Can’t decide which is the perfect cut for a diamond? First, you need to know the different cuts, and from there, you can pick the right one for you or your loved ones.

The diamond’s cut is one of the important factors to consider before you identify the overall quality. Among the 4Cs (carat, colour, cut, and clarity), the cut is significant because it determines the sparkles of the diamond. It depends on the symmetry of facets (flats on the geometric shapes in a diamond).

However, the effects of diamond cuts may differ depending on their colour.


If you want to explore the different cuts that will suit your Argyle pink diamonds, check the list below!

1. Round cut

Round cut diamonds are cone-shaped from the side and round on top. This cut is the most classic one. Although it’s a common shape, it’s usually chosen even for engagement rings. According to experts, excellent diamond cuts sparkle more than those with poor-quality cuts.

Did you know that round-cut diamonds are more expensive than fancy cuts? That’s why, if you want to invest in diamonds, the round cut is the best for you! In addition, you’ll have a better chance of high resell if you’ve met a perfect cutter.

However, if your mind is set for Argyle pink diamonds, round might not be the cut for you because this shape can dilute the colour pink. If you want to enhance the quality of pink, you can choose among the fancy cuts below.

2. Pear cut

Have you ever seen a diamond cut that looks like a teardrop? Well if you have, then you’ve already seen the pear cut. It’s larger than round-shaped diamonds but costs less. It’s perfect for argyle pink diamonds because it can highlight its beauty.

If used as a ring, the pear cut points at the fingers, while the round part points at the person who’s wearing it. It’s also the best cut if you want a small diamond to look bigger.

3. Cushion cut

Another timeless shape is the cushion. It’s similar to square because all sides are equal, but the corners are rounded. This cut costs up 42% less than the classic round.

Although this cut has been known for years, diamond lovers have just recently appreciated its beauty. Its antique style sparkles can also be combined with the modern bands.

4. Princess cut

Imagine how an Argyle pink diamond ring on your finger in princess cut can make your hands look just like a princess.

One of the most popular cuts for engagement rings, the princess cut is known for its fancy shape. It’s like a combination of the three different cuts— square, round, and emerald.

Although the princess cut is a new shape, the diamond industry welcomed it warmly because of how it sparkles. Its diagonal effect can also make small diamonds seem larger.

princess cut

5. Emerald cut

The emerald cut or rectangle cut has a stunning effect which is usually called the “hallway of mirrors”. It shines differently than the others which makes it rare. Compared to a round shape, a carat of emerald cut can also be 42% cheaper than the round.

Moreover, this cut can also make your fingers look slimmer because of its effects. Its edges can also be compared to steps because of its layered finish, which is also perfect for an Argyle pink diamond ring.

6. Radiant cut

The radiant cut can be compared to the princess cut but its corners are shortened. When you look at it, you can see that the centre may appear to have a round cut while the edges are princess-shaped.

It costs higher than most fancy-shaped diamonds. Meanwhile, compared to the round shape, a carat of this may cost up to 39% less than the round. It sparkles at around 70 facets.

7. Marquise cut

A lovely marquise shape is elongated which makes it look classic and royal. Similarly, this cut was initially compared to a woman’s smile. It was also said to symbolise endless true love.

The slim effect of this cut can also flatter the hand of the person wearing it and can make the fingers look slimmer.

8. Trillion cut

An Argyle pink diamond ring in a trillion cut highlights its centre. It makes the sides much lighter pink than the centre. It’s a unique cut, which makes a carat around 12% bigger than the classic round shape.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, this may come in handy.

9. Baguette cut

Baguette shape is the slimmer version of the emerald cut. It also has mirror effects and contains 14 facets. Although it doesn’t sparkle as you may expect, its quality relies on clarity.

A baguette-cut can be used as a side effect, but you can also have it as a centrepiece for your Argyle pink diamond ring.

10. Heart cut

What’s even more romantic than a heart-shaped Argyle pink diamond ring? We bet you can’t think of anything. Anyway, a carat of this romantic diamond may cost up to 26% less than the round shape.

Although some people may see this as a tacky shape, the symbolism and how it sparkles are more important.

11. Oval cut

In 1957, Lazare Kaplan invented the oval cut diamond. It has around 58 facets and sparkles as much as rare diamonds do. It’s also a popular choice for an Argyle pink diamond engagement ring.

The elongated shape of this cut can also make the diamond look bigger. It’s perfect for ladies with slim fingers.

12. Asscher cut

Joseph Asscher invented the Asscher cut in 1902. It has 72 facets which make it look vintage and classy. In addition, if you look closer, you can see that the centre is similar to a windmill.

A carat of Asscher cut can cost up to 43% less than the round one.


Now that you know the different cuts of diamonds, it’s up to you to decide what to buy. Go ahead, and take your time. Make sure that the one you choose will create a perfect highlight for your Argyle pink diamonds. Let us know how everything turned out by leaving a comment below!


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