According to a Forbes report published in early 2020, there has been an increase of over 105% in the number of Indians who became permanent residents in Canada between 2016 and 2019. Indians find Canada as the best alternative location for various reasons like a better standard of living it offers to people, better job prospects, safety, education and healthcare benefits, many social service benefits and overall political stability. Moreover, if you get permanent residency in Canada, you can maintain dual citizenship and avail all the benefits and privileges as a citizen of both these countries. If you are looking to settle down in Canada but find the immigration process confusing and complex to comprehend, we can make things easier for you.

Immigration programs to migrate to Canada from India

Finding it difficult to understand how to migrate to Canada from India? Several programs can help you with immigration to Canada and get you a permanent residency there. Each program has its criteria that must be met before anyone becomes eligible. To understand which immigration program best suits your goal, we summarise all details in an easy-to-understand form.

  • Residency by Investment: You must invest in Canada’s economy as an investor, entrepreneur, self-employed individual or skilled worker to get possession there.
  • Express Entry Program: It is used to process applications of skilled workforce who wish to immigrate to Canada. There are three programs managed through Express Entry:
  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – It is designed to target a skilled workforce interested in migrating to a specific territory or province. One should have the skills, education and work experience required for the province that they are applying to.
  2. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) – It is designed for individuals who have a minimum of one year of work experience in Canada obtained through a temporary work permit in the past three years.
  3. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) – It is designed for individuals who don’t fit under any of the above categories under Express Entry. Under the Comprehensive Ranking System, individuals applying for this program are scored and assessed based on age, education, and work experience.
  • LMIA Facilitation for Canada: A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is the first step for an employer in Canada to hire foreign nationals to fill gaps in certain professions.
  • Pilot Programs: Custom programs designed to address the labour shortage in the local communities across Canada. There are several of them available – to name a few:
    • Caregivers: For individuals who want to immigrate to Canada from India and work there as a caregiver to children and old people.
    • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP): For individuals who want to work and live in one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada — Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island.
    • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP): For those with the necessary work experience to fill in jobs in the Alberta province.
    • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP): For those who have the required work experience to fill in labour requirements in rural and northern areas of Canada.
    • The Agri-Food Immigration: For agri-food workers with Canadian work experience to support Canada’s export growth.
  • Entrepreneur Immigration: For experienced entrepreneurs who want to run their own business in Canada, thereby supporting the growth of the Canadian economy.
  • Intra Company Transfer: Those who want to secure a work permit in Canada through intracompany transfer to the parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of the company they work for.

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