Television has become a basic necessity of our life. A moment without television can never be imagined these days. Make your dream house look classy with the expensive LED TV.


List of Expensive LED TV

Let’s start with the list of the most expensive LED TV and check out its price tag. 

  1. Samsung micro LED display – Priced at 12 cores, this smart television comes in 146 inches and 292 inches. It has well designed 6K and 8K. This TV supports 20-bit greyscale depth. The presence of this feature enables to have bright and vivid colours. It gives an amazing theatrical experience. Thus, giving life to every picture. It comes with a package of 4HDMI ports. The presence of Dolby atoms drops breath-taking moments. It also hands over multidimensional sound giving it a full effect of hearing. The existence of HDR gives an outstanding image quality. The varying options of sizes facilitate the customers to taste different flavors of varied sizes

2.C  SEED 201 –   It was designed by Porsche Design studio along with lighthouse technologies. It stands as the fourth world expensive LED TV. The C SEED 201 is specially designed for outdoor TVs. It also has an amazing storing station. The display size ranges from 201 inches (5.11meters). It covers 2,963,520 Micro LEDs which is way brighter than a normal TV display. These amazing features can give a perfect picture even during direct sunlight. The sound system comprises of multi-source media server and an environmental sensor. Additionally, it comes with a 2.4GHz wireless remote control. Grab C SEED 201 if you wish to enhance your business to a further level.

3. Samsung UN85S9AF   LED TV – Being the most expensive LED TV, this TV has an amazing viewing angle. It supports apps like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus and Vudu. Additionally, it offers an inbuilt camera and Wi-Fi. Technologies these days are heading towards a smarter way. Yes! This smart TV can be controlled using hand gestures and voice commands. Unbelievable! The specially designed remote has a touchpad and a microphone. This helps in interplay with the TV. One can experience a beautiful viewing shot as it has an amazing solution.

4. Sony Z8H LED  TV – Priced at 13,99,990 it has 7680×4320 p resolution. To provide striking images XI picture processor is fixed. Are you a gamer? This TV would be a perfect choice. It can be connected to PlayStation 5. Additionally, it comes with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. This smart TV can transfer your home to a theatre. Connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi I and HDMI are available. It furnishes depth and realistic pictures. The accurate colors bring images to life.


5. Panasonic TH L47ET5D  LED TV  – Priced at 1,06,990 this TV has 1920×1080p resolution. It has a full HD display thus providing astounding picture quality. The TV covers audio aspects like 3D real sound, dts 2.0 + digital and Dolby Plus. Taking a look at its connectivity it has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. It has viewing angle of 178 degrees, thereby providing a theatrical experience at home just with the touch of a button. This is one of Panasonic’s most expensive LED TVs.



  1. Why Sony LED TVs are expensive? 

Sony TV in recent times has become the perfect option for customers. This is of the reasons for the higher price. Apart from that, it is best known for its longevity. Sony works on giving thin models that are usually light in weight. This requires manpower. Some of the other reasons are – competition, brand and warranty

  1. How to clean an LED TV?

The most frequently asked question about LED TV is the cleaning process. The best method to clean is the use a microfiber cloth. Further to prevent scrapping on the display, a soft cloth will work. Usage of chemicals will damage the panels.

  1. What benefits does LED TV provide?

LED TVs are heading much smarter. the presence of a voice assistant allows you to search live content videos. You can add your list from best search to the latest movie released. the newly added features let you control the lights to doorbell of your home. Thirdly, the inbuilt sound system. You will be amazed to since that Sony and LG produces Dolby atoms that by experiencing you with the theatre effect

Bottom line

A home without a TV would look like a man without eyes. It has become a common thing these days. They stay a part of our life. It stands as a typical form of entertainment. It’s hard for our hands to disconnect the TV when we watch our favourite show.


I would buy the Sony Z8H LED TV. We live in a world of gaming. And this gaming option in Z8H is pure bliss. It does more than a normal TV.

Smart TV

Check out your wallet before you reach how to buy the tremendous TV. Grab the best-LED TV. Enjoy movies, music and more to the maximum with these amazing features. 

Turn your ordinary home to a majestic villa with the upgrading LED TVs.



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