Compostable Shopping Bags

After successfully entering the market, the plastic industry started affecting almost every sphere of our lives, ranging from daily uses to big machinery. Even after knowing about the level of impact it has on Earth, it felt impossible to eliminate it once and for all; unless some substitute that provides equal value pops up. The good news is that we have finally got it, and it is none other than the bioplastic. 

Although a relatively new concept, bioplastic is already proving its worth in the following applications.

  • Packaging

Bioplastic packaging is increasingly in demand for packing compost, agricultural foils, horticultural products, nursery products, toys, and textiles. Individuals are also adopting it for use as compostable shopping bags


  • Consumer electronics

Consumer electronic players are also looking for options to shift to bioplastics as much as possible. It’s very likely that electrical product casings, circuit boards, data storage, etc., will be made using bioplastic soon.

  • Disposable cutlery

Eating food on the go is fun, but it also generates more waste. But at least the level of impact this waste has on Mother Nature can be reduced by switching to bioplastic. It is seen that they are often used for disposable cups, salad bowls, plates, clingfilm, and food containers. Food stalls and grocery sellers have also started using biodegradable plastic grocery bags to buy and sell their products. 

  • Medical

Bioplastic is entering the medical field as well as the base material for pins, tacks, and screws, which are used to help bones heal, sutures, containers for tablets and creams, etc. As a positive sign, many medicine shops are seen giving medicines in compostable plastic bags

  • Cosmetics and personal care

This market is heavily consumer-focused, and today’s customers expect certain standards from the brands they use. It is why brands are dedicated to working towards using bioplastic for products such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, cotton buds and razors, compostable plastic bags and cosmetic containers. 

  • Aerospace and automotive

The aerospace and auto industries contribute the most towards environmental deterioration. It is why they need to be more thoughtful about the materials they use, to at least cut down a little on their carbon footprint. This has forced many environment-aware brands and government forces to work together towards more sustainable vehicles, and adopting bioplastic is certainly an important move on their to-do chart.

Bottom line

Just like charity, the initiative should also begin at home. Industries might take more time to adopt the new sustainable alternative but we, as individuals, can do it anytime for our daily needs like compostable shopping bags, poop bags, compostable plastic bags, etc.

Let’s take the first step toward a non-biodegradable plastic-free Earth. Get in touch with NaturTrust if you wish to buy compostable shopping bags.


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