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If you’re like most people. There’s nothing worse than planning to go somewhere only to find out at the last minute that your flight has been cancelled or delayed. Unfortunately, the rise of low-cost carriers like Cape Flying makes it more likely that this scenario will happen to you—and when it does, what are your rights? To help prevent a last-minute fiasco and make the most of your travel experience. We’ve put together this overview of Cape Air flights cancellations policy and how it works so you know what to expect in case of an unexpected delay or cancellation.

Review policy

Cape Air Flight Cancellations are treated as no-shows and therefore have consequences. If you cancel your reservation and do not call Cape Air at least 1 hour prior to scheduled departure, you will be subject to a $25 change fee plus any applicable fare difference. If you cancel your Cape Air Reservations and are at least 1 hour late for your flight, you will be subject to a $50 change fee plus any applicable fare difference. If flight is canceled by Fly Cape Air due to bad weather or other circumstances, no fees apply.

Are there any loopholes?

Just because you may have checked in for your flight doesn’t mean it can’t be canceled. Flight cancellation is largely dependent on weather. And if Cape air customer service were to cancel flights at any time prior to takeoff. They are under no obligation to rebook you. So even if you’ve already checked in and boarded. There is still a chance that you could be stuck without a seat. That said. Cape Air Planes does not charge fees for customers who need rebooking or cancellations. So if anything does come up and your flight needs adjusting. It should be an easy fix. All that said, I personally have never had a Cape Air flight canceled or rescheduled. So hopefully that bodes well for you.

Tips for dealing with Cape Air Cancellations

Contact Cape Air does not offer refunds for canceled flights. However in some cases. Book Cape Air will either rebook you on another flight or refund you for your ticket and give you credit towards a future flight. There are certain instances where Cape Air Flight Reservations may offer monetary compensation other than a refund or credit towards future travel. In these cases. You should be contacted directly by Cape Cod Flights and they should help rebook your flight as soon as possible.

How does the policy impact you if you are only flying one way?

If you are flying one way. You are not entitled to a refund. The airline will waive any fees associated with changes in your flight. And if your flight has been cancelled. They will rebook you on a new flight. If they cannot accommodate you within 72 hours of your original itinerary (or within 72 hours of Cape air flight status being able to re-accommodate passengers that were originally booked on your same cancelled itinerary). Then Cape Air Phone Number will reimburse you for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred as a result of not being able to travel by air for $100 per day for up to 10 days or until another scheduled flight is available. Cape Air Booking cannot guarantee that additional flights will be available at all times and makes no guarantee as to how long their delay may last.

Tips for moving on from a Cape Air canceled flight

In all likelihood. Your flight will be canceled because of inclement weather. The best thing you can do if that happens is stay calm and call Cape Air Customer Service Number at +1-888-801-0869. When you make a Cape Air Reservation Number. You agree to their cancellation policy (which is also on their website). But there are certain circumstances that warrant exceptions. If your flight has been canceled for any reason other than weather or mechanical issues. or if your ticket was purchased directly from Cape Air reservations phone number. call +1-888-801-0869 immediately. If your flight was purchased through an agent or online site like Expedia or Travelocity, call them instead. They’re responsible for refunding your money if need be.

Short flights vs. long Cape Air Flights

If you’re travelling on a short flight (less than 50 miles). Cape Air Contact Number allows you to cancel up until ten minutes before your scheduled departure. However. If you’re taking a longer flight (more than 50 miles). Cape Air Book Flight requires you to cancel two hours prior to your departure time. Additionally. Regardless of how long your flight is. Cape Air Schedule will cancel flights with severe weather warnings. Make sure that you don’t wait until it’s too late and that there aren’t any weather alerts in place before booking your trip. In addition. If your flight has been cancelled due to severe weather or other circumstances beyond their control. Cape verde airlines will work with passengers in an effort to reschedule their travel plans.

Check your itinerary carefully

Cape Air flight cancellations are handled by their parent company, Cape Air Phone. And because you bought your ticket directly from Cape Air Number and not a third-party website. You will be able to recover some of your money if they cancel your flight. If you’re flying from Boston or New Bedford, MA; Providence, RI; Savannah/Hilton Head, GA; Beaufort/Washington, NC; Key West/Boca Chica Beach FL; Melbourne/Palm Bay/Melbourne Beach FL or Jacksonville. NC on August 29th or 30th (the dates of Hurricane Harvey). Check with Cape Air Boarding Pass for information on how to recover some of your money if your flight is cancelled.

Do I have a right to compensation?

In most cases, yes. Cape air telephone number is fairly generous with flight cancellation compensation for most flights within a certain time frame. But there are exceptions to every rule so it’s important you understand Cape Air refund policy before booking your next flight. There are several reasons why you might be entitled to compensation if your flight is cancelled and it all has to do with when it happens. The best way to make sure you know what you’re entitled to if your Cape Air flight is cancelled is by understanding some of their main policies…

Some words of caution…

First and foremost, you need to be aware that airlines are notorious for changing their policies. If you notice an issue with Cape Air refund or learn of changes over time. Let us know in a comment below so we can update our information accordingly. Also, please make sure you double-check all flight details before getting on a plane. The information provided here is accurate and up-to-date at time of writing; however, things do change frequently in the airline industry. So be sure to verify before your flight and purchase tickets directly from Cape flying through its Cape Air Official Website (see link above). Finally, as always when it comes to air travel, keep your wits about you — enjoy!


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