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Educational Resources are essential. So you know, we regularly offer educational resources on the blog to learn or revise while having fun. We sincerely believe that play is a critical activity in the life of any child. While playing, he experiments, he tries out new actions to study the reactions to draw conclusions and better understand the world. The child is involved in his games, so much so that we speak of intrinsic motivation. It is this motivation that will allow him to learn and retain new information or procedures.

Learning through play can be implemented in all areas: academic skills, support for learning self-regulation, mastery of emotions, executive functions, social understanding, motor skills, creativity, and other cognitive skills For counting numbers. That is why we offer you here an extensive compilation of these activities: 37 of our best edutainment resources to download for free on this blog!

Graphics, pre-writing, and fine motor skills

Playful and educational plasticine activities

Plasticine is one of the activities that inevitably attracts children! But they may lack inspiration, feel blocked. We offer 47 activity sheets to exercise fine motor skills, work on pre-graphics, colors, respect for instruction. 

Practice the plots

The child understands that he can leave a mark with his body on different supports very early on. Let him experiment with tracing on different materials such as sand, plasticine, paint, etc. For this, the use of a discovery tank also called an exploration tank, is ideal! You can fill it with whatever material you want and let your child spread, stir, knead. Thus develop their fine motor skills.

Games to train fine motor skills

Here we offer you a free downloadable game kit to allow your child to develop his talent, essential in everyday gestures. By approaching this learning in a fun way, children do not have the impression of making an effort and, without realizing it, improve the precision in their gestures. You will find in this kit: “The finger game” (a twister revisited), football-style finger puppets, puppets to put on the finger, animal casseroles, and “the finger trail”! Hours of fun ahead! Posting sea.

I make a dexterity panel.

With this activity, you will be able to make a wall dexterity panel! That will allow children (from 18 months) – and adults – to develop fine motor skills while having fun! It offers a wide range of activities and games. Completely modular, thanks to the hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro), allows you to change the activities to infinity according to the person’s interests using it. The child and the adult will be able to exercise their imagination and coordinate their upper limbs.

Encourage hand-eye coordination with the loom.

Good hand-eye coordination is essential when learning to write. It also makes it possible to reach, grab, release or manipulate objects. In this activity, we suggest you make a weaving hut from natural and recycled material. To build it, children need to be imaginative and use their hand-eye coordination to weave “the walls” of the structure. They will also use their problem-solving skills. A fun activity that allows you to exercise many more skills than you might think!

Familiarize yourself with the shape of letters

When starting to learn the alphabet, children often confuse certain letters, such as “b” and “d” and “p” and “q.” By manipulating them, the distinctions of shapes are inscribed in the child’s visual memory and his body memory Educational Resources. Also, to discover and deeply anchor the knowledge of letters, it will be interesting to use transparent letters to build or tactile letters.

Build Letters:

That activity set encourages letter recognition. That emphasizes the similarities and dissimilarities between them. The child uses the color-coded pieces to build the letters according to models Educational Resources.

Tactile letters by 26: A game to learn to form and recognize letters. With the finger, starting from the point, we must trace the shape by following the arrows. If we are wrong or if we overflow, the sensation of a rough texture appears as self-control.

Workbox Coloring

Another workbox, this time on the theme of graphics and coloring. An enjoyable aspect to approach the basics of writing.

Graphic tracks on the light table

A fun way to work on graphics: use the light table! You will download 20 activity sheets with finger paint and 21 activity sheets with erasable markers in this post.

Graphic design and learning of colors

Among the learning stages that lead to writing, there is the learning of the graphic gesture. That allows you to control the gesture at the origin of a shape and good eye-hand Educational Resources. We, therefore, suggest this activity, which will allow your child to learn colors and exercise his fine motor skills while respecting a sequence.

Seek and find with funny coloring pages

Invite Loulou to practice his lynx eye with this “Seek and Find” filled with funny illustrations and color the objects as soon as he finds them. This game allows you to work on visual discrimination, an essential pre-reading skill while developing graphic design.

Develop visual discrimination with the “Find the Monster!” “

Have fun with your children creating your little monsters, and try to find them as quickly as possible! This funny game allows you to work on visual discrimination to recognize colors, quantities, and emotions. Each monster has a color/eyes/mouth combination. By throwing the dice, we must find, among the monsters produced, the one that corresponds to the combination indicated by the dice.

Arti’cartes – Where are they?

We offer you the game Arti’cartes “Where are they” for free download. This game allows you to approach the vocabulary of spatial positions while having fun.

Work on intonation, the oral intention with the voice dice

To be comfortable orally, whether to dare to ask for the floor in class, recite a poem, or perform a play, Hop’Toys has concocted an original and very effective tool: the voice dice. It is ideal for training to vary intonations of Educational Resources. However, It enriches the vocabulary of emotions and adjectives and is more fun for the whole family! To keep close to you all summer, including during journeys, to train like a Cyrano to vary the tone, for example, hold on.



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