It can be hard to determine which diamond studs are the best value when shopping for them. How do you know if you’re getting the best value for your money?

For instance, you don’t have to go for the same diamond colour and clarity that most people look for when shopping for engagement rings.

Because Diamond Earrings for Women are sold in pairs, retailers frequently describe them in terms of colour and clarity ranges rather than specific grades.

There are several reasons why retailers do this. Onlookers do not usually scrutinise earrings in the same way that engagement rings are. Furthermore, the subtle differences between these grades are indistinguishable to the naked eye. When you wear them, no one can tell which earring is a “G” and an “H.” The diamonds should match perfectly. We’re here to help you find the perfect pair of diamond studs by answering this question! Please continue reading for our comprehensive, step-by-step guide to selecting the perfect diamond stud earrings. 

1-Select Your Diamond Shape

The shape of a diamond is referred to as its diamond shape. Diamonds get cut, such as round, princess, or oval, each shape has its style, and your diamonds will be the focal point of your studs. The diamond shape has the greatest influence on the overall style of your gold stud diamond earrings. Because diamond shape has such a large impact on the style of your studs, we generally recommend selecting your diamond shape first before considering the other elements of your studs.

2-Know Diamond Shape Brilliance

The term “brilliance” refers to how a diamond reflects light. The more light a diamond reflects, the more brilliant it is (so, more brilliant diamonds are more sparkly). All diamonds have some degree of brilliance in gold hoop diamond earrings. However, due to the way diamonds are cut into their shapes, some shapes are inherently more brilliant than others.

Do you want to know which diamond shapes are the most brilliant? If choosing a highly brilliant diamond is important to you, you should consider the brilliance of the various diamond shapes when choosing your diamond shape. Below is a list of diamond shapes sorted by brilliance.

  • Round is the most brilliant.
  • Oval, Marquise, and Pear: Exceptionally Brilliant
  • Princess and Cushion are brilliant.
  • Emerald and Asscher are both brilliant. 

3-Know Your Face Shape

Many people choose their diamond shape based on which flatters their face shape the best. Those with wider faces, for example, may prefer diamond shapes that add a long look, such as the oval, marquise, and emerald-cut diamonds. Those with longer faces, for example, often prefer symmetrical diamond shapes that do not elongate the face, such as round cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds, or princess cut diamonds.

Note: For a detailed look at which diamond shapes flatter which faces shapes, see the guide to choosing the best diamond earrings for women’s Face Shape. 

4- Select a Diamond Earring Setting

After you’ve decided on a diamond shape, it’s time to decide on a setting style! You can choose between three gold stud diamond earrings styles: prong settings, bezel settings, and halo settings.

Prong settings use metal prongs to hold your diamonds in place. The most common type of prong setting is a four-prong basket setting, but three-prong settings (also known as martini settings) are also quite common.

  • Prong settings are both classic and elegant in design. Prong settings are therefore an excellent choice for maximizing the brilliance of your diamonds.
  • Bezel settings secure your diamonds with a solid ring of metal that surrounds each diamond. Bezel settings securely hold your centre diamonds in place and provide excellent protection against bumps and drops. Bezel settings have a sleek, modern appearance that many adore and are also extremely secure.
  • Smaller diamonds surround your centre diamonds in decidedly glamorous halo settings. This setting creates the illusion in gold hoop diamond earrings that your centre diamonds are larger than they are. 

Final thought

After you’ve decided on a diamond stud setting style, you must also decide on the precious metal. You want to find an authentic jewellery store to personalise your diamond ring. You may contact JCO London for diamond earrings in the London, UK.


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