The printing process of Dibond has become more popular as consumers are educated about the technology. It is made up of two aluminum panels that have an inner core of foam that is sandwiched in between aluminium sign board Dibond provides the ideal balance of strength and lightweight weight.

It weighs about the same as aluminium sign board, yet with a deeper depth than the boards Dibond prints can be customised to your specifications. Dibond print designs are a good option for those looking for a durable, top-quality substrate to create your logo on.

What Are Dibond Signs?

Dibond is among the strongest, light and weather-resistant materials that you can print and create signs from. Dibond is a great choice to create long-lasting sturdy signs suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Dibond is printed directly using non-toxic, solvent-free UV-resistant inks. Utilising UV resistant inks, your prints will be weather and sun resistant and maintain their colour over time.

Dibond has been the industry’s top aluminium composite product (ACM) for over 15 years. It is the most flat material available on the market and Dibond is a great alternative to other materials that are strong like Plywood, PVC, or Coroplast. It is rustproof, rot proof waterproof, and chemically resistant.

Shape, Size, and Weight of Dibond Signs

Dibond is available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 4mm. It’s made up of two sheets made of .012″ thickness aluminum and an unbreakable polyethylene core sandwiched between them.

Because of its composite construction Dibond is both stronger as well as lighter than aluminum. It weighs about one-half the weight of aluminum straight. The sizes available for printing Dibond can be as little as six” wide and 6″ wide all the way up to 120″ x 120″.

The strength and flexibility of dibond printing can be cut to almost any shape you want. Due to this flexibility it is possible to be as imaginative as you’d like when creating signs. You can cut the sign to fit the contours of your logo’s design or create three-dimensional designs by placing several Dibond signs next to each other to create a layered effect.

Additional Options on Dibond Sign Printing

The aluminum sheets are available in coil-painted, brushed aluminum finishes and bronzed Dibond finishes. The aluminum-brushed finish gives it a high-end metal appearance, ideal for contemporary design. The appearance of aluminum with the same look like aluminum signs, however the material is thicker and lighter.

Dibond is well-liked by those who are looking for signs with more texture and depth to them than the typical aluminum sign. Bronzed finishes are an elegant finish that some customers may prefer over the typical or brushed finish. Furthermore, you can print double-sided on Dibond boards instead of one side.

Most printers include an additional markup for foamex printing onto both sides however; you’ll save cost by printing on both sides, instead of buying two separate signs in the event that you’ll be using the boards in a manner that they can be turned around. An example of this is the Dibond sign that is hung at the front of a business to let passers-by see the shop’s sign on both sides of the street.

Aluminum Dibond Prints

The majority of Dibond print designs are printed on aluminum sheeting. Both sides of the Dibond sign are aluminum sheets that are .012″ in thickness.

A lot of people choose to use Dibond instead of aluminum since it’s lighter in weight but also more robust yet. If you’re looking at aluminum printing we suggest looking for aluminum Dibond prints in line with the needs of the project.

Dibond Photo Printing

The high-quality Dibond surface protects your investment in top quality photos by securing their colours and their application to the surface for a long time. Dibond is a great option for printing photos because the substrate used for printing is weather – and element-resistant which means you can put it anywhere you’d like to display your premium photographs.

Dibond is not susceptible to bowing due to its strength and is composed from two aluminum sheets with an incredibly solid central core. This makes your photo mounts sturdy and long-lasting for use.

Dibond mounts for photos are ideal for framing and many galleries prefer to utilise Dibond photo mounts to display their work. This high-quality, archival mounting option is ideal for large photographic pieces as well as travelling exhibitions.

Recommended Applications of Foamex

foamex signs are ideal for outdoor and indoor uses due to its light weight and rustproof. It is also waterproof and weatherproof.

Dibond is ideal to create outdoor exhibits, trade show displays, P-O-P display displays, indoor and outdoor signs for businesses, outdoor kiosks and exhibition-quality frames, archival mounting and structural signs, marquee signage, large art pieces, and a variety of other uses. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Cutting Dibond

Dibond can be cut to any shape or size with a CNC router. Professional printing companies who print your Dibond sign can cut the Dibond to the most customised dimensions and shapes.

If you’re a business or consumer, you will not be able to cut the Dibond on your own, without special cutting equipment, therefore we suggest communicating with your printer directly to ensure that you get your customised Dibond cuts cut correctly on the first try.

The main benefit of Dibond is its resistance to curling and warping which makes it perfect for outdoor and weather-resistant use. It is cut to any shape and without the threat of curling or warping at the edges. So you can utilise it outside of your house, place it to cover any outdoor music or as marquee signs.

What Are The Benefits Of Printing On Dibond

Dibond printing Dibond is typically utilised for outdoor signage, in which a high-quality material is needed to withstand the elements outside. Portfolio Display Portfolio Display we print directly onto Dibond to ensure that the print’s quality is maintained even in the most difficult outdoor conditions.

With the most up-to-date flatbed printer, we are able to create stunning full-colour images printed on Dibond. We also provide holes pre-drilled for wall fixings that allow you to hang your displays outdoors or inside. We also can provide large displays in which several Dibond prints are joined.

Printing dibond signs composites are a light material made from two aluminium sheets that have an elastomer centre. It is mostly suited for outdoor signage, but it can also be used for interior displays where a solid substrate is preferable. DiBond printed panels are ideal to use for long-term display and outdoor signage that has weatherproof and rust-free properties.



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