As we came out of the pandemic, there were additional IT Issues that cropped up in the IT World.  Issues ranged from information security….especially for remote workers, cyber-attacks, and business continuity. Businesses owners agree that “now is the time to implement an IT strategy as part of your overall business goals.”

Some of the issues facing the industry in 2022 and beyond include:

The rapid escalation of online purchasing and contactless buying has increased significantly and will only enhance the need for businesses to strengthen their policies on data protection. The pandemic took its toll on many consumers and most consumers are eager to find businesses they can trust.  In fact, 81% said that “trust” was something they needed before buying.  

By implementing data protection and information security policies and procedures to ensure that customer data remains private, you can gain and retain the trust of consumers.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The events of the last two years — supply chain uncertainty, market shifts, destructive weather and public health crises, have brought new IT needs into clearer focus. Many businesses were not prepared to take their employees and operations remote. Businesses across the world scrambled to procure the necessary technologies or additional licensing they needed to resume operations. In 2021, businesses were prioritizing their technology to prevent similar delays from occurring in the future. This year, businesses are making it a priority to ensure that operations can continue in the face of these obstacles.

Creating an Agile Workplace

As the digital transformation continues, it is important for IT leaders to choose new technology wisely to ensure that all of their IT services and systems play well with one another.

In 2022, businesses need to make decisions based on IT strategy while planning for the future. Although no one can predict where technologies will ultimately land, planning an agile infrastructure is certainly a top priority.

  • What is the Solution to IT-Related Problems?

Obviously, there isn’t one best answer. But as we continue into 2022 and beyond, information technology has a prominent role in the world in which we live.

As Tech Companies and IT Asset Dispositions (ITAD) companies continue to help customers with their digital transformation, businesses need to continue to manage and embrace new technology which should impact their ability to thrive in the coming years.


At OceanTech it is our mission to become the most trusted ITAD partner in the marketplace.  We provide environmentally friendly, liability-free electronic recycling, data destruction and IT Asset Management services.  Our processes are designed to bring value back to our customers.


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