Blank Cigarette packaging

Elegance of white

White colour has its own beauty. The world of fascination that comes with it. White Blank Cigarette Packaging is design in a very attractive way that fascinates the customer. These packages are usually use to store the cigarettes and protect them from the environment. They are relatively easy to open as compare to other cigarette designs and are available in different mesmerizing shapes including flip tops, two pieces, reverse tuck, sleeves boxes and cabinet box.

Always in Trend

Empty cigarette boxes are in trend since they provide a big room for creativity. Brands prefer blank cigarette packaging so they can mark their signatures and branding elements including logo to assign a unique value-added appearance. Blank Cigarette packaging  that is available in custom sizes have mostly brown, black and white colours, free of any printing designs and hence gives the room to brands to design it their own way.

Eliminate Negativity

Using blank cigarette boxes, you can easily get rid of disturbing pictures on the cigarette boxes which are impose by the government. These images are use for awareness purposes and to keep the upcoming generations away from cigarettes but unfortunately, the youth now don’t only smoke because they are adduct to nicotine but because it is a trend and somewhat peer pressure too. Cigarettes are now used as a brand mark for superior class. It is more of a class symbol than need or addiction.

Durable and Safe Packaging

As we all know, cigarettes have a very fragile and breakable structure, no-one finds it convenient to carry them in a regular packing that can be easily compress and get destroy in the pocket. Blank cigarette packaging is the solution to this problem. People love empty cigarette boxes as they provide safety to their precious cigarettes and sustain their integrity and flavor.

Customers Choice

Consumers don’t  like to touch empty cigarette boxes that are poorly design. Their passion for brand awareness demands that they have the most elegant and amazing custom cigarette cases. In addition, inadequate packaging does not even adequately protect by-products, creating the potential for damage. However, individual cigarette packets not only provide a security element, but also leave a good impression on consumers. As a result, if your cigarette is store in a high quality, beautiful empty cigarette packaging, the customer wouldn’t even think for once and get their hands on your byproduct. That’s the power of custom cigarette boxes.

Choice is yours

Whether you want to go for a kraft material or cardboard material, it is completely your choice. Both come with their own pros and cons. Cigarette boxes made with paper, they environment friendly and completely recyclable. The size of the paper cigarette boxes may vary depending upon the number of cigarettes you want to accommodate inside the box. Cardboard material can Creatively adapt different shapes, sizes and can be easily transformed through colours. Cardboard paper is easy to be embosses and printed.

Kraft material however doesn’t work well with CMYK colours since it’s brown by default. Colours add vibrancy to your packaging. It’s really important to choose the colour combination that will make your product standout. If you opt for the colours that don’t complement each other, you will have a disastrous result. Still kraft is an eco-friendly material and easily biodegradable. Apart from CMYK, It gives mesmerizing results with all other colours. Kraft is strong, durable and protective material.

Talk To Us

The material and size to be use solely depends upon the product for which the packaging being made. How long it needs to be stored, whether the product has any temperature requirements such as Custom Cigarettes Boxes or not. If you need consultation regarding your Blank cigarette packaging, feel free to get InTouch with our representative. We assure you to provide you with the best packaging and high quality material and printing. So stop thinking and call us now for high quality packaging products at your doorstep !


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