in the tech industry!

Best West Coast cities for business owners – Santa Monica 

The third city in our article is Santa Monica, California. Let’s see what this city has to offer business owners. 

Santa Monica is the list populated city in this article. The place has only 89,000 inhabitants. But even though it is not as populated as Los Angeles or Seattle, it is a haven for businesses. 

Before we get into the positive sides of Santa Monica, let’s get the negative out of the way. One huge downside of Santa Monica compared to Seattle and Los Angeles is the cost of living. Even though Seattle and Los Angeles are expensive cities, Santa Monica beats them out. To live in Santa Monica, it will cost you double the money. And the reason why Santa Monica is expensive is because of its real estate. So if you come to Santa Monica, you will have to pay top dollar to rent out a commercial space. 

A pile of dollar bills. 
Santa Monica is costly, but it will be worth it for your business!

The reason real estate is expensive is that there are a lot of businesses in Santa Monica. The most notable companies in Santa Monica are Riot Games, Naughty Dog, Hulu, and many more. 

But you do not have to worry about those big dogs because Santa Monica is a hub for start-ups. The city has become a part of Silicon Beach, where you can find a ton of start-ups. In addition to that, Santa Monica is not that far away from Los Angeles, only 15-miles. So you will not have to fight for clientele if you have a good product. If you choose Santa Monica, you only need to let experts lead the way commercial office movers can set up your new office. They will handle your equipment with care. 


These are the best West Coast cities for business owners, in our opinion. But there are plenty more cities to consider. When you finally choose a place for your business, learn tips for relocating your office before the process. Good luck! 


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