According to data from IGN, the exploding popularity of Psyonix’s Rocket League since its release in mid-2015 has propelled it to the top of the list of the most played multiplayer games in the last ten years.

A worldwide sensation in the world of esports, the fast-paced and visually appealing gameplay of this vehicular soccer romp has propelled it to the top of the rankings. It has also grown in popularity as a platform for online gaming and social gatherings as well.

One of the most compelling aspects of the game, aside from the thrilling and addictive multiplayer battles, is the large variety of unique vehicles, skins, and other cosmetic flair that players can use to express their individual personalities. To encourage players to try out the game on a variety of platforms, Psyonix has released a number of platform-exclusive features, in addition to the game’s core features, that are available only on certain platforms. Cool cars, each with a unique theme based on well-known intellectual property (IP), are showcased in this collection, which highlights the distinct personalities of each console while also serving as appropriate representations of their respective platforms. After getting past the fan biases, it can be difficult to choose the best vehicle, especially when considering the wide range of designs and mechanics that are available with each vehicle on the market.

Mario NSR – NSR is the switch for the sixth position.


Whimsy has manifested itself in the most genuine of manners. It is possible that the Mario-related entry will fall short of the standards that should be established. A good match for Rocket League is undoubtedly Mario, the well-known platforming mascot of Nintendo, who is both exhilarating and approachable in nature, making him an excellent choice for the game. There’s a lot to love about this endearing Mario-themed car, from its vibrant visuals to its smooth, even-keeled mechanics, which are sure to please fans of the popular video game franchise. Fans of the popular video game franchise will appreciate everything that this endearing Mario-themed automobile has to offer.

The Octane body type has been used in this model, as has been done in the majority of the Rocket League-exclusive models that are currently available. October body types are known for being more dependable, solid, and versatile on the Rocket League field than their counterparts. Because of its versatility, the hitbox can be used for a wide variety of functions and different types of gameplay, which has resulted in this accomplishment. The car is well-designed, but it lacks some of the incredible attention to detail and personal flair that most other platform exclusives are known for exhibiting. Although there are some flaws in the construction and design, the dazzling Super Star rocket boost more than makes up for them.

Similar to his brother’s vehicle, the design and distinguishing characteristics of Luigi’s vehicle are lacking in terms of distinctive characteristics and design, and this is also true for his vehicle. Because of an Octane car that is sleeker and more visually appealing in green, despite the fact that he is usually second fiddle to Mario, the more reserved mascot outperforms the latter on this rare occasion. This is thanks to the fact that the franchise’s Octane car is a rarity in green in general.

Players of the Nintendo Switch do not need to take any additional steps in order to have access to the Mario and Luigi NSR vehicles right out of the box.

In addition to Rocket League, Gears of War, and other Xbox One titles, Armadillo is a fourth option to consider.

Inhale deeply and press the button on the remote to begin playing a movie. Rocket League players now have the option to drive around in a car that is themed after a classic Xbox IP, which is a welcome addition in the midst of a crowded field of entertaining online games. Rocket League is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Rocket League is a video game that is available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The vehicle will be familiar to those who have played the third-person shooter Gears of War, as Rocket League Items trading prices was used to transport elite COG squads and assist Marcus and his crew in taking out Locust hordes in the game.

It was designed to assist players in shooting goals rather than guns, which was in contrast to the previous vehicle’s design, which was intended to assist players in shooting goals rather than guns in a manner similar to the previous vehicle’s design. While the car’s design is visually appealing (especially to Gears of War fans), its small and compact size will not be suitable for everyone’s tastes, which is a shame given that the car is exceptionally well-designed in all other respects. Despite this, the car is exceptionally well-designed in all other respects. However, some fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the bike’s stiff, clunky feel, which they believe makes it unsuitable for beginners, despite the bike’s Octane body design, which they believe makes the bike unsuitable for beginners. Furthermore, the fact that what was once a massive vehicle has been scaled down to such a miniature size is disconcerting to say the least.

You will be able to use the Armadillo in the multiplayer mode once you have completed an entire season in the single-player Season Mode.

Three, there’s Hogsticker, a blue Rocket League skin for the Xbox One that’s been designed to look like a pig on the outside.

You will be able to unlock the Hogsticker as long as you own the Collector’s Edition, which means you will have to defeat each and every single one of the Common bodies, as well as each and every single one of the Premium bodies that were included with your purchase.

Sweet Tooth is the second vehicle, and it is a Rocket League vehicle that can be obtained through the PlayStation 4 console.

In recognition of the company’s illustrious history, Sony fans will most certainly not be left out of the festivities as a result of this tribute. With a distinct style, intense competitive gameplay, and a seemingly never-ending amount of action, Twisted Metal, which was released when the PlayStation was still in its infancy and had a distinct style, intense competitive gameplay, and a seemingly never-ending amount of action, captured players’ imaginations. This is the first time Sweet Tooth has made an impact on the Rocket League scene with his trademarked truck, which is simultaneously adorable and functional. Sweet Tooth is a seasoned veteran of the demolition derby, and his truck is a combination of cuteness and utility. Because the vehicular combat chaos of Twisted Metal’s vehicular combat chaos overlaps with the game’s overall theme, this PS4 exclusive vehicle is not only one of the most visually appealing vehicles in the game, but it is also one of the most appropriate as well.

This car shares two advantages with the Hogsticker: it has a commanding physical presence and a powerful engine, and it also offers the versatility of an Octane build on top of those benefits. People who come across the image of the crazed clown staring down those who happen to be in his path may find buy Rocket League credits quite frightening.

It is a video game in which Samus Aran defends herself by flying around in a gunship, which she controls with her own hands.

Using an electric trail that runs in front of the vehicle, the Samus Gunship car is propelled closer to the target.

When it comes to style and functionality, Switch’s sleek, out-of-this-world vehicle has a number of unique features that make it difficult to compete with it. The aerodynamic design of this vehicle, which is inspired by Metroid, makes buy Rocket League credits ideal for zipping around the arena and soaring through the air. The Dominus class designation, rather than the more common Octane class designation, distinguishes this bounty hunter’s gunship, which specializes in alien annihilation, from the other platforms in the fleet, as well as from other bounty hunter’s gunships. This makes  distinct from other bounty hunter’s gunships in the fleet.

This vehicle, in addition to providing a defensive advantage to the Dominus build due to its larger surface area, also causes disruption to opponents who are on the offensive when this vehicle is used. The fact that it does not have the same level of power as Samus does not mean that it cannot cause significant damage to those who come into direct contact with her. An added bonus to this car is the Wave Beam rocket boost that produces a hypnotic glow in the dark. It also has some of the coolest-looking wheels on the market, which completes the overall package.


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