Our company is an international and professional new high-tech company and specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing suspended platforms and TMT Bender & Cutter.

Rental suspended platform

In this growing era of civilization and vigilant development, there has been a visible increase in the need for manufacturing equipment in the construction industry. For example, the suspended platforms, cutters, benders, etc., by noticing the need for several machines Boltrack Engineers has it all sorted for you.

We manufacture suspended platforms and also provide them on a rental basis. Our rental suspended platforms are developed with advanced technologies. Hence, benefitting the consumers.

Uses of our rental suspended platform

These rental suspended platforms can be widely used and have many applications. Suspended platforms can help in Painting at certain heights, installing windows, cleaning the external walls, plastering the walls, fabrication, etc., remarking the growth from several years in India. Contractors can easily opt for rental suspended platforms because of their advantages over traditional methods that are scaffolding.

Advantages of suspended platform

  • Suspended platforms on rent reduce investment in more expensive scaffolding methods. And also on buying different types of suspended platforms.
  • Provides an appropriate and wide range of choices for suspended platforms for specific work. Hence, easing the process.
  • Offers more safety than scaffolding.

How does Boltrack ensure the safety of your employee?

Even though customers rent our machines on their responsibility, we as a team find ourselves equally responsible for maintaining the safety of our customers. Safety is always a foremost concern for us. Let’s see what steps we take to set the seal on our safety –

  1. If you rent a machine from our company before getting started, we make sure to give you a brief guide about a particular suspended platform. This helps in not putting our customers in doubt while working. All instructions are given from every part to accessories as well as safety requirements.
  2. Our machines are highly maintained at regular intervals with all the required measures and in full compliance.
  3. We even make sure you know all the safety articles needed on-site while working.

As we keep safety as our topmost priority, these were some of the measures we follow to oblige ourselves to keep clients safe.

How does renting suspended platform work?

For renting a suspended platform at Boltrack, you can contact us at the given email Id on our website or the contact number provided on our website. We have also provided an address so you can even reach out to us at the mentioned address on the website.

While renting a suspended platform, there are some policies that customers need to agree on. If any damage is caused to the suspended platform while working, the customer is accountable for the charge of harm. Customers will have to pay extra costs if the machine is damaged by them intentionally or unintentionally.

The suspended platform should be returned at the exact time decided by safer means.

Hence, contact Boltrack and book your suspended platform for a certain period. The best developed and manufactured rental suspended platform with unique features and safety.


ZLP Series Suspended Platform

BOLTRACK ZLP series suspended platform perfectly suited to lightweight applications such as painting and decorating.refurbishing, jointing and repairs, windows cleaning etc.In order to ensure the safety of construction, each high-level suspended platform is equipped with the following safety protection devices :

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Service brake incorporated in the LTD hoist

Set upper limit switch

No power descent in case of power failure

Set Load limit protector for hoist (optional)

Two safty devices acting on the wire ropes

Set with emergency stop button

Phase loss protector (optional)


The Parapet clamp is a handy suspension point for suspended platforms. With its small size, it takes up little space on the roof (compared to aluminium roof beams). The clamp is easy to assemble on the roof’s parapet. You must ensure that the clamp can take the weight of the appropriate load. The lightweight material is very strong and reliable. The Parapet clamp is available in many sizes. Depending on the height and depth of the parapet and the desired outreach.

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Simple structure

Easy to be installed

Convenient for trasportaion .

Save the time and money

Hot dipped galvanized steel structure

Good safety reliability and maintainability


Parapet clamp can be designed for special roofing in accordance with various structure house.Easily installed,strong enough,convenient for transportation. Surface is hot dip galvanized or steel with painting. Maximum load should not more than 800kg.


BOLTRACK is located near the picturesque Ahmedabad, Gujarat State of India. The company is an international and professional new high-tech company and specializes in developing, manufacturing,and marketing suspended platforms (Suspended Cradle Platform )and TMT Bender & Cutter. With a strong design team,advanced production, testing equipment, and sound after-sales system, it is dedicated to providing solutions for its customers through the most advanced technological means and has been one of the famous solution providers and equipment suppliers of work at height in all over India.



We are in the field of customization we the one who can design the cradle as per your site need. we have “CURVE” SHAPE CRADLE,”W” SHAPE CRADLE, CRADLE FOR CHIMNEY WORK,”SQUARE” SHAPE CRADLE & “L” SHAPE CRADLE loaded with modern safety accessories.. The company’s products are advanced in design, safe, reliable, and easy to use.They are low cost and require simple maintenance.


We Set New Industry Standards

The company possesses advanced equipment, sophisticated testing methods and first-rate product manufacturing abilities. The company introduced high precise machining centers and numerically-controlled machine tools; Formulated reasonable manufacturing techniques; and independently developed testing equipment for advanced Suspended platform hoists, fall arresters and electrical apparatus control system & safety lock .The company exercises strict control over the whole manufacturing process based on scientific testing flows and adheres to the latest quality system ISO:9001-2015 to perform quality control over its products. It holds that the quality of products determines destiny of a company and is fundamental to its development.


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