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1 It’s been several years now since most Indian commercial kitchen equipment in India transitioned from traditional joint families to nuclear setups. Regardless, our philosophy of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ — treating guests like God — remains intact. After all, there’s a certain warmth associated with expressing love through food.

It’s been several years now since most Indian commercial kitchen equipment in India transitioned from traditional joint families to nuclear setups. Regardless, our philosophy of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ — treating guests like God — remains intact. After all, there’s a certain warmth associated with expressing love through food.

And at Design Cafe, we make it a point to celebrate that warm feeling through home interiors. Our designers bring you several innovative small dining commercial kitchen equipment in India models to choose from, depending on your needs. Whatever you pick, one thing that’s for sure is that you’ll be bringing home a conversation starter. So, ready to check out our fabulous, custom and space-saving modular small dining table designs?

Small Dining Table Design For A Quick Brekkie

The morning madness can make it difficult to set food on a formal dining table and clean up later. So, we designed a kitchen pull-out table as a life-saver for couples during rush-hour mornings. With the cooktop, the commercial kitchen equipment in India and spacious marble counter and the breakfast table in proximity, you save time on all fronts — cooking, setting the food and cleaning the dining space. And if you want some spices or additional cutlery in the midst of a meal, the overhead cabinets and underneath pull-out drawers are within quick reach in this modular kitchen.

Small dining table design for a quick brekkieA time-saving kitchen pull-out small dining table
Small Dining Table Ideas In The Kitchen

If you’re opting for an island modular kitchen, then the granite-top breakfast counter will fill in for a small dining table set – saving you ample space. What makes the breakfast counter multi-functional is that it can be used as a free-standing cabinet for additional storage and as an extra surface for your cooking and work-from-home needs.

This design is ideal for families with children so that cooking, conversations and eating can happen in an intimate yet comfortable setting – be it on a busy day or a lazy weekend.

Small dining table set ideas in the kitchen in graniteVersatile small dining table in granite
Small Living Room With A Dining Table

When looking for a dining table for small spaces, a foldable table is a great option. With our creative and functional designs, the foldable table can be tucked into a wall to double up as a wall-mounted cabinet! Maximum utility and maximum space-saving.

That’s what we call a win-win. This kind of drop-down table with a combined cabinet is also the most efficient design when you’re exploring small living room ideas with a TV and dining table for your home. Whether you want to accommodate it in a small space or want to make an empty nest less gloomy, a drop-down dining table in a popping colour works best.

Small living room with a dining tables for small spaces that makes room for guestsAn expandable table that makes room for guests
Folding Dining Table For Small Spaces

Most families scouting for a dining table typically tend to buy a four-seater table, even if their living space is compact. But with the arrival of custom modular furniture, a traditional four-seater table is redundant.

Say hello to Design Cafe’s commercial kitchen equipment in India dining table that’s jaw-dropping in aesthetics and functionality. Our drop-leaf two-seater dining table can be expanded to accommodate up to six guests! With foldable chairs that can be stored within the table, this small folding dining table will be the smartest addition to your living space.

Folding expandable dining table for small spaces modern with aesthetics and functionalityAn expandable table that makes room for guests
A 2-In-1 Folding Dining Table Design For Small Spaces

Modern ready-to-occupy homes rarely have separate dining and living areas. The good news is — modern problems inspire modern solutions. Our multi-functional folding dining table with open shelves will come to your rescue.

The drop-leaf table serves your dining needs adequately at mealtimes. At other times, you may use it to store handy essentials for the living room – quick bites for TV time, mobile chargers or even bedding for an overnight guest or couch surfer. If not the living room, it’s also a practical small kitchen table design.
Monsoons are beautiful. Heavy splashes of rain, tough winds and droplets on windows — all of these make for pleasant days and nights. Yes, they are cold and dewy and sometimes the weather does get foggy, however, the beauty that monsoons behold is unlike any other season. We at Design Cafe have come up with some interesting rainy season decor ideas for your home to double your enjoyment of these months.

Drive Out The Gloom With A Pop Of Colour This Monsoon

When monsoons hit, the days can get quite gloomy and sometimes affect your mood. But every problem has a solution. And that’s why we have this colour-popping monsoon home decor idea that you can consider and wave your blues goodbye! The living room is a place where you tend to spend a lot of time with family and friends so pep the place up with colourful wall paint, curtains, pillows, pouffes and a nice warm abstract floor mat! Trust us, because this monsoon decor idea will cheer you up for sure. After all, colours impact how we feel too.

Drive out the glooms with a pop of colour this monsoon decorA living room with vibrant colours for the monsoon
Take The Monsoons To Your Bedroom With These Monsoon Decor Ideas

If you are one of those people who love the monsoons so much that you bring an essence of greenery right into your bedroom, then this monsoon decor idea is for you. Let the theme of the monsoons seep through with leaf motif wallpaper. You can also add a bed with a red velvet headboard for a striking contrast. Add some tall potted plants on the side to add to the aesthetics of the space. Now your room is sure to spell out monsoon in every way. This monsoon-themed indoor setup brings in lots of freshness to add to the greenery!

Take the monsoon decor to your bedroom with these monsoon decor ideasA room with monsoon home decor for a monsoon high
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now
Dry Your Damps In Style For A Clean And Mess-Free Home

As you know, the monsoons come with a lot of pitter-patter of the raindrops that can get your home all damp and icky. Walking straight in with a raincoat and umbrella dripping wet is not such a wise thing to do. So, as part of this rainy season decoration idea, we thought it would be great to invest in an umbrella stand and coat hanger! Also, place a floor rug on the entryway to let the damps dry and save yourself a mopping cycle! Cool isn’t it?

Dry your damps in style for a clean and mess free home for monsoon decorAn entryway with a stand to hang your dripping wets
Candle Light And Scents Of Delight As Monsoon Home Decor

The monsoon season, as much as you love it, does leave the smell of damp fungi behind. These monsoon tips for your home can leave your house smelling like heaven even through this season. How is that possible? Well, it’s super simple because scented candles, fresh flowers and incense sticks are sure to do the trick. You can also create a small meditation nook for yourself. This will infuse positivity into your home and help you pass the gloomy monsoon days with ease.

Candle light and scents of delight as monsoon decor with scented candles for gloomy daysA cosy space and scented candles for gloomy days
A Whiff Of Freshness Indoors To Ace Your Monsoon Home Decor

Monsoon season is the best time to nurture the plant parent in you by growing your own set of greens, be it indoors or outdoors. Monsoon plants for your home can elevate the level of oxygen within your home. Some like to place plants in their home and enjoy a sniff of freshness every now and then. So don’t hold back to bring a whiff of freshness indoors! Turn your home into a green paradise with tall potted plants, hanging planters, succulents and much more. These are easy to maintain and lend abundant positivity to your home.

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