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When talking about strength training, the first thing that comes to mind probably involves free weights—a long rack of dumbbells and benches. While they have their place and are incredibly effective, they’re not always for everyone. Whether you are a beginner seeking a different way to get started with strength training, or a veteran looking to mix up your routine, there are alternatives available. When you join one of the best gyms Antioch has to offer, you will find that you can improve your strength in many different ways. You might want a routine softer on your joints. On the other hand, you could be looking for something more energetic led by an instructor. Either way, here are six strength training alternatives to mix into your workout routine.

Try Resistance Tubes at the One of Best Gyms Antioch Has to Offer

If you’ve noticed a section of resistance tubes your favorite gyms Antioch has to offer, you have seen the equipment you need for resistance training. These rubber tubes are meant to help you perform strength exercises without the need for weights. Instead of lifting heavy dumbbells, you improve your strength by stretching out bands with varying degrees of resistance.

Training with resistance tubes not only helps improve your strength but can also help increase your flexibility and mobility. You wrap the bands around the body parts you are looking to work out and stretch against them, using your target muscle to pull against the tension in the band. You can treat these the same as you would free weights because resistance tubes can give you a head-to-toe workout—alternate focusing on your upper body, lower body, and even your core.

Combine Resistance and Balance with TRX Training at Your Vacaville Fitness Location

TRX training was developed by a former Navy Seal, and world-class athletes and coaches use it for a full-body workout experience. TRX utilizes suspension training to help you build muscle and improve your balance. When you head to your favorite Vacaville fitness location, look for a functional training area with the TRX station you need to get started.

TRX bands can be adjusted so you can modify the workout to suit your fitness level. It is excellent for beginners and provides many benefits for seasoned health club veterans. Instead of working out just one muscle group, like some free weight exercises, TRX can work out multiple muscle groups during an exercise session. Give TRX a try, and discover new ways to strength train using your bodyweight.

Get the Full Body Workout You Need with Les Mills BODYPUMP

Les Mills BODYPUMP is a total body workout featuring specialized barbells and weight plates and is taught in a high-energy environment. The difference between Les Mills BODYPUMP and regular free weight training is having an instructor lead you through an intense and fun full-body workout. When you’re looking for classes at one of the best gyms Antioch has to offer, you should check out a Les Mills BODYPUMP class.

The philosophy of this workout is to use lighter weights at a higher rep count. So instead of lifting 50 pounds for eight reps, you do 25 reps of 25-pound weights. This strategy can help develop lean and athletic muscle while turning up the burn. The instructor can help you find the fire you need to keep going while making sure you are performing the workout correctly. At the end of the class, you will feel amazing and be ready to sign up for the next session.

Try Les Mills CORE Classes at the Best Gyms Antioch Has to Offer

Similar to Les Mills BODYPUMP, Les Mills CORE is a class you can attend at one of the best gyms Antioch has to offer. So what is the difference? Les Mills CORE focuses on one of your body’s most important muscle groups: your core. Strengthening these muscles can help almost every other aspect of your fitness and even daily tasks.

Les Mills CORE takes advantage of resistance tubes, free weights, and bodyweight exercises to help you build strength in all the muscles related to your core. This training can help you improve your balance and endurance all in one workout. Energetic teachers can help you break through your barriers and complete a phenomenal workout.

Bodyweight Exercises Are Straightforward and Versatile

Sometimes all you need is a clear space and your own bodyweight to build strength. Find a space in your favorite Vacaville fitness destination, and you can do plenty of different strength workouts without any equipment. Bodyweight exercises are more than just push-ups and sit-ups too. While those are useful in improving your strength, there are many more movements worth trying.

Find a pull-up bar and incorporate pull-ups and chin-ups into your workout to improve your upper body strength. You can do squats and step-ups for a bodyweight leg day. If you want to improve your core strength, try doing some planks. Bodyweight exercises are all about targeting specific muscles and using your weight as the resistance.

If You Want the Level Up Your Bodyweight Workout, Try Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercises are very similar to bodyweight exercises in that they don’t require you to use any added weights. Instead, you add targeted explosive movements to your workout. The goal of plyometric exercises is to use maximum force in short amounts of time to increase your power. They are popular with athletes because they can help increase explosiveness and quickness.

Because of the stress they can put on joints, it is important to work into your plyometric exercises gradually. Keep your rep count and intensity low until you can work upwards. Some great activities for beginners include burpees, box jumps, and lateral bounds. Start by adding a few reps into your current workout. Then, you can slowly build up your routine by adding more sets and intense exercises to your routine.

So, when you head to one of the best gyms Antioch has to offer, you can try out any of these strength-training alternatives. Mix up your routine and find the fire you need to stick to your fitness goals. Who knows? You might end up finding a new staple in your workout regimen.

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