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Catch a Glimpse of the famous Bridge in your Ideal Holiday destination and be mesmerized by the art and formation of the modern World!

A log placed on a stream, or a plank and rope hung on the river connecting the two banks, bridges have existed since prehistoric times. However, as civilization and urban design developed, engineers and architects began to work together to create structures that were not only powerful, safe, but also visually appealing and exhilarating. Nowadays, bridges have become a basic part of the urban landscape, and also one of the best architectural structures created by mankind. No wonder they bridge the gap between the two places by overcoming many obstacles. In addition, there are many famous bridges in the world that not only provide convenient transportation, but because they have become iconic symbols, they are of great significance.

Bridges that Call for Captivation and make you stun

Chapel Bridge, Switzerland

The Chapel Bridge was built  in Switzerland’s Reuss River . Switzerland is the destination that every tourist dreams of visiting. And if you are also one of the famous dreamers, please add this bridge to the checklist. Give yourself a chance to explore the globally-renowned iconic and famous bridge. The most enthralling thing about this bridge is that it is entirely wooden, the oldest one. Make Frontier Airlines Book a Flight and head to a mesmerizing journey while witnessing the everstanding bridge.

Rialto Bridge, Italy

As Italy has a beautiful landscape, the bridge just adds extra charm to this place. This Bridge is unbelievably beautiful in the Grand Canal. Among the other four bridges, this is the oldest bridge. Architect Antonio da Ponte designed this Bridge and he completed it late in 1500. Rialto was originally built to replace the nearby wooden bridge, which collapsed in the early 1500s. However, many critics later predicted its decline, but it still stands. It ignores all these critics, that is the reason you could see find its name in the list of four famous bridges in the world.

Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic places you can visit and one of the most famous suspension bridges in the world. Built on the Thames, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery around the bridge. It is a combination of enlightenment and suspension bridge. The bridge has recently become a famous tourist attraction and a shooting location for many commercial films.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge is another famous bridge in the United States. This bridge connects two famous places, Brooklyn and Manhattan. This bridge was built in 1883 and has now become an iconic wonder attraction in New York.Therefore, this is one among the list of 15 worldwide famous bridges.. Mainly after the horrible 9/11 attacks, this walkway of the bridge became a savior for many people because other normal travel methods were blocked.

Charles Bridge, Prague

The Charles Bridge is located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Under the direction of King Charles IV, construction of the bridge began on the Vltava in the mid-1300s, hence the name of the bridge. It is one of the five famous bridges in the world and a connecting bridge. It was built to connect the old town with the area near Prague Castle. This bridge also played an important trade link. You will probably experience the best scenery here, all the nearby buildings are very good, and the river flows in between.

Ponte Vecchio, Italy

The name itself represents the bridge. It is an old bridge in Florence. When you pass this medieval bridge built on the Arno River, the scenery is spectacular. To this day, the bridge is still intact, and there are many shops along the bridge. Among all other world-renowned bridges, this bridge is undoubtedly the most breathtaking bridge.

Listed as one of the 30 most famous bridges in the world, this is an iconic place to visit. There are a variety of shops along the bridge, and you may encounter an unprecedented new market. Make Alitalia Reservations and fly to Italy for an extraordinary getaway within your budget. 

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