Canada is home to a wide array of industrial and commercial sectors. The country is blessed to rank on top in Information Technology (IT) and technical streams. With a powerful yearning to invite millions of technical professionals and offering tremendous funding, Canada has further elaborated its exciting initiatives. Day by day, the country has been germinating many exciting opportunities for the technical aspirants. Still, the nation lags in rationalizing the openings with the right IT skills. However, the immigrants can play a crucial role in their overall assistance to Canada in helping to grow its economy while offsetting the nation’s shortage of skilled workers.

Increased Openings in the IT hub have unlocked the ways for Tech Professionals

The technical sector, primarily the vast field of IT, is one of the most significant sectors in Canada at present. Canada employs more than 900,000 professionals every year, covering all its domains thus offering variegated options. The nation has been progressively investing in its technology sector to bring innovation in the field.

Moreover, new start-ups have enhanced significant growth of revenue involving the technical industry. As the number of new start-ups in the Technical sector is growing tremendously, the need for natural talent is at the top in the current context. Statistics show a massive shortage of technical professionals in Canada, primarily in project management, software development, data analysis, IT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many more. It means that tech professionals have an excellent opportunity to become a guaranteed preference for Canadian immigration.

An excellent way for Tech Professionals to earn to the next level

Canada grants special incentives and high salaries to the tech professionals working in their IT sector. The average salary is as high as an average of $66950. It has been estimated that Canada’s IT sector ranks at the top compared to other industries. Furthermore, Canada’s IT sector staff is about to retire, unlocking the door for numerous emerging IT professionals. Though the Canadian Government offers massive training programs and courses to train the younger and fresh employees, trained and skilled workers are always required as a priority. The enhanced skill gap and unprepared fresher make a country like Canada invite more tech professionals through immigration.

LMIA is no more an entry barrier for Tech Professionals

As the Canadian Government has posed several restrictions and constraints on LMIA applications, employers have started choosing PR visas. Thus, this requires no Offer Letter or LMIA in processing PR visas. Interestingly enough, the option grants a stepping stone for Tech Professionals while opening their pathways to enter Canada.

Become Canadian Tech Professionals in no more than 6-12 months 

As Canada is a hub for the Tech Sector, the country encourages skilled workers to immigrate to Canada as soon as possible. It is perhaps the main reason that highest number of visas is granted to tech professionals only.

Canada believes in encouraging skilled workers and talent, thus opening the ways for all the hard-working and talented professionals in the technical field. Moreover, the country enhances your skills and makes you learn innovative programs relevant to your domain. Canada further believes in improving your knowledge so that your remarkable contributions can help their land grow economically.

If you are a Tech Professional and interested in migrating to Canada for your bright future, VG& Partners offers all the legitimate programs favourable for you. We handle every case minutely with over 20 years of experience while helping Canada find the right talent faster, we are pretty aware of the laborious process involved in hiring Tech Professionals.

Thus, submit your file accordingly so that you and your family should migrate to your dream destination in a short span of time.



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