Chalets For Sale In Al Ain Al Sokhna

A chalet, or cottage, makes the perfect home away from home no matter where you are in the world. Chalets can be built just about anywhere because of their unique construction, and they often offer all the comforts of home without sacrificing any of the coziness or luxury you’re used to from your own home. When you need to find your next chalet, make sure you choose one that will meet all your needs and expectations with one of these chalets for sale in Al Ain Al Sokhna.

Chalets for sale in Azha Ain Sokhna

If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway, then Chalets for sale in Azha Ain Sokhna is the place for you. This city has plenty of activities and amenities to suit every taste. Whether you like to stay active or relax with a book, this part of Egypt will offer just the vacation you are looking for.
Many people who stay at these villas in Sokhna For Sale enjoy kayaking on the Red Sea and sunbathing at one of the local beaches nearby. You could also plan an excursion to Cairo or Luxor if interested in seeing some world-famous sights or shopping in modern malls. The chalets here offer the perfect balance between relaxation and excitement without ever having to go far from home!

More about Chalets for sale in Azha Ain Sokhna

Azha provides residents with all the comfort and safety options they need, in addition to the fact that there are club cars that can transport them from place to place. Residents of the village have access to the beach via a private entrance for their comfort, privacy and enjoyment of the atmosphere. It only takes a day in the village to realize just how wonderful it is.
The project is designed for the comfort of its residents, providing convenience and relaxation at a convenient and ideal location. Aside from the beautiful architecture, there are also villas and chalets overlooking the Crystal Lagoons. Azha has a large area of green spaces. All units are finished.

It is the largest tourist resort in Egypt, covering 1.5 million square meters, or 380,000 acres, directly overlooking the sea. We do not find another village like this in all of Egypt.

About 18% of the area allocated to chalets in Al Ain Al Sokhna are for sale. 120,000 acres of the land are for services, shops, and entertainment. Finally, Crystal Lagoon spans 150 acres, with chalets starting at a modest 97 meters and up to a lofty 115 meters (with two rooms). Chalets start at 125 meters high and range up to 145 meters. Townhouses and villas start at 145 meters high and go up to 318 meters.

Payment Plans For Azha Al Ain Al Sokhna

as a deposit, you pay 15% of the total price. The rest is then paid out in monthly installments for eight years with no interest. Clients can use cash or a visa card to pay the minimum balance. Resident insurance plan is cancelled after 3 years without extra fees.

The village occupies one million square meters, located on the coast. Around thirteen percent of buildings inside the compound and the rest of the space is used for services, hotels and other recreational opportunities. Everything you could hope for is here in Azha Ain Sokhna.

Chalets for sale in Mountain View Ain Sokhna

Tourist villages and resorts abound in Al Ain Al Sokhna, one of which is Mountain View Sokhna, which is characterized by a wonderful and attractive design. Mountain View Ain Sokhna is also known for its magnificent scenery.

Ain Sokhna is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt that overlooks the Red Sea. Cairo is 55 kilometers away from Suez, the closest coastal point. It has a temperate climate all year round, with clear blue water, and a humid climate during the summer and winter.

Mountain View Resort Sokhna is a rare case on the most beautiful piece of the Red Sea directly, with no obstructions to obstruct the view and enjoy the fresh air any time of the year. Mountain View is located in one of Al Ain Al Sokhna most stunning spots.

Prime Red Sea location characterizes the development. Many entertainment options. Complete privacy for residents. Comfort, tranquility, and stunning views. Freedom to enjoy and to take part in recreational activities.

High-quality restaurants serve foreign cuisine, and there are walking and cycling trails. Exquisite and unique designs all around. Safety and security inside and out. There are many green spaces for recreation in the village, in a picturesque natural setting. There are also wonderful properties with a direct view of the sea.

Various chalets for sale in Al Ain Al Sokhna. There are also private paths for cycling and walking. Swimming pools are available for adults and children. Playgrounds and camps are available for children. Lastly, a clubhouse for many recreational activities.

Find out more about Chalets for sale in Mountain View Ain Sokhna

Mountain View has a mall with many shops and services for shopping and buying souvenirs. Health club with the latest equipment, spa, sauna, jacuzzi, and hypermarket with everything you need for your household.

Several barbecue areas and party areas are available within Mountain View. The development also offers 24-hour medical services and pharmacies. Garages for cars that are secure and covered.

Private medical centers and ambulances. A shopping center with a children’s pool. Children’s amusement parks. Relaxation areas. Mountain View Real Estate has built many residential units within the village, ranging in size from 80 square meters up to 2,000 square meters. Chalets of different sizes are available.

There are various residential units available in Mountain View Ain Sokhna including cottages. appropriate for a family living next to the sea. Certain suites are offered that have enough space for the number of family members you might have. House: Twin Houses vary in size from 220 meters to 265 meters, Townhouses from 220 meters to 265 meters.

Each villa is attached to the neighboring one and semi-detached from them as well. The company that owns Mountain View Ain Sokhna Resort has established an easy system for settling payments. 30% of the total value is to be paid as a down payment and the remainder will be paid in installments over the next 3 years.

Take advantage of the stunning mountain views, stunning tranquility, and privacy, which you’ve always dreamed of, by reserving your own penthouse in the luxurious Mountain View Sokhna.

Chalets for sale in Telal Ain Sokhna

Al Ain Al Sokhna is one of the best tourism sites in Egypt, drawing in a lot of Egyptians and foreigners due to its proximity to Cairo. There are many distinctive things about the beaches of Al Ain Al Sokhna, one of them being Telal Sokhna resort, one of the country’s biggest residential projects in this area.

The project has its own unique touch, which includes a range of services for both residents and visitors. Chalets For Sale in Sokhna

The Telal El Sokhna village project is one of Rooya Group’s most famous projects. It started in 2003 when the company started projects in Egypt and other Arab countries.

The goal of that company is to help develop architectural projects to beautify Egypt.

The company has provided many successful residential projects in the MENA region. What distinguishes the Telal Sokhna village project is its location on Sokhna Road.

It is close to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in addition to its other unique qualities. This project covers an area of ​​200 acres. The resort features a beach of up to 6 kilometers in length.This project was designed as terraces, so all residents can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea. This place is equipped with a lot of different amenities.

About Chalets for Sale in Telal Ain Sokhna

Telal El Sokhna is located 5 minutes away from Porto Sokhna and only one hour away from Cairo. It is situated on the Zafarana Road, which directly overlooks the sea. Over a large area of about 600 acres, Telal Al Sokhna offers a variety of green spaces and recreational activities.

Also, about 75% of the total area is reserved for landscaping. Residences are located on about 12% of the space. This ensures complete privacy for the owners; in addition to preventing overcrowding, the entire project has an investment value of 4.9 billion Egyptian pounds, and the units in the project vary because the property has a large area.

Around 2000 ready-to-move units are for sale.

Chalets are repeating floors comprising of 2 bedrooms, each with an area of 96 m2 (prices are subject to change). There are also chalets on the ground floor comprising of 2 bedrooms, each with an area of 96 square meters.

Additionally, there are gardens of 50 square meters, starting at 2,170,000 pounds. Furthermore, there are 3 bedroom recurring chalets with a surface area of 125 square meters, starting at 2,740,000 pounds. There are also bottom floor chalets with an area of 125 m2.

They have 3 bedrooms and a 120 m2 garden, starting at 3,240,000 pounds. In terms of the twin house, the area ranges between 140 and 180 m2, with a garden of 200 m2. Particularly noteworthy is that there are villas available with 360 m2 and a garden of 200 m2, from 12,680,000 EGP.



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