It’s grueling to overdraw the importance of a good candle box. Candle box printing is all regarding complete aesthetics and at TBP, we’ve an inclination to urge excited regarding the intricacies and details that get in creating the correct candle box packaging for you. we tend to all recognize the simplest way to require your vision and make it a reality; whether or not or not which implies victimization foil stamping or embossing to make your candles look extra-luxurious; or making certain that our custom printing on boxes enhances rather than detracts from your design.

As a results of our customers are our biggest fans; we tend to want to form certain that they’re getting specifically what they have out of their candle packaging boxes. Once all, we all know what amount work goes into generating a wonderful product; we wish you to be able to show it altogether its glory.


Digital Printing

Our digital written cardboard candle boxes are a perfect choice for completes that wish to form their packaging further attractive. They allow you to play alongside your complete colors and add stunning elements to your packaging. Digital printing may be a faster and cheaper manner of printing, and it offers you the freedom to switch your packaging like ne’er before.


3D complete Embossing

3D emblem embossing could be a stunning because of add depth and magnificence to your candle boxes. The 3D embossing offers larger protection for your wax soften boxes, that’s very important as a results of candles are fragile. Additionally, the raised texture of the 3D adorned brand helps turn out an extra visually appealing product; one issue that’ crucial once competition at intervals the market.


Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping may be a visible complete technique that leaves behind a distinct, gleaming effulgence with the color of your choice. Throughout this printing process, we’ve an inclination to supply a mirror-like, aluminous impression to your candle boxes. This makes it nice for corporations who sell special-edition candles or candles meant to incline as gifts; the’ it can also be used on traditional candles if you’re desperate to elevate their look and therefore the customer’s experience.

Custom Candle Box manufacturing

We’ve a tendency to return to the house of custom wildly box manufacturing. We’ve a tendency to be a team of execs who are at intervals the packaging business for over a decade; with a real passion for making cardboard boxes for wildness. We’ve an inclination to make all types of candle packaging boxes, from little consecrated boxes to large gift presentation boxes. Our custom candle boxes meet you’re tailored needs; providing a much bespoke service that no different company can match. We tend to put together provides a smart vary of {designs} and finishes for your candle box packaging. We’ve got created thousands of assorted designs and shapes; from tiny sq. boxes to massive rectangular ones; therefore we are going to build your ideal product.


Taper Candle Boxes

Taper candles are one in all the oldest sorts of candles, which they’re in use for many years in non-secular settings likewise as for romantic purposes. As you’d presumably guess from their name, taper candles burn down at a narrow, slow rate. They’re most typically made from paraffin as a results of it burns cleanly and evenly. TBP offers custom boxes for taper candles so as that you’ll be able to offer your customers a really special product, and that we’ve selections to suit every budget.

Pillar Candle Boxes

Pillar wildness are the correct choice for a romantic actinic ray dinner or to use in your home when you want to make academic degree shut atmosphere. However, if you decide to buy for pillar wildly boxes wholesale and use them for promoting purposes; you will would like custom boxes with complete for pillar candles. With these boxes, your customers can merely carry the pillar candles with them and acquire them safely home. we offer custom pillar candle boxes altogether shapes and sizes; so you’ll be able to choose one that’s simply the right suit your product. Also, we’ve an inclination to manufacture these forms of boxes from eco-friendly materials; therefore you’ll check that that your product is packed in a {very} very property manner.


Consecrated Candle Boxes

Consecrated candles are short, scented candles that are sometimes housed in a glass or metal cup. They’re nice to use as decorations or for aromatherapy. We offer packaging services for consecrate candle companies. Our votive candle boxes are custom-design and made in particular for your merchandise and your customers. Consecrated candle containers are obtainable two styles: sloppy and folding. Sloppy boxes have a high panel that slides off, showing the box’s contents whereas conditionally exposing them; whereas folding boxes open up to reveal the entire package. we are going to put together add special choices like windows therefore you’ll be able to show consecrated candles while not exposing them to dust, or we are able to even add a region for printing that’ visible from the surface of the box!


Rigid Cardboard Boxes

We’re a company that wishes to help guarantee your product gets where it’s to travel safely and securely; so as that it’s ready for patrons the moment it arrives. That’s why we’ve an inclination to use the most effective materials available-including rigid rutted cardboard-to build our boxes. These boxes aren’t merely nice for safeguarding candles throughout shipping, they put together provide several blessings throughout storage, too. As a results of our boxes are made from durable materials; they’re reusable whereas not sustaining hurt from wear and tear of frequent use. They’re proof against water and pressure, therefore if you’ve got many candles you want to store at a time; you’ll be able to stack them up without worrying regarding collapse or damage to the materials inside.


Free Candle Box Packaging concepts

We tend to all know the importance of fine packaging vogue that’s why we offer free graphic design support to any or all of our shoppers. Our consultants have various candle packaging ideas—they can’t wait to help you design the correct sought for your complete. Our team has created so Pine Tree State very good designs for our shoppers over the years, and here are variety of our favorites:


Example #1: A candle complete wanted a label that may highlight their focus on natural ingredients, therefore we’ve an inclination to style a simple label with a forest scene and a full moon. The result fully captures the essence of their product.


Example #2: a company wanted its candles to shine out but attentively on completing. So we’ve an inclination to make an eye fixed catching package by victimization bright colors like yellow or pink as accents against white backgrounds. Their brand appears prominently on all sides of their boxes; as we tend as either side or one end panel so it’ll be seen from multiple angles.


Example #3: For this brand, we designed a sleek and stylish box made up of black cardboard with white lettering. Their emblem was write in foil on high of the roughens surface. The within of their box featured teal-colored paper and a little low window that allowed customers to see an area of their product inside. This packaging was titled to be eco-friendly whereas put together wanting luxurious enough for premium brands like theirs.


From the time we’ve an inclination to started operative with candle packaging; our consultants are developing their concepts and serving to customers choose the foremost effective ones. We’ve a tendency to bring constant passion to our work today; giving free graphic style support to help you produce your candles pop.


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