Cigar vs Cigarette

The main and most prominent difference between the cigar and cigarette is that of Cigar Packaging. Cigars are made up of tobacco rolls which are then enclosed inside the tobacco leaves or any other product that contains tobacco while cigarettes are made up of a tobacco rolled but aren’t rolled in a tobacco containing product rather they are packed in a simple paper. Cigars tend to be unfiltered while most cigarettes have filtered ends. Cigarettes and cigars are equally harmful for our health while cigars are more likely to cause oral cancer, cigarette smoking can result in lung cancer. Apart from the packaging, the main difference between the cigarette and cigar is that of nicotine in each. Cigars contain unto 100-200 milligrams of nicotine and cigarettes on average contain eight milligrams of nicotine. That means smoking one cigar is almost equal to a pack of cigarettes

“The cigar is the perfect complement to an elegant lifestyle.” — George Sand

Smoking cigars has become a trend more than an addiction. Since the time it has become a class symbol, the sales of cigar packaging boxes is touching the sky. Wholesale cigar boxes have taken over the packaging market especially if we talk about the custom cigar boxes. Custom cigar packaging is an ideal tool to boost the sales and promote your brand. Cigar packaging boxes are of great importance when we consider the facts that increase the sale. Companies allot a good budget to their cigar packaging to assure that they do well in the market. 

Cigar in a box ?

Have you ever thought about why cigars come in a box? I mean they are so small and compatible and can be easily accommodate in any other shape then why always in a box. This is because boxes make it easy to promote branding and to appeal to the eye of the buyer. There are several types of cigar boxes with different designs and purposes. The common ones are:

Typical drawer style cigar box, typically with a sliding or hinged lid that holds 25 or 50 cigars. 

 8-9-8 cigar box, a round three-tier box designed for 8, 9 and 8 cigars respectively accommodating around 25 cigars.

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Packaging that makes your product unique

When we talk about cigar packaging, the material options are unlimited. However, some may be old fashion now and wouldn’t fascinate the customer anymore while some may be newly launch and will make the person fall in love at first sight.  Some common packaging materials that may be considered for cigar packaging includes:

  • Paper cigar Packaging

Paper cigar packaging may include any type of paper including wrapping paper, tissue paper, paper bags, print label, or cigar bands. Since paper is a highly versatile material, and can be print, decorate, and fold in numerous ways to create the desire brand experience you are seeking.

  • Paperboard cigar packaging

Paperboards perceive better quality as compare to only paper. Paperboard is strong enough to protect the cigars and flexible enough to dispense them easily. It is versatile, with many printing, coloring, texturing, and folding options.

  • Cardboard cigar packaging 

If you are looking for collapsible shipping cartons, retail displays, and highly durable rigid mailers, cardboard is the perfect packaging material for you. Cardboards have vast printing options and usually both sides of packaging can be customize as per the brand’s needs and requirements.

  • Rigid cigar boxes and cases

For protecting premium cigars and tobacco products, rigid cigar boxes are the brand’s choice since they do not collapse or fold like other materials. 

  • Wooden Cigar boxes and cases

Wood is a popular choice for pallets, crates, and boxes use for international trade. wood can also be use to craft truly exquisite packaging for cigars.

  • Metal Cigar Packaging

Most of the high end and luxury brands opt for metal packaging for their cigars. Though it might be expensive, it is highly rewarded and acts as a class symbol. It gives a royal and luxurious feel to its customers.

Why choose custom cigar boxes?

Custom cigar boxes make a unique identification of your brand. They have a big room for marketing and branding. From choosing the Material from scratch to opting for the final finishing, everything is done according to the brand choice and brand colours. The logo placement needs a great thought, the right place for printing disclaimer, warning and health hazards that may cause due to cigar are also of great consideration. Choosing the right material as per your display environment is also of great importance. You cannot make all these decisions if you opt for generic packaging. Custom packaging may cost you slightly more in the start but it is equally rewarding in the long term and plays a very important role in boosting your sales and making product value.

Why Choose Us?

All our customers are equally valuable and important to us. Whether your order is big or small. We make sure to provide you with the best quality material and high class printing. That will not only attract more customers for you but will also help in keeping your old customers. Also our support and designers team is always ready to assist you with all your packaging needs and assure that your high quality packaging products without damaging and spoiling  will reach your doorstep at the time commit which is usually 12 to 15 business days.


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