celebrate diwali
celebrate diwali

Diwali is a season of celebration and coexistence. We all want to celebrate this event with majesty and pomp to share our joy. But did you know that people with asthma may find it a nightmare? After Diwali, the air quality significantly declines, which leads to an increase in cases of respiratory illnesses. In reality, because of the air pollution caused by firecrackers, people continue to experience breathing issues days after Diwali. Now is the moment to shake things up and celebrate Diwali in a new way. Here are some eco-friendly practices you can do to aid you in your goal of making Diwali more environmentally friendly. 

Eco-Friendly Diwali Gifting 

Giving and receiving presents is a significant Diwali custom. Try wishing your loved ones green plants rather than chocolates next time. After Diwali, plants not only show someone you care about them! but they also reduce air pollution. Give lovely Diwali gifts to plants that purify the air, such as peace lilies, philodendrons, spider plants, china grass, snake plants, and others. 

Natural rangoli 

In the past, rangoli was a method of feeding insects and birds. In the Southern region of India, this custom is still practiced, and Kolams made of rice paste or rice flour are used to provide food for the birds and ants. You may also use this option to avoid artificial colors in your rangoli. Use kumkum, turmeric, coffee powder, and flowers for coloring. 

Upcycle your Home Decor 

Use eco-friendly paints instead of regular painting your homes. Because it does not contain dangerous VOCs. Additionally, you can use these suggestions to decorate your homes without painting them. Bright dupattas and sarees can be twisted to make streamers. Alternatively, you can paint old newspapers and hang them as wall art. Instead of going on a shopping binge, you may utilize drapes and curtains made from brocade saris or gold-embroidered dupattas. Use your child’s leftover art supplies, including tissues, sandwiches, or rice paper, to make paper lanterns. 

To create the spokes, you might use matchsticks. Cut back on your energy use and the doorbell for a few days. Instead, place a bell at the door’s entry and allow all visitors to ring it. It will undoubtedly enhance the Diwali atmosphere. The first item that greets visitors is a band hangar or a traditional door hanging. These can be made from leftover papers or brightly colored fabric, and you can add glitter or paper flowers afterward. You should not discard fused incandescent bulbs. Alternatively, you may use an orchid as a decorative accent and transform them into tiny flower pots.

Additionally, you may paint them in various colors and hang them from the ceiling. Use fresh flowers and organic incense to produce the rich scent associated with pujas. Get rid of artificial air fresheners. Bring a relaxing incense burner home to spread positive energy during Diwali. 

Light up someone’s Diwali buy earthen Diyas  

The only other residences that are glittering with lights beside our own are those that are celebrating Diwali. Roads and markets are lined with artisans and vendors displaying handmade earthen lanterns in the hopes that customers will stop and buy during the festival season. Make their desires a reality. Buy your diyas from them or organizations that promote traditional crafts people’s creations. Modulate your use of light decorations to save on electricity. Simple diyas can hold more light than any manufactured artificial light source can. 

Organize eco friendly events 

Plan community events like Rangoli, flower arrangements, sweet-making contests, and paper lantern competitions for youngsters and adults. Set up musical performances, puppet shows, talent competitions, and other cultural gatherings with eco-friendly Diwali gifts. Have a dancing party with everyone. Use a music system to make something enjoyable, like firecrackers. More enjoyment will result, and you will save money. 

Any change is difficult, especially when it’s party time, and we want to take full advantage of the festivities. By informing us that it is not observed every day, we fight against any change, but keep in mind that our country has finite resources. The better tomorrow will be, the more care we take of it today. Find others festivals gift ideas here.  

This Diwali, go green!


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