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Imagine waking up from your bed, breathing the polluted air. Seems strange, right? This is the current situation that we are facing. The quality of fresh air is deteriorating. Air pollution is increasing day by day. With the increase in pollution, the demand for air purifiers is also witnessed. The demand for air purifiers is as high as the demand for water purifiers. You can do nothing outside to fix the air. But the power is within you when it comes to your family. The only alternative solution to provide fresh air is air purifiers. 

Before moving to the best air purifiers under 10k it is important to note the functions of an air purifier.

Air Purifier

Role of air purifiers

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small town or a large city. Your atmosphere gets polluted in one way or the other irrespective of the place. This pollution can leave several sparkles on your health. It can cause asthma, tumor, cancer, and neurological chemicals. How can air purifiers help? Yes, the carbon installed in the air purifier will clean the surrounding chemicals. It cleans and releases back fresh air. Purifiers reduce the pollutants such as pollen and spores. It leads to a healthy life. It picks up dust even in large spaces. So don’t worry about the size of the room. 

Sometimes you experience bad odor around your home? Right. Let’s understand the scientific reason behind it. Chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde which are commonly found in paints, furniture break down at room temperature. The air purifier traps the odor smells. 

If your guests are on the way do not panic. The air purifiers will offer fresh and clean air. 

Having understood the purpose of air purifiers, let’s contemplate other aspects. 

Classification of air purifiers for home

Your home is supposed to be occupied by you and not by Pollen, dust, and dander. Not all machines created are similar. Some air purifiers are capable of attracting large pieces of dust while some are tiny particles.

Let’s plunge into its kinds

  • HEPA Filters – The HEPA filters are manufactured to detect particles less than 0.3 microns. They are so small that the normal human eye can’t even view them. It covers Pollen, mold and dust.
  • Activated carbon purifiers – As said earlier, the activated carbon air purifier are specially designed to trap odors, smoke, and flames
  • Ultraviolet air purifiers – As the name suggests, it uses UV rays to attract dust and germs.

Checklist before purchasing the best air purifier under 10k

Are you planning to buy an air purifier? Here are some aspects that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a purifier.

  • Size compatibility – Different air purifiers are designed in different shapes and sizes. Try which suits best for your room.
  • Level of noise – The noise level varies from 35 to 70 decibels. Pick out the one that doesn’t affect your sleep.
  • Maintenance – The maintenance charge varies for the filter type, brand, and size. Consider its warranty and maintenance round the year. Make a note that air purifiers normally require high maintenance.
  • Certification – Several rounds of tests are made to ensure the best products. Similarly, the “asthma and allergy-friendly certification” is also verified for purifiers. This certificate is a product quality certificate too.
  • Rate of clean delivery (CADR) – The best air purifier is determined by its cleaning speed. The air purifiers with 300 CFM are said to deliver the best results.

Best air purifiers under 10k – MODELS

Let’s check out the best models of air purifiers under 10k

  • CowayAirMega 150 – Coway is a Korean brand. This version of the air filter has three layers. Firstly, the pre-filter which removes mites. Secondly, the carbon filter removes the odor. Thirdly, the HEPA filter removes the additional dust and bacteria.


Noise 22 – 49 dB
Power consumption 38 Watts


  • Philips 1000i series AC1215/20 – Priced at 9000, Philips is one of the top brands. Keeping its price aside, Philips air purifier has sleep mode and light control. This smart feature makes it worth buying. This is one of the best air purifiers under 10k. Apart from that, it also has sensors that help in detecting even the finer particles.
Noise 60db
Power consumption 50 watts


  • Mi air purifiers 3 – This particular brand is from China. This air purifier has three layers of filter. The pre-filter removes hair particles. The HEPA filter draws out the tiny particle.  The Activated carbon filter removes smoke. Additionally, it has an OLED display that exhibits the quality of the air purifier. It is the best air purifier under 10k and worth the pay
Noise 32 – 64db
Power consumption 38 watts
  • Honeywell air touch V2 – Honeywell air purifier is the desired brand in India. Similar to other air purifiers this brand also has three filters. Additionally, it has a sleep mode feature. The speed of the fan can be changed through auto mode.
Noise 47.5db
Power consumption 47 watts
  • Dyson pure cool link A.P TP03 – This product has a dual feature of fan and air purifier. It has the certification of ‘asthma and allergy-friendly’. It helps in circulating air throughout the room. Smart Technology can be connected to Wi-Fi. When connected to the smartphone it can be operated from anywhere.
CADR 99.5%
Noise 42.3 – 64.4db
Power consumption 40 watts


Top brand air purifier

Before deciding to buy an air purifier, start thinking about its brand. Some of the popular brands are 

  • Blue Star
  • Godrej
  • LG
  • Intex
  • Honeywell
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Blue air
  • Daikin
  • Sharp


Air purifier VS humidifier

Though both air purifiers and humidifiers seem similar, they perform different functions. As the name suggests, air purifiers clean the surrounding area from dust, pollen, bacteria, slots, allergens, germs, and mites. It has filters that remove dust and emits fresh air

air purifier

 A humidifier doesn’t clean the air. It simply delivers the water vapours to prevent dryness in the atmosphere.


Does it work?

No doubt. It works. It prevents allergens at a higher rate. The air purifier cleans the surrounding area and produces fresh air. Moreover, it reduces pollution. In a recent survey taken it is estimated that the demand for purifiers is increasing day by day. 

Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity?

Certainly Not. It uses minimum electricity to clean the air. You can leave it on for the whole night. That doesn’t make much difference on your bill. Normally the air purifier uses 38 watts –47watts.

Summing up

The air purifier is a good choice if you wish to have a pollution-free environment at home. It is easy to use and even budget-friendly. You will experience a healthy life. It keeps you away from asthma and other respiratory problems. 


                           Make life better with freshness, not with disease!



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