Cutting Edge Technologies For Features Of Mobile Application

What makes a mobile application meaningful and useful? Of course, the features of mobile application. Features are the hands of the app that enables users to utilize its all services and benefits. 

And with the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, mobile apps are getting more advanced. 

Today, businesses look for innovative and effective features that could help them provide quality services to their customers. 

From 5G to AI, AR to Blockchain, every cutting-edge technology comes with special benefits that can assist you to develop great features of mobile application. Want to know them in detail? Continue reading.

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are among the most popular cutting-edge technologies. AI is now being widely used to develop high-end security algorithms for mobile apps. For example, voice assistants for better user control, predictive analysis for fast communication, etc. 

Top mobile app development company highly relies on AI & ML to build innovative and advanced features of the mobile application. This helps them create complex-level functionalities like face recognition, and AI Chatbot to improve the user experience. So if you want to develop something advanced, get ready to use AI & ML. 

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2. 5G 

5G is another prominent cutting-edge technology that provides faster internet connectivity. This technology is extremely beneficial for all industries since it serves the core need of a mobile app. And that is faster internet connectivity. No matter how attractive or lucrative services your app provides. If users are not able to access it on time, it won’t produce desired results. 

Most companies have already adopted 5G technology in their ecosystem and business mobile apps. And they have witnessed good results too. Hence, 5G technology will leave a big impact on improving the performance of the features of mobile applications. 

3. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology offers many advantages for developing interactive and dynamic features of mobile application. Apple Watch, Fitness bands, Android Wear iOS, and smartwatches are the trending wearable devices in the market. 

To operate these devices and utilize their services, users need dedicated features in a mobile app. For instance, to see the health status in real-time, users need to connect the mobile app with the fitness band. So, by using wearable technology you can develop the innovative and more useful features of mobile application for the healthcare industry. 

4. M-Commerce

With the massive usage of smartphones and mobile apps, mobile commerce is evolving fast and set to replace eCommerce in the near future. Today, consumers now prefer using mobile apps for buying, selling, and searching for any products online. 

Considering this shift in consumer behavior, big eCommerce brands like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have already adopted the mobile commerce ecosystem. 

Therefore, we see most newly established online stores now first build m-commerce apps. The growth of m-commerce will increase more since Google has implemented AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which gives priority to mobile-friendly sites. 

5. AR/VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality are powerful technologies. It enables mobile apps to provide an amazing user experience. With AR/VR technology, users can visualize the world with unique graphic elements. From eCommerce to healthcare and retail to entertainment, AR/VR helps companies to create immersive and fully interactive features. 

IKEA and Nike are the iconic brands that have adopted AR/VR features into their mobile application and witnessed huge growth in customer engagement. Augmented reality and virtual reality have great scope in every sector. Therefore, AR/VR is counted among the most promising cutting-edge technologies. 

6. Blockchain Technology

Though blockchain isn’t a new technology. But its usage has increased substantially across multiple industry verticals in the past few years. Blockchain plays a highly influential and advantageous role in developing robust features of a mobile application. It enables companies to build a secured transaction system. 

At present, mobile apps are significantly used in financial and banking services. People now look for powerful and reliable technology that can help them build secured and top-performing mobile apps. 

And since blockchain is a decentralized and distributed ledger technology it allows developers to create highly secured features of mobile applications. Developers use blockchain to create solid features for protecting data and offering safe and fast transactions. Thus, blockchain is expected to leave a big impact on the future of mobile app development

7. IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things (IoT) is another emerging cutting-edge technology that comes with many benefits. Especially in mobile application development, IoT has a wide scope. Internet of Things technology connects various electronic devices with a network or the Internet. 

The core function of IoT is to allow users to control a hardware device through a mobile app or voice commands. It empowers users with better device control ability. 

And therefore, the concept of IoT app development is taking a fast pace. Many industry experts consider IoT a promising technology for creating problem-solving features of mobile application.

8. Foldable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones are a fascinating concept. These devices offer a whole new mobile user experience. Users will get unique elements in all aspects be it UI/UX design, navigation, login & out, and more. 

Considering the demand for foldable devices, many brands and companies have turned to customize their mobile applications to fit foldable devices. So as a business owner, if you are not yet prepared to develop features of mobile application for a foldable device, then do it now. 

The Bottom Line

Mobile app is a dynamic digital product. It has great adaptability to accommodate new technologies to solve users’ problems. As a business owner, you should focus on quickly and intelligently adopting these cutting-edge technologies. This will help you provide a better user experience and meet user expectations as per future demands and market trends. 

About the Author

Erma Winter is an Android app developer at MobileCoderz-a globally reputed Android app development company. She develops custom and advanced mobile applications for brands. She is known for her skills in using high-end technologies in Android development. Aside from her tech life, She likes to read sci-fi novels and blogging.


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