Blueprint to build muscle

Blueprint to Build Muscle with diet plan

A lot of people ignore many things while working in the gym every day, lifting heavy but they are still unable to build muscle mass. They sometimes do not understand that muscle building involves a lot many factors such as:

1. Lift enough Weights to build muscle

2. Repetition range

3. Range of motion

4. Eat More

5. Eat right

6. Get enough sleep

7. Proper Supplementation helps to build muscle

8. Workout schedule

9. Compound movements

1. Lift enough Weights to build muscle

If you want to gain muscle, lifting heavy weights is an important thing but people often take it wrong whenever they are lifting heavy weights, the entire focus is on adding weights.

It is true that to gain muscle mass, you need to lift heavy weights. However, the movement and mind-muscle connection should not be ignored

Try to lift a weight that you can control and increase it with every subsequent set. The weight should be heavy enough to target your muscle but the range of motion and posture has to be kept in mind.

2. Repetition Range

When the goal is to build muscle, the repetition range of every exercise has to be kept in mind. You can neither go too high as those are meant for endurance nor too low as those are meant for powerlifting. For muscle building, an optimum range is 10-15

3. Range of motion

Most people work out with a half range of motion. This is a big mistake and hence should be avoided Performing exercises with a full range of motion results in proper activation of the working muscles due to better contraction

4. Eat more to build muscle

You need to be in calorie surplus when the goal is to build muscle. It means that calorie intake has to be more than the calories that you are burning throughout the day.

5. Eat right to build muscle

Calorie surplus does not mean that you can have anything. Usually, people eat a lot of junk in the name of calorie surplus which should be a complete no. The food that goes inside the body makes a lot of difference in the results.

You need to eat nutritious food and in the right There needs to be a good mix of macro and micronutrients. Food should be chosen very wisely as it is one of the most important factors in deciding whether your direction is right or wrong.

6. Enough Sleep

Sleep is again an important factor. A person should sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours for better recovery. Quality of sleep also matters and therefore the best time is 10PM – 6AM. It ensures enough rest time for the body and muscles to recover fast and in a better way. This leads to a great workout session every day in the gym

7. Proper Supplementation helps to build muscle

Though a good diet ensures enough fuel for the body. However, due to a busy lifestyle, we are not able to fulfill the desired nutrition through natural foods. Also, the workouts need to be intense and consistent. Hence, a few supplements can be added to our daily routine. They will assist in the process of muscle building and ensure that the bodily intake requirements are Fulfilled.

8. Workout schedule

People need to understand that a workout schedule is a significant part of the process. You need to follow a routine that is effective enough to build muscles. Usually, people do not plan for their workouts but weekly planning is very important. Also, which exercises should be involved in the routine should also be planned in advance.

9. Compound movements help to build muscle faster

A lot of people ignore compound movements and instead train with isolation movements instead. Compound movements such as squats, bench press, deadlifts, etc. should not be avoided. Several muscles work together during those movements and it results in a more balanced physique. Compound exercises lead to more symmetry and release hormones in the body which are conducive to muscle growth.

so keep in mind when you want to build muscle proper workout, proper nutrition, and recovery plays a very important role, and one more important thing is muscle building is a long term process so be patient and trust the process

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