BPS Dentures- Bio functional Prosthetic System

Most people consider replacing their natural teeth and visiting the dentist to make a decision which denture is true for them. Those people that want to seem attractive in their adulthood or who wish to take care of their active lifestyles choose an honest quality denture. Moreover, senior citizens also believe in enjoying life to the fullest and appreciate an honest quality of life.

Experts recommend Bio functional Prosthetic System (BPS) for the treatment of edentulous and partially edentulous patients. BPS Dentures involves an easy , reliable treatment method which will be easily administered to satisfy the requirements of the patient. Both dentists and patients usually prefer them.

A system of dentures much beyond the traditional . the mixing of clinical research, high end equipment and therefore the absolute best in materials ensure a satisfaction level that conventional dentures can rarely provide.

High quality standards make sure that BPS dentures meet your individual requirements. The masticatory (jaw movements while chewing) movements and therefore the sensitivity of the oral mucous membranes are taken into consideration, also because the wearing comfort during daily use, like eating or speaking. The scientific impression recording procedures (different from conventional) and simulation of jaw movements by state of the art articulators in BPS (Bio functional Prosthetic System) make sure that the precise mechanics and nature of your jaw movements are perfectly understood by the dentist and therefore the certified denturist of the B.P.S.. This translates in to a BPS denture that meets even your most exacting requirements.

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What are BPS Dentures?

BPS or Bio functional Prosthetic System may be a standardized system which involves a series of steps like making an impact , bite registration, setting denture teeth, polymerization and finishing to delivery. These steps are administered consistent with the procedures mentioned in BPS principles. It is often done using Ivoclar Vivadent’s devices and materials.

The BPS system may be a simple, time-saving, and high-quality procedure supported by gnathological principles that meet individual requirements. All the steps, materials and methods are synchronized with one another to satisfy the functional demands of the patient.

Types of BPS Dentures

  • Partial Dentures – These are attached to the natural teeth which will be removed easily. they’re want to eliminate the prevailing gaps between the teeth.
  • Combinational Denturesduring this procedure, experts combine fixed and removable dentures. they’re then connected to the fixed bridges, crowns, or teeth using studs, clasps, or attachments.
  • Hybrid Dentures – Once the basic canal treatment is completed , doctors cement the posts into the teeth and use them as anchors for the removable dentures.
  • Removable Implant Dentures – These sorts of Dental implants are of top quality . Implants are implanted into the jaw bone and dentures are placed with the assistance of those implants. It gives secure stability
Advantages of BPS
  • Bio functional Prosthetic System offers you the subsequent benefits:
  • It reduces irritation to the gums
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • The material utilized in the procedure is extremely dense, hence, reduces the probabilities of breakage
  • It doesn’t compromise on taste. Moreover, it’ll not distort stains, or collect odors.
  • BPS Dentures enable the natural functioning of the teeth.
  • It gives a well-fitting denture which is extremely comfortable and stable during activities like eating, chewing, & speaking because it’s done by a way called continuous injection molding.
  • The patient is allowed to eat any food, even harder foods are often consumed directly after the insertion of a denture. The technique uses high-quality teeth set and therefore the procedure is completely consistent with the BPS principles which make it a masterpiece

What you ought to Expect

  • Strength – the expert use a particularly dense material which reduces the prospect of breakage
  • Comfort – it can reduce irritation to the gums
  • Cleanliness – the non-porous surface greatly minimizes odor causing plaque bacteria
  • Health – you’ll eat virtually any food
  • Fit – it’s non-irritating, non-allergic, and cozy to wear
  • Aesthetics – it gives you a natural look once you speak, smile, and laugh confidently
  • Step by Step Clinical Procedures within the fabrication of BPS Dentures:
  • Primary Impression & Tentative Jaw Relation
  • Secondary Impression, Final Jaw Relation & Gothic arch Tracing
  • Wax Trail
  • Denture Insertion

Dissimilarities Between BPS Dentures and traditional Dentures

Although not overtly obligatory, individualization of your BPS dentures could even be made possible. During this process, the value of dentures (affordable dentures) is very reduced and therefore the optical structure or tooth shade of your natural teeth is essentially reproduced in your BPS dentures. This not just makes your dentures white and regular, but also endows you with a true-to-nature feel.

Apart from which, the aesthetic appearance of your dentures are going to be devised especially for you by the virtue of an inclusive shade analysis. Although conventional dentures are detachable, your clinician can assist you settle upon the foremost appropriate denture designs for your teeth and jaw line.

Benefits of BPS

BPS Patient Identification Card – to offer you a fast insight into your comprehensive data.

BPS Denture Box – to assist you retain your dentures clean once they aren’t using them.

BPS Denture Care Guide – to assist you’re taking care of your dentures for as long as possible.
BPS Recording – to assist you analyze your oral situation and obtain the foremost optimum dentures for your teeth.
BPS Quality – to assist you realize that your dentures are made from utmost top quality and unprecedentedly supreme components to experience the all time dentures with a natural feel.

BPS – an Insight

Bio functional: one among the foremost fundamental elements to recollect in your BPS denture care as bio-functionality plays a serious role in reproducing the functions of your natural teeth during mastication. In fact, it plays an equally significant role when it involves speaking together with your dentures on. Overall you would like not to worry about the high cost of dentures (affordable dentures) anymore.
Prosthetic: BPS dentures help develop and strengthen the general fabrication of quality and affordable dentures (cost of dentures). However, dental technicians who are officially stated and authorized are only authorized to form BPS dentures but after an in depth analysis of a patient’s respective situation.
System: BPS dentures are made from especially coordinated materials. Mutual and tremendous cooperation between your BPS certified denturist and clinician further makes it possible to develop such affordable dentures(cost of dentures) after executing an in depth examination of your personal data and dentistry requirements.






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