Cigarette Packaging
Cigarette Packaging

Regardless of what product your company is selling, packaging is a vital element when it comes to giving your product a neat, and finished outlook. Packaging can be customized according to the type of product you’re selling. For example, you can use different color schemes to represent different products, for example red and yellow for food, and pink-blue pastels for cosmetics. But how do you customize Cigarette Packaging? Can they even be customized? We’re going to answer all your questions. Let’s get started with the outlook of cigarette packaging.

Cigarette Packaging Boxes: How to Embellish Their Appearance?

The idea behind wholesale packaging is to reduce the overall sum you spend on your product’s packaging. Thus Cigarette Packaging Boxes, can be customized with several variations to make them look more striking. This can be done by:

Choosing the right material: To you the material of the packaging might not be a big deal, but it is essential to choose the right material for your container in order to protect what’s inside. Take the example of cigars and cigarettes. With something as delicate as a cigarette, you need sturdy packaging to keep your product safe. This is also going to reduce the risk of your product being damaged while shipping and handling.

The type of pack you use: Surprisingly, there are several types of cigarette containers. This makes it even harder to find appropriate cigar packs according to the needs of your product. Some of the common types include:

  • Shell and slide
  • Hinge-lid pack
  • Shoulder pack
  • Clam shell pack

Whether you use a soft or hard pack: Contrary to popular belief, there are certain variations in the type of material used for cigarette packaging. Typically, there are two types of containers for cigarettes: a hard pack, or a soft pack. Hard or rigid packs are the same as the one you purchase at your local store. It is relatively more stable compared to a soft pack which is made from thin paper.

User Experience and Cigarette Packaging Wholesale

The problem with soft packs is that they aren’t as strong as hard packs. This means they get ruptured easily. On the contrary, a hard pack, because of its sturdy and stable qualities, helps keep your product protected from external harm.

How your package is wrapped? To make an ordinary cigarette pack look eye catching, there are certain types of wrapping and collations used. You can either wrap your container in clear film, or you could collate it and wrap it in printed film. This is entirely dependent on your preference.

Size: The size of a typical cigarette pack isn’t going to be the same in different countries. The number of cigarettes you can pack in one box varies depending on the law in each country. For instance, in Australia it is common to find 25 cigarettes per pack. The maximum limit is 50 per pack which means you can even pack 40 or 20 in one pack. On the contrary, in the United States, you can pack at least 20 cigarettes in one pack.

Pre Roll Packaging Boxes – Their Role in Brand Marketing

Pre roll packaging is a great way to enhance the sales of your business. The trick is finding the right kind of Pre Roll Packaging Boxes, so you save money, and lure your customers towards your product. If you’re still unsure about whether you must invest in pre roll packaging, we’re here to remove all skepticism. Let’s take a look at the importance of pre roll packaging in order to understand their role in boosting sales:

  • They’re sturdy so help protect your product from external harm that may be afflicted to it while packing, handling, or shipping
  • They help keep cigarettes inside safe, and fresh for longer periods, hence increasing their shelf life
  • They have enough capacity to hold several cigarettes at once to satisfy a smoker’s needs
  • They’re very durable in comparison with your typical paper cigarette or cigar box
  • Their strong properties keeps the product inside safe from conditions such as moisture, etc.
  • Their small size makes them easy to carry

Before you pick the right type of pre roll packaging, or cigarette and cigar boxes, there are several features that you must keep in mind. The information provided above can prove to be very helpful when it comes to choosing the best packaging for your products. However, it is important that a business mustn’t forget about their budget, and make sure what they’ve chosen doesn’t drain their pockets!

What You Need to Know About Cigar Packaging Boxes?

In order to buy the best Cigar Packaging Boxes, you need to understand the features of a cigar pack to decide which one is best and most appropriate for your cigar. Cigar packing is very different from your typical cigarette container. Typically, you’re going to find cigar packaging made from harder materials such as wood, or cardboard. The low cost ones are sometimes packed in paper packages.

The best kind of wood to use for cigar packaging is Spanish cedar. The reason for this is because of its grain, pleasant color, and fine texture. In addition to the outlook, it is also very attractive because of its fragrance, and the ability to repel bugs. The only problem is, it’s quite expensive. Consequently, alternatives such as yellow poplar, and eucalyptus have emerged as popular materials for cigar packs. Other materials that can be used include elm, mahogany, and oak.

Apart from the material you use, you need to decide for an appropriate construction. This includes:

  • Pivoted cover or slid top
  • A round edged load with various layers
  • Level top compartment two layered

While you can’t really make changes to the package in terms of appearance, you can make it look attractive by including aesthetic labels, striking logos, etc. Cigar packing are considered an art’s subject, and they’re even used as ‘collectibles’ by people. You can make it look captivating by customizing its design to be something of significance and meaning. Take every possible measure to make your clients satisfied. Keep eagerly improving your cigar boxes wholesale according to the demands and feedback of your clients.


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