Sugar lumps, like virtually everything else in Cookie Clicker, are a valuable resource designed to help you optimize your cookies per second (CpS). They do not, however, unlock direct production upgrades. Instead, they’re utilized to gain access to a wide range of building enhancements, minigames, and other benefits.

What are Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker?

Sugar lumps are small sugar balls that appear at the top of your screen and gradually grow and mature. Before you can harvest them, they must first form and mature over several days. While clicking to harvest them early increases your chances of a successful harvest, it also decreases your chances of a successful harvest.

Sugar lumps are one of the game’s most valuable materials. They take longer to become available and stack slower than practically anything else. Sugar lumps don’t appear until after a billion cookies have been baked.

What Do Sugar Lumps Do in Cookie Clicker?

Upgrade your structures with sugar lumps. Some of these upgrades have two effects: first, they raise the building’s level, and in some circumstances, they open mini-games. Second, they boost your CpS by 1% with each upgrade. Sugar lumps can also be used to advance in specialized minigames.

How Should I Use My Sugar Lumps?

Because sugar lumps take a long time to collect, it’s critical to prioritize the modifications you require. Even if it appears like moving a bit faster in the game might raise your CpS, don’t spend your sugar lumps in your mini-games at first. Building upgrades provide a long-term boost to your production.

Early in the game, focus on unlocking minigames. All of your buildings, particularly the garden, should have their building level raised later. After unlocking the games and growing the garden, you can maximize your sugar lump investment by upgrading the facilities that provide the most CpS.


With just one sugar lump, you can upgrade your temple early in the game. Like the most popular io games, this upgrade allows you to play the Pantheon game, in which you can place gems under spirits to increase your CpS and other benefits.Placing a gem under Cyclius, the Spirit of the Ages, for example, will boost your CpS bonus by 15% for a set length of time. The amount of time you have with him is determined on the gem you place beneath him. Placing a gem beneath Vomitrax, the Spirit of Decadence, will increase the duration of your golden and wrath cookies.

It’s important to keep in mind that summoning the spirits will have some bad consequences. Your CpS bonus can be reduced by up to 15% when dealing with Cyclius. Vomitrax helps to minimize the amount of CpS produced by structures.

Wizard Tower

Once you’ve unlocked Pantheon and activated your spirits, you can upgrade your wizard tower. Grimoire is the name of the minigame related with the wizard tower. It allows you to cast spells that impact your CpS or cause other events.

The spell Force the Hand of Fate can summon a golden biscuit. You’ll earn a fury cookie if it backfires. Conjure Baked Goods summons half an hour of CpS, but it can backfire, costing you 15 minutes of CpS.

For one minute, Haggler’s Charm lowers the cost of your upgrades. It may have the unintended consequence of making them more expensive for an hour.


To unlock the Garden minigame, upgrade your farms. It allows you to grow, develop, and create new plants in your garden that provide you with specific advantages. As you progress in your farm, the size of your garden will grow. Focus on growing the garden with additional sugar lumps after you’ve unlocked all of the minigames.

Cronerice offers you an extra 3% CpS from your grandmothers if you plant it. When you plant Ordinary Clover, you increase your chances of getting a golden cookie by 1%. Chocoroot provides you a 1% boost in CpS when you plant it, and if you harvest it at maturity, you gain an extra 3 minutes of CpS.


When you upgrade your banks, you obtain access to the Stock Market minigame. The Stock Market consists of an actual market where you may purchase and sell at various rates, offices to improve, and stockbrokers who can assist you in more easily affording resources.

To upgrade your office to Finance Headquarters, for example, you’ll need to buy 500 cursors. It provides you with an additional loan slot as well as 100 additional warehouse storage spaces.

Types of Sugar Lumps

There are several types of sugar lumps, however you’ll most likely only notice ordinary ones at first. There are no additional effects from common lumps. Keep a watch out for these other types, as they provide unique bonus effects.

Bifurcated Sugar Lumps

A bifurcated sugar lump resembles an ordinary sugar lump with a small amount of additional development. When you harvest it, you have a 50% chance of getting an extra sugar lump.

Meaty Sugar Lumps

The meaty sugar lumps resemble small red meatballs. You have an equal chance of getting zero or two sugar lumps, as well as a 20% chance of harvesting one sugar lump.

Golden Sugar Lumps

Golden sugar lumps appear to be ordinary lumps with a golden gloss. It doubles the number of cookies you have in your bank, giving you a complete day’s worth of CpS. It also enhances the possibility of golden biscuits spawning when harvested. For the next day, you earn a 10% boost.

Caramelized Sugar Lumps

Caramelized sugar lumps resemble darker golden sugar lumps with a toothpick inserted in the center. They’ll give you one, two, or three sugar lumps. Your sugar lump cooldown is also replenished.

What’s the best way to get different sugar lumps?

To grow variant sugar lumps, you must keep the game open. If you’re running it offline, make sure you check it at least once a day. If you don’t, you’ll just get regular sugar.

Sugar Lump Maturity

The maturation of sugar lumps is a lengthy process. It takes 20 hours for it to mature, after which you can harvest it. If you harvest the lump at this stage, you have a 50% chance of losing it.

It takes another 23 hours for the lump to ripen, after which you can harvest it without penalty. The sugar lump will fall and be mechanically gathered once another 24 hours have passed.

Sugar Lump Auras, Upgrade, and Effects

Your sugar lump evolution can be altered by a number of upgrades, auras, and effects.

Heavenly Upgrades

These enhancements are acquired with heavenly chips earned during ascension.

The Stevia Caelestis update costs 100 million heavenly chips and speeds up the ripening of sugar lumps by one hour. As a prerequisite for this improvement, you must purchase “Wrinkly Cookies.”

You can choose Sugar Baking for 200 million heavenly chips once you’ve unlocked Stevia Caelestis. This offers you an extra 1% CpS for each sugar you have that isn’t being used.

You may unlock Sugar Craving for 400 million delicious chips once you’ve unlocked Sugar Baking. In return for a sugar lump, you can employ the sugar frenzy effect to increase your CpS by 300 percent for one hour. The sugar frenzy, on the other hand, can only be used once per ascension.

Diabetica Daemonicus can be obtained if you have the “Lucifer” heavenly upgrade unlocked and have acquired Stevia Caelestis. It has the same effect as Stevia Caelestis and costs 300 million heavenly chips.

For 1 billion heavenly chips, Diabetica Daemonicus grants you access to Sucralosia Inutilis. It increases the frequency of bifurcated sugar by 5%. It also increases the likelihood of it dropping two sugar of the same size.

Sugar Aging Process is offered for 600 million wonderful chips with Sugar Craving and Diabetica Daemonicus. It makes each of your grandmothers ripen sugar six seconds faster. This is limited to 600 grandmothers.


Once you’ve committed enough buildings to Krumblor, you can choose Auras.

Dragon’s Curve increases the speed of sugar lump growth by 5% and increases the likelihood of non-normal sugar appearing.

Reality Bending has a number of unconnected effects, but it accelerates the aging of sugar lumps and increases the chances of getting an odd sugar lump. When used in conjunction with Dragon’s Curve, the other effects vanish, and Reality Bending accelerates the ripening and maturation of the sugar lumps.

Other Effects

If you choose Rigidel, Spirit of Order in the Pantheon minigame, your sugar lumps will ripen faster. They can be completed in 20, 40, or 60 minutes depending on whatever gem is placed.

When you harvest a mature Juicy Queenbeat plant in the Garden minigame, you get a sugar lump.

You can use the Sacrifice Garden tool once you’ve found every seed in the Garden minigame. This will kill all of the plants and seeds in your garden, but it will also give you ten sugar lumps.

Sugar lumps are valuable since they can boost your CpS, enhance your buildings, unlock games, and even speed up the pace of those games. You can swiftly increase your cookie production by selecting upgrades, auras, and effects that emphasize sugar lump production. Just make sure you don’t harvest too soon or you’ll miss out on an upgrade.


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