Common Mistakes while Choosing your Packers and Movers

Nowadays, choosing the best packers and movers is the need of the hour. If you get the support of the leading movers, you can relocate conveniently and safely to your new destination.

However, people, in general, make many mistakes while opting for reliable packers and movers. They are not aware of the best ways to choose renowned movers for your relocation.

The ignorant people often end up choosing inexperienced movers. These movers can’t offer satisfactory moving services to you. They are unable to identify your moving needs. So, they find problems in providing you with the desired services.

There are many mistakes people commit while searching for the right movers. Here are some common mistakes people make while booking their movers.

Hiring the Packers and Movers Late

The entire moving task is highly complicated. So, you always need the services of professional movers for a seamless relocation. You are not able to handle the challenges that may pop up during the move.

So, hiring the leading packers and movers is extremely important to experience a stress-free relocation. However, you shouldn’t get late in booking your movers. Some people procrastinate and book their movers at the last moment. This is one of the biggest mistakes they commit during their relocation process.

First of all, you won’t be able to hire your preferred mover if you book your movers late. Also, the movers you are able to book are highly inexperienced. Such movers do not know how to provide efficient relocation to you. They do not know how to handle your move in a professional manner.

Another disadvantage of hiring the movers late is that you might have to pay higher moving prices. At that time, you will have the sole aim of moving to your new destination in any case. The movers and packers take advantage of this and charge more money from you. And you too won’t mind paying them the higher prices for the normal relocation services.

So, you should consider choosing your movers weeks before your move. This way, you will be able to choose your favorite movers. Also, you’ll get moving services from them at economic prices.

If you get late in choosing your movers early, you won’t get your delivery in time. As a result, your other tasks will get late. So, you should never procrastinate while choosing the movers.

Not Comparing the Moving Quotes

More and more moving companies have sprung up in India. However, not all packing and moving companies are competent enough to offer you reliable moving services. They do not possess the right staff and the best machinery to make your relocation a successful affair.

So, it is extremely important to compare the best quotes while choosing your movers. Make sure to shortlist at least 3 quotes. Once you have these quotes, you can check which one would be the best suited to you.

Not comparing the quotes wisely is one of the common mistakes while choosing your packers and movers. Make sure not to fall for the cheap moving prices, but to consider the services they are offering. Check whether the particular mover has the best handling team or not. You should also consider the reputation of the company before choosing it.

Make sure to compare the packers and movers Hyderabad to Chennai with other companies. That’ll help you in finalizing the right moving company for your move. So, it is crucial to compare the quotes to choose the best movers.

Not Asking Important Questions from Your Movers

You must check the movers on various parameters before you actually choose them for your move. Asking important questions is one of the best ways to judge the reputation of your mover.

There are many questions you can ask your mover. Getting answers to these questions will help you in collecting vital information about a particular mover and packer. You can ask the movers about their profiles and how they function in the market. Also, make sure to know their experience in this domain. If they are verified movers, they must have a system for addressing the customers’ complaints. You can ask them about the process of resolving the complaints of their customers. Other questions that you may ask your movers are: –

  • Questions regarding their branches
  • How long do they take to deliver the customers’ belongings?
  • How the unloading process is done?
  • Ignoring the Hidden Prices

Many movers charge hidden prices to you. And the most surprising thing is that you will never come to know these prices till you get the final bill. The packers and movers add these prices to your final bill. This makes your total moving cost much more costly for you.

So, it is crucial to enquire about hidden prices before moving your goods. That’ll help you stay in your budget. Some of the hidden moving charges that you might have to pay to include toll charges, insurance, tax, Octroi, etc. These hidden charges increase your moving costs. So, you must know about them before the move.

Ignoring the Packing Charges

Most people are not aware of packing charges while contacting their movers. They are completely ignorant about these charges. So, they end up paying the charges for their packing services. Actually, the packers and movers charge you for their packing services.

And this charge is too much for the people. So, you should always be careful in enquiring about the moving charges for the packing process.

You must discuss these charges beforehand with your packers and movers. That’ll be a great help to you during your entire relocation process.

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Not Getting the Insurance

Insurance services are a must for the people who want to move to a different location. An insurance facility is extremely important for your entire move. This covers any risks or damage to your goods that may occur during the relocation process.

There are two kinds of insurance you can opt for. First is the transit insurance and the other is the all-inclusive insurance. So, you can choose the best insurance facility after checking your moving needs. Getting moving insurance is extremely beneficial to you during the entire relocation process.


There are other common mistakes that people make while searching for their packers and movers. So, you must avoid these mistakes to avail the services of efficient movers.


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