The Business Plan is now part of the entrepreneurial culture. But, in addition to being known, it must also be managed correctly: how to choose the expert consultant on the subject.

It is increasingly common to hear about business plan consultancy firms, both in the environments surrounding innovative start-ups and those more traditional companies. The business plan is, in fact, gradually becoming fully part of the Italian entrepreneurial culture as a tool at the base of every business.

But who are business plan consultants, and what do they do in practice? What can they do for our business plan in practice? And what considerations should be made before choosing the consultancy service? Let’s answer these questions. 

Business Plan Consultant: How it can help the company

Before answering this question, let’s assume that the business plan is not a simple one-off task but a practice to invest part of one’s energy over time. Therefore, for the business plan to be effectively useful for your business, it must be updated continuously . Often, entrepreneurs and managers underestimate the importance of the business plan and think that hiring an external consultant for drafting and editing solves the issue. Unfortunately, by doing so, in 99% of cases, you will only get a document and not a strategic guide for managing the business, as the Business Plan should be. Click here for more info.

Because? A business plan consultancy firm can help and support you in drafting the document but cannot do it for you!

The right consultant will be able to support you and produce with you the document useful for:

  • present your business idea to potential investors
  • evaluate if the project you want to undertake is sustainable over time
  • establish the objectives to be achieved
  • … And pursue the various strategic purposes of the business plan

Some considerations to make before choosing the Business Plan consultant

Having made this brief but necessary parenthesis, there are some elements to consider before requesting business consultancy to prepare your business plan. Few but essential points to obtain an effective, precise, and consistent strategic document with the set objectives.

A business plan consultancy is a medium / long term.

Hiring business plan consultants can be extremely useful as long as all the people involved in drafting this document are fully aware of any critical issues in the company and have the time to immerse themselves in the customer’s reality.

Furthermore, the consultancy will not be limited to a casual collaboration but will certainly require a relationship over time that allows a continuous updating and refinement of the plan.

Knowledge of the market and business logic

Business consultancy for the preparation of the business plan must always start with sharing the document’s objectives: internal strategy, search for investors, obtaining public financing, bank financing, etc …

In any case, the specific experience of the business consultant in our reference market and for the particular objectives of the plan must be the basic condition for a good and effective choice. Writing a business plan for internal use is completely different from preparing a method for finding investors.

Find an internal resource to take the reins.

It is important that a resource within our team, who lives reality every day, can intervene in rectifying and implementing the Business Plan.

Considering the possibility of using professional advice as a basis for the training of a collaborator could be a winning strategic choice in the long term.


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