As years go by, your house could obtain a lot of things which gives you the idea that it’s time to expand your space. You have a lot of options to have new space like moving out, renovate, and extend.

If you choose home extensions, you can have enough space for your needs. Home extensions can help you have the ideal home that you’ve been dreaming of. If you think this is the right time, then you should not hesitate and go for it.


But before that, if you want to know the things to consider before you start home extensions, then check the list below!

1. If the property has enough space

Find the area around your house that you want to be extended, and identify what will be its purpose. For example, if you have a new baby, then you’ll need to have an extra bedroom for the nursery.

Just think if the space you have is enough for what you need. You can use your other existing room as the basis for estimation. If you can’t estimate it on your own, you can ask for professional help.

2. The kind of extensions

Don’t have enough space for a one-storey extension? You can still opt for a vertical home extension. You don’t need to have an entire second floor because extensions are customisable.

On the other hand, if you’re lucky to have an extra space in your backyard, then all you have to do is choose the best kind of extension that works for you. Some of the popular home extensions are glass, box-type, and skylights.

3. Financial aspect

Above all, your budget is the most important thing to consider. As long as you have the money, builders can give you the best home extensions you’ve always wanted. Aside from that, the materials that will be used are those that are high-quality.

It’s best if you can have the quotation as soon as possible so that you’ll know what will be your next step. Try setting a budget, if possible, so that you can base your design on it.

4. Design for the extensions

When it comes to the design, you’ll just have to decide if you want to make it the same as the main house or not. If not, then you can do some research about the type of designs like modern, vintage, or edgy.

Your home deserves the best extension imaginable, and it’ll happen once you have a well thought-off design.

home extensions

5. Hiring the builders

You have a lot of options when it comes to finding the right home builders. You can search online, ask your family and friends, or enquire about the builders who built your home. Make sure that you did enough research before hiring them.

Conduct some interviews with your prospective builders, and hire whoever you think can do the job. In addition, you can also take a look at the recent home extensions they built so that you’ll have some references. Aside from the result, you should also ask the homeowners if the builders can be trusted.

6. List of local permits

As you may know, usually, having construction sights require a lot of permits from the local associations. So it’s best if you know all the things you’ll need before the builders start working.

Fortunately, some home builders already have someone to arrange the papers for you. But if the builders you hire don’t include doing the paperwork, then you’ll just have to do it yourself. It’s better to have legal documents before someone complains about your house.

While you’re at it, you should also take the courtesy to tell your neighbours that there will be noise coming from your house. You should also inform them what time it’ll be noisy every day, and how long the construction will going to take.

7. Temporary accommodation during the construction

It feels great to stay in your house while there’s the extension going on, however, in some cases, you’ll have to move for a while. If the extension is detached, then you’ll have no problem because it’s not happening inside your home.

Your life may not go as well as you’ve expected if you continue to live in a house with all the noise, dust, and mess. Additionally, your builders might also feel awkward knowing that you’re always observing them.

8. Timeline for the entire extensions

As you plan your design, you should also ask the builders about the timeline for the entire project. This will include the planning until the finishing touches. That way, you’ll have the idea of how long are you going to stick to your temporary routine.

In addition, you can inform other people around you how long the noise will be there.


9. If there’s a value that will be added to the property

Another important thing about having home extensions is that they’ll add more value to your property. That way, you will not be so disappointed with the money that you’ll spend on the extension.

You can enquire with your real estate agent regarding the money you can get in the future from this new investment. Make sure to update them as soon as possible for your own good.

10. Insurance needed for the construction and extension

Last but not the least, insurance. You need to notify your home insurance agent about your plans on having home extensions. It’s necessary because even if you put your best efforts into it, you might end up blaming yourself if anything bad happens.

It’s best to discuss the kinds of insurance you’ll need for home extensions so that even if you’re not around, you know that your home and the people working on it will be safe.


Do you have plans for home extensions? If you do, this article can help you prepare for all the things you’ll be going through. Moreover, you’ll get the idea that it may be not as easy as you think but it’ll all be worth it.

Don’t forget to share with us your experience in having home extensions by leaving a comment below!


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